Why I chose the MIT Sloan Fellows Program

Why I chose the MIT Sloan Fellows Program

So I chose the MIT Sloan Fellows
program for many reasons, but primarily I was looking
into the two-year MBA programs early on in my career, and
I just didn’t necessarily have the opportunity in my
career to make that jump and spent two years
out of the marketplace. I started looking into some
of the part-time executive programs that were
offered, and with a career in management
consulting, it was really difficult to find
the time to dedicate nights and weekends for anywhere
between 18 months and three years. And to me, I wanted more
of a full-time experience. And that’s what I found that the
MIT Sloan Fellows Program was that you could spend an entire
12 months, fully immersed, and really get that 12 month,
full-time, MBA experience. So that’s really the
main reason why I came. I chose the MIT
Sloan Fellows Program because I was
transitioning in my career from a functional role
to a strategic role. And I really needed to
improve my leadership skills, and better myself as a leader. The Sloan Fellows Program
gave me the opportunity to come to MIT, and when I saw
that it meant that there were fellows with at least 12
to 14 years experience, I thought that’s a cohort
that can learn a lot from. It was an opportunity,
really, to step back after 10 years in my
career in banking. Thing is, after so many
years, after business school, which was really time to learn
new models, also to step back, and to be equipped
with the right tools to reflect on my career. And also to learn about
when I need to tune up and to tune down for the
next step in my career. I was interested in the
Sloan Fellows Program because I had a background of
running very large company, but in India, all throughout,
I had done everything, domestic operations,
sales, but for me it was very important to look for
something that would give me the added advantage of
having a global exposure, through leadership
to operations. And I wanted a
class which gave me a similar intellectual
challenge, and I could not find that
with the regular two-year MBA programs that existed
across the world. So I evaluated very
carefully and it just seemed like MIT Sloan
with the MIT brand, as well as the Sloan
standing, that there is, so for a one-year Fellows program
just made a lot of sense for me. The history between
the firm that I work at and the Sloan Fellows
Program is very long, and of the past
CEOs, many of them actually are alumnus
of this program, and we send one person
every year to this program, and I was, luckily, selected. And it’s really an
honor in my firm to be selected to
come to this program. So, those really exciting. I chose the MIT
Sloan Fellows Program because I wanted to do a
mid-career MBA to expand my reach and knowledge,
and I thought that if I was going to take
the effort to take a year out of work, you have to be in a
place that it was worthwhile. So that’s why they chose
MIT, and the program has been just perfect for me.

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