Why I did MSc Business Analytics

Why I did MSc Business Analytics

Business analytics is
right in the middle where you definitely
get exposure to the technical side
of things, but you also understand how to
synthesize what the data say and communicate it in a very
effective manner to leaders who need to know what
the data tells them they should be doing. It was really well-balanced. There was obviously lectures. But it didn’t feel like
people are talking at me. A lot of it was lab-based. We had the opportunity to
learn Python and R, which was brilliant. And I really took
advantage of that. We did text analytics in SAS. But also it was the conceptual
thinking around optimization and statistical modeling that
webbed throughout the course. And a lot of it was quite
practical in terms of having real life case studies. I am a graduate analyst. I joined the strategy
arm of Deloitte. They have a very fast-growing
analytics/AI group, which I pretty much
immediately joined. All the things
that I saw in class I’m suddenly seeing in
a real-life setting, which is really awesome. I did my dissertation with
a cloud marketing startup. And it was building
a simulated model of the best algorithm that will,
over time, optimize markdown pricing for a retailer. So I wrote the program
myself in Python. And I wrote the
dissertation looking at the theoretical understanding
of the demand modeling. And when I came
into Deloitte, we have projects that do exactly
the same thing that I did. So I ended up borrowing a lot of
concepts that I learned about. And obviously, knowing SQL
from the course and Python helped me really hit the ground
running when I got to Deloitte. I’m really glad that I chose MSE
business analytics because it helped me focus on what
I really wanted to do, and gave me the opportunities
and the time to drill down deep into the areas which
I was really interested in, and the technical skills that
I wanted to get out of it.

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