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  1. Trump and Limbaugh are both draft-dodging cowards who's daddy's influence kept them safe. While my buddies were being killed in Vietnam these two pukes were home…hiding

  2. I'm outraged ;-/ We need more investigations and impeachment hearings right through November. The Dems can not do too many impeachments. Impeach-impeach-impeach.

  3. OBAMA STILL MY PRESIDENT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!!!!! THEN I"LL BE RIDEN WITH BIDEN!!! You dumpsters are the most ignorant species on this planet! I mean STUPID!!! You all don't even know what you are talking about, at all, not one of you have any political knowledge. Lets rock oh toothless one with the foul breath, yeah you dummy. roflmao

  4. Terrorist trump preparing dumb public so he can pardon his traitor friends like roger stone. Trump pure 4retard failed in every policy. No world leader will talk to this scumbag

  5. Just the worst! Judge Napolitano is like a scorned woman, nasty, hateful and vindictive toward the President because Trump didn't nominate him to the SCOTUS.

  6. He’s not on a “pardoning spree”. What is fox even on? So far he has pardoned maybe 25 so far. Obama pardoned over 1,000 people. Let it sink in.

  7. Interesting that just one day after this video, the news is reporting one of the men who was pardoned had donated 200,000 to Trump's campaign. Blagojavich was indicted for soliciting a bribe. Will Trump also be impeached for bribery? That is one of the high crimes and misdemeanors listed in the Constitution. How will the Senate Republicans vote?

  8. Our POTUS is sending a strong message to the deep state cabal!! Our guy is a true genius! Pay close attention, huge things are coming 😳…….💥B💥💥M💥

  9. Remember Trumps not a politician. He’s a human. Obama released terrorists. Trump releases people that were wronged. He’s a human.

  10. Obama 1,927 Trump 26 Carter 566 Reagan 406 HW Bush 77 Bill Clinton 459 George W 200 How come on outnumbered they we're saying Trump was on track to catch-up with Obama ? Obama 1,927 Trump 26 seriously

  11. That's funny that Milken was prosecuted by Rudy Guiliani, and now Rudy is the lawyer to the guy that pardons him. That aside this thing about pardons is out of control now. They are just letting anybody out. But if it was me and he didnt know me or I wasn't a personal friend I would rot in jail. I'm not sure that every American is feeling all warm and fuzzy over these or any other Presidents pardons!!!

  12. We have machines that are broken that are antiquated if the memory card goes out then you lose half of the boots was this a plan? I think we should go back to using paper ballots and Counting them it worked better machines allow room for dishonesty. Throughout the machines bring back the paper ballots they were simple they were easier

  13. Because he knows what it feels like to be charged, exonerated and given a second chance, he just went through the same bs with this impeachment

  14. My opinion is that President Trump is not doing it because of the coming elections , he's doing it because of his good heart , and he knows that some of them were falsely accused , from the same people that put traps on Flynn , Mannafort , Stone , Page and some others more ! And I wonder how many more there still in jail just for revenge from Obama's administration , but I thank God for my President showing Mercy to all those gentlemen that he's pardoning ! ❤️💯👏👏👏👍

  15. All these pardons of corrupt politicians and businessmen from the guy who was going to drain the swamp. More hypocrisy from the Felon in Chief.

  16. The table is now set, Mr. President, shall we now dine on Pardon A'la Roger Stone? Do it today, please … I'm starving.

  17. You can believe that trump has something up his sleeve…more that pardons. Garanteed it is all in his favor. He needs to votes.

  18. Bravo Trump. I also hope he takes the additional opportunity to do more to rein in the Federal sentencing guidelines for victimless crimes. It is absolutely unfair and absurd that many times murderers and racists get shorter sentences that people who committed lapses in judgement or minor victimless mistakes such as what General Flynn fell into. TRUMP 2020!

  19. Here  is  the  recurring  argument  from  Republicans:   The  Clintons  were  shoplifting  several  times  but  they  got  away  with  it , so  from  now  on , no   judge  should  be  allowed  to   sentence  a   Republican  for  shoplifting.   That  is  no  legal  argument.   You  cannot  fine  me  for  speeding  officer , because  the  red  car  was  even  faster  than  me.  Police  hears  that  stupid  argument  several  times  a  day.

  20. 🤔💬It is very clear, the Democrats do not work for the people, they work for their own agenda. They just keep digging their "Do Nothing Democrat" grave bigger & bigger.🤷🏽‍♀️

  21. Maybe trust in the judicial system is declining. When very high violent criminals are freed and can roam the nation to repeat those activities and persons of none violent political cases receive longer sentences. Something wrong  somewhere. 😂😅. Expedite, pull the plug on the swamp and Barr, do same with judiciary.

  22. The FBI has become the Gestapo…..without a sound moral compass these secret societies are nothing but pits of corruption.

  23. Continue to lie, again, this is all BS… there is more than 5600 people self quarantine just in Calafornia…. Thats what you should say in the news. No way that 77 % of American's thrust in the Trumps administration. That a complete JOKE!!!

  24. I think he's going to pardon the House Democrats after they are all found guilty. He'd be unstoppable after that as even Democrats would vote for him. They'd have to leave him alone and sit down and shut up. They might even have to cooperate.

  25. AUSA' never prosecute under lying under 18 USC 1001 alone. It's a bargaining throw away charge when seeking a plea on a number of charges. When I absolutely proved a defendant was lying they said "so what, people lie to the FBI every day". Now suddenly it's the crime of the century.

  26. 3 jurors in the Stone case were biased, so the judge herself should set aside that verdict if she still retains jurisdiction and if she cares about fairness.

  27. I applaud Trump for releasing these people. I only wish he had the authority to put Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and Hillary INTO prison for life sentences. (I used to hope he'd put Avenatti in the clink, but Avenatti is putting himself there first. Hardy har har!)

  28. Justice & mercy are at the heart of Christianity! President Trump has shown that he not only believes in those principles, but lives them also! This is a President that leads by example & not just talk! Than God he is where he is & let's hope we get 4 more years of him SERVING the American people!

  29. Trump should pardon Julian Assange. If he exposed security weaknesses in the US, then he's rendered a service, not committed a crime.

  30. Is he saying that Blagojevich was basically innocent?? Whoa! Napolitano ISNT always right after all. Alllll these black men in prison for Decades because a cop dropped a crumb of crack into their homes or car upholstery and yet all these corrupt Political swamp animals deserve mercy? Smh no wonder God is Bruning this nation to the ground. Mr Napolitano A LITTLE LEAVEN LEAVENETH THE WHOLE LUMP, we've ALL been affected by their sins. They've normalized Corruption

  31. Glad to see Trump is cracking down on corruption in the political sphere.
    His warning to corrupt politiocians is "Be careful or I'll pardon you and you'll get no more free meals and rent free accommodation in a Federal prison."
    Well done Trump.

  32. Because the Democrats are responsible for the unjust political bias and obvious sentences are too high done by leftist judges who was out for own agenda political affiliations

  33. Is it true that there is no poverty in the USA ,there is no crime anymore ,there is no homelessness,no shooting its own citizens, certainly there is no more drugs /crime and that is the evidence democracy works .LOL the Chinese don't have freedom ?

  34. Because he knows that these people are convicted without merit. Most importantly, President Trump is a good person.

  35. doesn't anyone think its suspicious that Trump pardoned Milken within three days of a fundraising dinner hosted by Peltz that raised $10m for Trump's re-election campaign given the business relationship between Milken and Peltz?

  36. I voted for Trump last 3 year now I will make sure Bernie Sanders will be our new 46th President.. Texas we are ready for Bernie Sanders ohhhhhh yes!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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