Why I Don’t Have A Business Partner Anymore

Why I Don’t Have A Business Partner Anymore

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  1. This is such phenomenal advice and nobody ever wants to say it. I love how you conducted your view. Bravo👏👏👏

  2. ha ha OMG so true. I have had 2 screwed partnerships and one brilliant one. However, the brilliant one … I should have not visited twice and gone into business a second time. The main reason I did was fun and synergy… I just enjoy doing stuff together. Although all the things he said crop up.

  3. My 2 closest friends asked me just yesterday about how I felt about us 3 going into a business together. I was never comfortable with this whole concept of business partners so I told them that I'll think about it. Then this video appears on my recommendations.

    Now I just have to tell my friends that I'm not interested.

  4. This guy is a creative beast with a string business head, I'm not that guy, I work well with the right partner, it's not an easy relationship though, not at all

  5. Chris, when I watch you speak it's like listening to the committee in my head. I don't have time to explain myself to people.

  6. What you share is very tricky. Sadly many people sooner or later burn out because of such thinking (especially your generation I see lately)… Probably you would say they don't do it right, but I believe its very hard to run long term like this….

  7. yeah right.. go fill the hole by learning animation.. its no so hard hahaha you blew my mind Chris… If learning how to do everything was that easy, anyone could be a one man's agency.. and It is not true… You know it. Learning anything has a curve and you can't go in life pretending to cover everything there is to know… I mean you might accomplish it,, yeah, when you are like 60 years old lol

  8. Just walked away from a partnership this year. Same thing, I'm ambitious and I work like an animal but my partner, as incredibly smart and skilled as he is, just doesn't have the desire to reach places that I wanna reach. I wish he was honest with me about his intentions though. It would've been easier for both of us.

  9. don't rely on partnership to fill the hole, go learn yourself, that's really the way people grow! thanks Chris!

  10. Cold hard truths. It's nearly impossible to not have an explosion.
    I've been in the same boat several times… no more partners for me. Employees, contractors, but no partners.
    Thanks for sharing

  11. I don't agree on this one. Yes, it requires a lot of ego control to make it work. Narcissists, ego-maniacs, self-entitled freaks, etc. should never partner.

  12. You hit the score on every single point. I'm currently struggling with this situation (unbalanced workload/responsibility/motivation) and it's a burden that adds up to day-to-day operations.

  13. I've heard you repeat that Ben & Jerry anecdote a few times now in your videos. I'm not sure where you are getting your information but I can't find anything online of them supposedly hating each other. They still do a lot of interviews together and were even arrested together at a protest a few years ago. Recently, they were on an inspiring episode of NPR's How I Built This and they seem to get along just fine. Just thought I'd let you know!

  14. I would disagree on this, I work like an animal, work like a machine and my partners do not. Every person brings in different qualities and expertise to the table that your business needs. To me a good partnership is better than no partnership at all. My business took off when I partnered with other people. I believe it takes studying efficient time management, proper human dynamics and more of delving into management realm. You have to take time to water your plants, commit to your business partners and don't give up. Expectations need to be set and you need to remind them of the initial agreement. Most probably my partners quit on me bec of my work ethic than the other way around. Luckily i still have some of my amazing business partners now who stayed. They are now almost, playing at the same level as me, because not everyone will stay and not everyone will be as good as you, etc. This is what makes us unique as individuals.

  15. My experience — don't have a partner that started off as your friend. I am the same way. When I do something, I'm all in 1000% and if your partners are not, resentment will grow! I'd also say that you don't need to do everything yourself. You can hire people to fill those specific skills you lack. Nowadays, you can get it done much cheaper than before.

  16. I am struggling to understand what this blowhard os talking about. This overthinking, over-analysis of design is a product of self-denial of what true design is. What it boils down to is opportunity, connections, and economics. I know lots of designers who don't have a foot in the door doing amazing designs without the luxury of partnerships and all the bells and whistles that has nothing to do with design. Just shut up already..

  17. Powerful advice. I’ve been through this myself. Working for yourself is always better but Self Awareness is key.

  18. Amazing advice.. Especially the thing he said about the Hole telling him to learn his business. I thought I was crazy for wanting to learn Backend coding too and not just sticking to UX, UI and also the FrontEnd part.

  19. Did he mean by "business partner" a cofounder? Because a business partner does things that is totally different than what he is complaining about.

  20. I see the point. Im also on a partnership that went south cause of greed and politics. But still hanging on cause i felt like ive prepared 2 years before launch the brand and now going 3, so total 5 years.

    My partners only take credits of others work and made the company a piggybank for personal reasons although came from high financial status.

    Now we hire someone to do the business. This i think is best. No more unnecessary clashes. I can pivot and work on other things while the business is running by it self.

    Lesson learned:
    1.Defining expectations, agree, sign on it.
    2.See characteristics of the person, go out, travel few days, before make partnerhip, dont do it if the person is negative in nature, even if the project is gold.

  21. A partnership can work… I’ve been in partnership for years and it’s worked out. I will do any new business solo though because of course it’s good to be able to do whatever you want to do and keep more of the business profits. However, if your partner is bringing skills, assets or funding that’s critical to the business, then having a partner is simply practical.

  22. I've been wondering about what happened. I REALLY prefer this channel post Jose. He seemed like a great dude, but the chemistry was weird, and I think Chris is more focused and well branded without him.

  23. 5 partnerships and I can tell you that this is the truth. You win together for a while, but as time goes by you are bound to drift apart. And I always outworked them.

    My last partner left me out in the cold at a moment's notice. That was 2 months ago. Now I am utterly convinced that it is not a sustainable idea in the long term. I would rather just collab on ad hoc projects.

  24. YES!!! Thank you so much for putting words to what I always thought. You don't hear this point of view very much. I'm always the one working more and better, and then incompatibility rises. Very tough to make things work like this with friends.
    Funny how I've always believed there no is "gap filling" for love relationships, but never applied it to business! Although I always learned the stuff I didn't know simply because I hardly trust anyone else's "expertise" in a given subject without me knowing at least the basics. This "tactic" has allowed me to notice scams early on.

  25. As a new viewer, I find those black background edits very distracting. I think it would be much better if there something like a caption at the bottom with the main words highlted. I'm listening to Chris talk and then I'm immediately thrown off/distracted.

  26. Honestly, feeling resentment that someone isnt putting 4x the work they can is kind of petty. If I am doing 4x the work and my partner is doing 2x the work, then that's 6x the work, that is still faster than me working alone. That's 150% more productivity than if I work alone. If you struggle with resentment because you both don't get the same amount of work done, then you are just immature in my opinion. It doesn't matter if you're putting more time in than everyone else. All that matters is that your vision gets completed. And if you can't spend a couple hours persuading your partner about your vision to miss out on a 150% of corporate productivity, then you're not fit to be a leader. Everything this guy says makes sense to him, but you're a fool if you think you can go farther alone than you can with a partner. All VCs know that the startups with 2 to 3 co-founders are most often more successful than a solo founder. These are facts. Just choose your co-founder wisely. Get to know them over a couple of years. And if your friendship fails because of a failed business opportunity than your friendship was never that strong to begin with. PERIOD

  27. 0:00 chris touching and feeling that meat. 0:01 chris starts to cut the meat violently. 0:06 chris elegantly throws some salt on the meat.

  28. But Chris you were the one who said to be with a business person as a creative. Now you're saying to go learn the skill for myself

  29. Having partner(s) that don't pull their weight and sacrifice is one thing. Wanting to do everything by yourself though is just madness. One hand cannot clap itself.

  30. Interesting conversation. My two cents is that one cannot do everything especially at the speed you're going at. The human body is not a machine. I'd say high risk of burning out with adrenal fatigue at some point. Maybe the point of the failed partnerships is to learn to compromise?

  31. I get why he feels that way. Kinda sucks that he's jaded about it. But in my experience, I work well with my business partner who just so happens to be my best friend. We know how to balance things well and it just works. I could learn the business side more but I'd rather not deal with that. I'd rather focus on the creative. Juggling both isn't necessarily better.

  32. This is great advice.. As ever. Can relate to this in a few ways – that I won't go into detail about (!) other than to say – I agree 😉

  33. I will never agree to partner up again. I worked with my former business partner for nine years as associates working together at an ad agency and eight years as business partners with our successful creative agency. Not only did it ruin a friendship, but the built-up resentment over numerous things ultimately force me to do some serious soul searching, which led to the dissolution of my business. My only regret is not seeking the advice of a mentor at the moment when things got rough. Not to save the company necessarily but to keep my sanity and to bring some clarity to the situation. So much of what Chis says in this video played out verbatim.

  34. He’s likes to separate his personal relationships from his professional relationships so that he can walk away from the professional ones…

    Although I think there’s a place for that kind of thinking and it’s conventional wisdom, I like to mix my personal relationships with my professional ones so that I can’t walk away from them.

    Sure that’s easier said than done. But I bet you learn who your real friends are real fast.

    Money is a big part of our lives. If our friends can’t do business with us. How much are we really friends? Or how loyal are they really?

  35. True. I don’t like having a business partner because people don’t move the same way as I do and I don’t want to keep pulling them. Plus, I don’t want to destroy a good relationship just because of business.

  36. The only thing you need to do is keep your vision clear, because you see it working in your head, so it can work period, and not make enemies with anyone. Difference of opinion never has to lead to adversity if your patient enough and able to forgive yourself and others. On your death bed you won't think wow I'm happy of my achievements you'll think wow I should have shown more courtesy to those who surrounded me during my achievements

  37. Can you provide a source to your Ben & Jerry comment? I heard them interviewed recently, and it didn't sound like they hated each other. I just did a search and couldn't find anything

  38. Sorry but this comes off arrogant.
    Now it might work for him, because his skills match his confidence and vision i presume, but outside perspective and feedback is key as well. You can create a great dynamic by feeding off of each other. These examples all kinda put the partner in a place of incompetence while him being ahead of him already, and even capable of learning someone's skill, in order to be able to do it yourself.
    This is probably good advice if your wired a bit egocentric, but don't just dismiss collaboration and partnership like this. I hear a lot of pitfalls for bosses. If you presume every skill is something you can learn for example, this makes you undervalue and under-appreciate partners/colleagues/personnel/etc. and deem them replaceable. Not a great recipe to build a succesful business on imho.
    He does start off with that it works this way for him, but still, alot of nuance is needed.

  39. Everything is personal.
    Business is personal. "Professionalism" is personal.
    If you're doing your job/work NOT only for the work, but for yourself, for a personal purpose, then it's personal.

  40. Chris, how did you manage being hyper productive and dating back in the day? Much like setting your price up front with your business did you apply that to your personal relationship?

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