Why I believe XRP will surpass Bitcoin & replace Gold

Why I believe XRP will surpass Bitcoin & replace Gold

what is up my galactic rainmakers
we’re making it rain to officially announce we have officially hit 1000
subscribers so 1000 xrp kisses to all of you guys who are there who are liking or
sharing or commenting who are subscribing so we’re turning on post
notifications who are just spreading the XRP love that’s what it’s all about and
for those of you who are spreading negativity and saying that XRP is a scam
and who are saying that I’m crazy and who are saying this then the other thing
thank you because you’ve just given me some fuel and some energy to talk and do
another video today so y’all like for me to keep it real I’m going to keep it
real with you today again one more time what is going on is extremely funny to
me and I’m going to share that why it’s funny to me is because people I’m not
gonna say names but there’s some people in the comments who are saying stuff
like you’re like what planet or what crack are you smoking if you think XRP
is gonna hit $500 first of all let me just be very very clear I don’t just
think XRP is gonna hit $500 hold on to your seats and hold on to your on to
your tier your shit coins and hold on to whatever else that you’re carrying in
your mind in your bags or whatever but I have a very very strong feeling with
everything that is presented is that xfe isn’t gonna just hit 500 it’s not just
gonna hit 5,000 it’s not even gonna hit 50,000 but it will hit more than 50,000
and why will it hit more than 50,000 let me just take you down a stroll of my
mind because I’m not a financial advisor this is for entertainment purposes only
but I will say this in my opinion in my humblest humblest crypto opinion of
someone who has been in crypto since 2008 because I was in the truth movement
since about 2000 and if anybody was following anything and I’m not talking
about these just like all of a sudden woke people you know if you just started
becoming politically active since Trump got into presidency I’m sorry your
opinion does not count here because before that there was a lot of other
things happening in politics and you choose to just completely forget about
that okay so as somebody who has been in the truth movement since 2000 okay and
who was very into it around 2007-2008 when I’m sorry to tell you Bitcoin
wasn’t the first original crypto to be invented it was XRP so do your own
research but you will know that XRP was actually in fact created before Bitcoin
okay so putting that on the shelf is that if you were listening like I was to
Max Keiser back then and at that point I was listening to Alex Jones okay and all
they were talking about all day long not so much Alex Jones but Max Keiser on the
Max Keiser Report was buying Bitcoin at ten cents at ten cents okay and the
reason why I didn’t invest in it because one of the comments I received was and
this one I will say because it’s a comment that you can see in the things
that says anis Bazaar neat or something sorry if I mispronounced your name but
he said if you’ve been in crypto since 2008 then you should be at least a
multimillionaire it’s not a billionaire no I like your channel so this is not a
negative or positive or whatever you want to call it like thank you for
leaving a comment but I would just like to clarify on this so when I originally
heard about Bitcoin from Max Keiser in 2008 and when it was ten cents to buy it
as a programmer and as a coder and as somebody who was very heavily into the
truth movement is that I in distinctly okay already knew that the
system that was being perpetuated by Bitcoin was one that a there could be
backdoors in it okay is that if it wasn’t going through a trusted system
okay because peer-to-peer you know is going through a non trustless system so
if it can be if it can be manipulated which I already felt that it was going
to be and it has because of mouth coughs because of Silk Road because of all
kinds of different other things like this and being twisted for either
malevolent malevolent purposes or what-have-you and not only that is
because of all the different other things that if you go down the rabbit
hole you will find is that to me as somebody who was zero zero zero percent
interested in money in 2008 okay I was living a life some would call us at
gypsy as a freethinker as a roamer as a whatever I lived and did everything kind
of like whimsically I had no plans for the future I was just living every
moment in the present that’s it not planning for the future not planning for
whatever just going with the flow baby think of it like nama slay namaste all
day long okay so as somebody who a wasn’t motivated or even thinking about
money or being driven by money in any way shape or form okay and being
somebody who is a coder who already foresaw all the different hacks
happening to it all the different backdoors being used for it all the
different funding for black projects and all those different things with it is
that no I did not invest in it and I did not become a multi millionaire or a
billionaire because of it okay because what has happened since then is a few
things first of all I realized one huge thing okay is that back then in 2008
okay and this is the mindset that’s changed for me because now I’m a parent
okay so you know almost 10 years ago not being a
parent and being kind of like you know this kind of hippie gypsy going whatever
doing my life the way I you know had no other person to take you know when
you’re only living your life through yourself versus when you’re a parent and
when you you grow up in life and you realize that you know it’s easy to point
fingers at people and blame all the problems on one person but actually when
you get older and you realize and you you change from that child position into
an adult position or a provider position or a parent position to me is exactly
what the government is right now because I’m sorry if we have to put labels on
things like detergent pods to stop people from eating them or if you have
to put labels on q-tips so people don’t shove them in their ears and if you have
to put labels on all these different things and you know you can’t trust the
general public because the general public for the most part can’t be
trusted you know is that the way that I see the government now versus the way I
saw it about ten years ago is not the same thing whatsoever now you know I I
have nothing but the utmost respect for the government I have the utmost respect
for people that wear badges and commit themselves to something that is bigger
and stronger and nobler than just serving their own purpose okay and in
doing so by you know becoming a parent some people you know everybody has their
own journey in life my this is my journey okay and I just want to make
something abundantly clear is that all the time that it takes some of these
people you know to write oh you’re crazy or this they’re that or blob up up above
or bla bla bla bla here’s an idea YouTube is free nobody is
forcing you to watch this right now and here’s a little hint if you don’t like
something next change the channel go check YouTube there’s a billion other
videos you don’t like what I have to say awesome either leave constructive
criticism or don’t leave anything at all but trust me if you do leave something
that I I’m going to respond to then guess what you’re going to be the the
featurette of my next piece so that’s all I have to say about that subject so
moving forward is that when I was in the truth movement because let me make
another thing abundantly clear I am no longer in the truth movement because I
think that the truth movement is actually doing more harm to people than
good because when you have a group of people and when you have them all do you
know conspiring and talking and pointing fingers because trust me I’ve done all
that I’ve done it for like 10 like 10 years okay I’ve gone I remember one time
I had like almost this was before I had my son I had maybe a hundred dollars in
the bank account and I was so like ramped up and wanting to help and did it
as it is that I bought a ticket to go to you know what was it Washington and to
March and to pick it and I’m not even from the states okay
I’m from Canada but I felt so compelled with everything that was going on and
then I saw a global our global community kind of going up in arms and I felt like
I needed to do something and you know what ended up happening that time when I
went to go protest in the USA is that I realized something there’s always people
that are going to try and do and start shit okay and these whole thing of
picketing and marching outside and we hate the man and the man’s evil and the
man is responsible for everything that’s wrong in their life and everybody else’s
life and bla bla bla bla bla here’s what I realized is that if you
look throughout history the people who are actually making a difference and a
change and contributing to this earth in a positive way guess who it is
it’s not the 99% there is there is there is a small portion of the 99% who are
dedicated every single day to doing different initiatives or projects to
help people who are they’re less fortunate who have no food no home no
families whatsoever and even if they don’t have a lot of
money they are still making a difference so I want everybody to do a collapse for
them whether you do it mentally in your in your head or with your hands but
there are people that are doing that and you know what the majority of people who
are starting philanthropy philanthropic projects and initiatives and and this
and that and the other thing are wealthy people are the same the very same people
that people who are in the truth movement who are criticizing as evil or
this or that the other thing like they’re out there and they are feeding
children they are you know creating initiatives like look at Tony Robbins
he’s trying to feed a billion people I’m trying to help a billion people into XRP
because I know what it’s like being a broken system I know that okay
and as a parent I want to try to help and and create as much financial change
as possible you know and I know that there’s lots of people that won’t listen
to me I know that there’s lots of people who are going to laugh and I know that
there’s lots of people who don’t understand they can’t see the big
picture is because they’re only do me a favor everybody and this is for either
whether you agree with what I’m saying or not going with what I’m saying
but if you’ve ever listened looked at a Monet painting when you look at a Monet
painting like this all it looks like it’s wiggling at it from afar then you
see the image and the picture that he’s creating and this is what a lot of
people don’t get about XRP okay the reason why it’s going to be valued at
500 at 5,000 at 50,000 and who knows it could even go to a hundred thousand or
more okay is because in my humble opinion is that I believe that it’s on
the road to replacing gold why is because where do people store gold right
now gold gets stored in a bank okay now who’s the only coin or token or crypto
or blockchain project this is working in unison and synergy in in completion with
banks and getting and trying and going after X like to me it’s exclusivity
contracts because Brad darling house said himself he said
we are not here to like I’m paraphrasing but basically we are not here to compete
with the other tokens or coins or whatever we’re here to dominate we’re
here to replace with we’re here to work you know with the banks and we are here
to be the best solution ever do you hear that from any other projects or teams or
whatever and people don’t give me this bullshit about Bitcoin okay because like
I’ve said previously I have been so I have tried for so long to try to you
know build and work with the Bitcoin community the Bitcoin community does not
want to have a leader everybody has this syndrome of Lord of the Rings or
something in there they’re all like crazy old Satoshi Nakamoto sorry I’ve
said this before but if they can’t even get a team together of all these
projects working in unison it’s gonna be like you know the people it’s gonna be I
don’t know in five years from now it’s gonna be oh Bitcoin what Bitcoin like
everything they just keep adding it was Bitcoin gold Bitcoin cash Bitcoin
diamond Bitcoin SV you know they’re just gonna start pulling out more names and
started continuing creating more projects under Bitcoin Bitcoin had the
chance to be digital gold but they fucked it up
they just fucked it up so BTC you’ve got a lot of a little less schmoozing at the
conference parties a little less laughing at people and saying that your
money is only smart money and a little less you know with your nose up the air
and and all this different things if you actually put your heads down and work
together as a community maybe maybe but for now especially with all the
different shit that’s going on with Craig right are you kidding me are you
kidding me Craig right and you know whatever kind of Darth Vader path he’s
on right now I wouldn’t I wouldn’t invest my money in that
I’m sorry everything that happened with the hash wars
for people to think that investors are more passionate or more positive or or
that whole hash Wars thing left a positive taste in their mouth no if I
was an investor and I saw that that was the level of whatever that was in my my
project do you know how quickly I would take my money out the only person the
only person in the Bitcoin community that I feel has vision and is is trying
to really build and offer solutions is Roger bear because if you notice when
he’s talking about different things he says I don’t care if it’s if it’s this
that or the like obviously he would like Bitcoin cash to be you know a huge
player or whatever but if it doesn’t work out it doesn’t work out you know he
he is dedicated to the original idea of Satoshi Nakamoto which is the same thing
that I am dedicated to so do I have respect for Bitcoin yes because without
without the white paper that Satoshi Nakamoto wrote is that none of none of
these coins or none of these projects would be would be born you know but do I
have respect for the communities and the different projects and and the attitudes
that have taken that paper and basically shredded it up and use it as toilet
paper No so if you are thinking that there’s no way that XRP could surpass
Bitcoin sure great think that way there just be more XRP for me to invest in for
the people that are in the XRP community and new people who are not kind of like
tainted by whatever it is that you guys are smoking so yeah so on that note I am
just so I can’t even begin to say how much I am grateful and how much I love
you know I just really love our community and I don’t I don’t ever want
to you know it’s funny because this was the thought that I was having today so
it’s like in one of my other videos I said you know like I’ve never had
anything go like viral or whatever and it’s funny because I was really not
expecting to to have any kind of feedback on the video that I I put up
which is the ripple effect and I really just was speaking I it was like almost
as if I I don’t know how to explain it it’s kind of like you know if you ever
see the Big Brother or something when they have the video conventions and then
they’re just you know when you’re when you’re kind of I don’t know you just
have everything that’s on your on your mind or on your shoulders or whatever
and then you’re just pretty what and I didn’t put a filter on that video
because you know I just really spoke just without you know trying to censor
myself you know because usually I am like I’ve said this before I used to be
somebody who swears a lot okay and with and I always refer back to this because
this is my life so with my son obviously I don’t want to set the wrong example
for him so I really don’t you know in front of him anyways I don’t swear you
know but I when he’s sleeping almost allowed to let off some steam so
anyways with that said is that the reason why I’m saying all this is
because first of all when I said all those different things I really I really
thought that no one would watch that video and it’s surprising to me that it
actually is the video that got the most views at this point the most likes and
the most comments like there’s almost 500 comments and the reason why I’m
saying this is because you know in my head originally I was like oh man if I
could just get one to go viral or whatever you know and now
it’s kind of like because my whole goal is to get it to a thousand so that you
know that we can monetize the station so they can start doing giveaways to give
you guys back stuff and to encourage XRP and so we can spread it but then I also
had this feeling today like okay a thousand is enough like now I’m like
first I was worried oh my god okay look we just want to get a thousand and now
I’m scared that it’ll go way past a thousand and then I’m not able to write
write an individual comment for all of you because I even just responding to
like for maybe some people this isn’t a lot of comments but for me it’s a lot of
comments and I like to write personal message that’s free to the comments and
you know I just want to say really really really like if I haven’t gotten
if I haven’t responded back to your comment yet I’m going to and ah it’s
just crazy how you know sometimes sometimes you can feel like so sometimes
alone in life and then like with this video response it’s like it’s like it I
feel and I and I felt you know kind of like this huge hug from all of you guys
and and support and comments and and it’s it’s nice and then I just I just
want to keep trying to do the best that I can and I don’t want anyone to feel
left out in the comments so I just want to make that very very clear I’m going
to take the time now that my son is asleep to respond back to anyone that
I’ve missed and I don’t know what to say other than
we’re almost at 2019 and this has really nothing to do with crypto on one side
but to me it has it holds a lot of weight on the other side is because
we’re all alike like at the end of the day as much as sometimes things get
frustrating or sometimes you know like some of these comments well you know I’d
say about 95% of the comments were all positive I was actually really surprised
I thought I thought either people were either not gonna watch it or then it
would just be a slew of whatever but you know 95% of all the comments were very
very positive and for the 5% that weren’t positive
I’d say 2.5 percent of that was helpful criticism or whatever and then for the
other 2.5 you know that’s just to be expected so you know just like I feel my
skin gets tougher every day and I hope that yours does too and I think that
this bear market is really building character in all of us you know just
know that like I’m really always here for you guys like you can reach out to
me if you go to Twitter I’m at XRP rainmaker
and like whatever it is that you want to share if you want to share anything if
you want to share your story if you’re feeling alone if you know of another
youtuber or another Twitter person or another just person and in the realm
that you’re like oh man you should cover this person or they’re doing great
things please share that with me because I just you know what one thing that I
realized that I made a mistake this is on a separate note and I’m sorry for
crying but actually I’m not sorry for crying because like this is who I am I I
go through periods where I just I to express anything and then sometimes
just it just builds up right but um one of the things that I realized and this
was my fault in the whole Bitcoin community is that so if anyone in the
Bitcoin community is listening this is kind of my hands on the table of what I
did wrong is that when I was in the Bitcoin community you know here had just
came out of the time when I had just given birth to my son and I was feeling
very very alone like now now not so much but not really at all it’s just I think
because I had worked so much and then I was like working from home and I was
trying to find like my place and my Worth and my value and so you know on
the flip side is bitch I made it all about me when I was in the Bitcoin
community and I don’t know if that was just something that got amplified
because the community already was in the community in the sense that the way that
I say that like that is because you know how sometimes you’re around certain
people and you know certain people bring out certain things and you like there’s
some people that are my friends and when I’m around them I just like talk like a
gangster I’ll be like what’s up Koopa boo whatever and then there’s other
people when you’re with them they just give an energy of you know like okay
it’s like joking is not really an option or whatever right so me trying to or at
least up into this point because now I’m now I’m more you know solid with my
thing but before I used to be really really bad at trying to be a people
pleaser and that’s just like something from work you know like you don’t feel
like here enough so I know that I was like trying really really hard also for
people to like me and the crip to space and so that was like that so
you know I could see how that could make me be very annoying you know so whether
it’s just learning from my mistakes or being with the right right type of
people to bring that out in me is that now I really you know to give you an
example you know when I was in when I was making memes as like a Bitcoin or
whatever like I would put my name on everything and I was like oh you know
that’s my name and buh buh buh buh buh and now I really I really don’t care
because it’s so past that like I don’t care the only thing I care about is that
this message gets out with many people as possible because you know it’s gonna
be life changing life change and I’m not a financial adviser but you know I just everything that I’m reading everything
that I’m seeing everything that I feel I’ve never felt this this happy and
confident about anything away like and it may be because now I’m a parent and
now you know I just see things as everyone we’re all family and even
though I make me sometimes and it’s like not shitting on Bitcoin it’s just it’s
just you know at the end of the day we all have different personalities and
different things like this and I know that there’s tribes I know that there’s
tribes because you know that’s how life is and I’m just I’m just trying to do my
best to make sense of it make sense of it for myself and to make sense of it
further people and that’s why I start to do the
mean videos because you know for me relating information so that people
understand it because when you say blockchain a crypto or XRP or some
things like that a lot of the times people that just goes over their head
and it’s this day’s glazed look over their face and you know I find that if
when you can see it with kind of like a film it’s like it helps so all I want to
do is help and for a long time for a long time like I’ve been watching
different things and you know this made me think of it because I made it like
there was one mean with the Good Will Hunting and the guy Robin Williams
character says to him in the film he goes you know name me somebody in your
life who like gets you who’s like your soulmate or who you know listens to the
different things and and then Matt Damon’s character in the movie she’s all
like you know oh nietzsche oh you know poe or whatever but he’s naming all of
these these deceased people these poets these artists these inventors and that
part of the movie really hit me today because that’s how I felt like I’ve
always I’ve always kind of geared towards you know all these people that I
looked up to like Einstein and Tesla and Monet and Picasso and you know now Steve
Jobs and it’s like I never felt like I could like I’ve had and I have best
friends and good friends and if you’re watching I love you you know but it’s
just like people who understand my brain or I feel like that their you know the
the they see or they understand the visions I had you know is that until I
and again I always say this bitch true it’s like until I saw and I and I’m with
the XRP community there’s like no other people that I can feel that I can talk
to and express this so thank you for for listening and thank you for giving me
the courage to continue to make movies like movies like this where it’s like
I’m talking and you guys are listening and for me it’s like also kind of I
guess therapy you know so sometimes I guess it’s it’s it’s too much for some
people to handle who don’t really understand where I’m coming from but for
other people who do understand where I’m coming from I hope you know that I truly
truly do like love you like in in the most like purest form like not you know
oh you know you know but just like literally like I have a piece of my
heart and it’s like a heart mint and you’re in it it’s a heart apartment and
you guys likes our PEAC me is from there and and I just want to be able to get
that feeling back to every single other person so whoa
the heck retention number dude I hope you guys have on a sidenote side side
side side side note I hope everybody has a wonderful 2019 I hope that everything
that you are working hard towards happens I really am very very I’m
feeling very very positive victor 2019 I think XRP is going to do phenomenal
things there’s so many different amazing things going on in the community and on
that note hope you have a wonderful night

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  1. I think you are Awesome! I feel alone all the time, even though I’m surrounded by people. That makes it worse. no one wants here anything that is outside of what they do on a daily basis. In the end we will win

  2. Hi Rainmaker!

    Everytime my wife read the cards about her future, she draws the cornucopia card.

    I can already feel the incoming avalanche of abundance.

    The entire Universe is abundance.
    Life is so wonderful !

    Our lives are about to change for ever.

    Thank you for sharing !

  3. Yes we will make it thru! XRP wil dominate! I trust in every dedication RIPPLE put on this. We will see a Great Year ahead of us.

  4. you create something in 2004 and don't release it till 2012 doesn't mean it was created before bitcoin. it is like a chicken sitting on egg since 2004 but didn't hatch till 10 years later.

  5. You do realise that XRP being worth even one hundred dollars each would amount to Ripple being worth more than the Gross World Product which is the global wealth right? You're a fucking idiot. Stop making these videos and making morons like yourself believe in fairy tales. Ripple realistically will be worth no more than 10 dollars each and even then that would make it surpass most banks, oil industries and companies like Apple and Microsoft. Go back to arguing about genders and stay away from cryptos and economics you neanderthal.

  6. no confundir deseos con realidad, pero en todo cas xrp es lo mas serio en crypto, los datos son robustos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qey-R3f_y-o y tambien https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giHdOjqqj4Q

  7. Hey nice video!!! but can you shortly write 3-5 points about why xrp will hit 500-10000$ because i guess i missed it all somehow🙈. By the way i think bitcoin is a little better as it is not regulated by anyone and the whole point as i think is to kind of get rid of banks, governments and all other 3rd parties and xrp is making partnerships with banks and all other. Big regulators. More over they thave 60% of xrp holding them selves.Does xrp really makes a change because it feels like they want to make digital dollar but this digital dollar is as regulated as curent fial dollar. So yea waiting for your responce and sorry for my bad english😅.

  8. I'm XRP holder but you need help. And I'm serious about. You and Sam Iam would make a great couple in a mental health institution😂

  9. My dear the fact that you trust and respect the government tells me that you learned nothing in the truth movement. So do you believe that the government is GOOD? Dont throw the baby out with the bathwater of the truth movement

  10. The xrp community is defenetly the best….we come from all walks of life…in this community all the information is shared…any confusion is ripped apart and quickly straightened out.we don't judge anybody in here on how they speak..what size bag they hold..it is the best digital asset…those who hold will be rewarded…rainmaker I also get emotional when I think of the future….not because I'm sad but because like many my start to life was a struggle…and my dreams are showing me a warm future where early adaptors will be rewarded…ps. I really like your hair 🙂 …BIG HUG….

  11. You should also check into Kala coin. NuiSocial.com , this coin And their block chain is going to be game changing in 2019

  12. Congratulations XRP Rainmaker
    on 1000 subscribers, You are Amazing. Time to Celebrate, I – Feel – Love ❤️️ ❤️️ ❤️️ https://youtu.be/gh1GVuftrYU

  13. We Tubers blab a lot in comments…don't sweat it trying to reply…a lot of what we say is for other viewers too. Your getting views because your real and genuine. Keep up the encouragement for XRP..that's the prize..getting people to not miss this train. For instance…the reason so many people like Digital Asset Investor is not just the news he puts out but the awesome positive encouragement he spouts about XRP and the possibilities of it.

  14. only 172B grams of gold in the world at $41.13 per gram and only 100B xrp in the world , which one has the most use case and utility?

  15. Throughout the history of all kinds of money of any country . it always went through changes . now that we have many kinds of technology's in this day in age of Our Lives .digital money seems to Natural to become the money of the future . Just like the human conscience evolves to higher levels and so as the concept of money as well. Therefore it is inevitable for the changes to come as we the people of all over the world we always try to live life to the fullest and adapting to the changes as they come.
    Bitcoin is what it is, simply to open the doors for the idea of digital money but it always felt like a distraction. the real big picture is the XRP because it has the technology and ability to resolve much bigger problems in a global scale.
    There for your entire concept and philosophy of the big picture of xrp of reaching 50,000 and Beyond it is absolutely possible.
    Here are two simple facts one, Bitcoin has a different level of purposes and that's a fact.
    As for xrp technology, it has many many levels of purposes that's fact two. Therefore it's logical for xrp to reach very high levels Beyond $50,000 because it has many many different purposes and that's a fact . 2019 will be only a test for the world to see how high xrp will go.
    Now that I have said what I needed to say I hope that you will find good friends that has the same conscience levels as yourself and that's how the world will become better, with one person at a time..
    PS you should write a book because your philosophy is the wisdom of what most people will need to reach a higher level of their own conscience based on their own experiences of their lives. May the Holy Spirit bless us all and allowing us to be wiser than the year before, amen. !!!!!!!!! 😀 ;-D

  16. It's a wonderful world we live in when people who can't do basic multiplication even with the assistance of a computer can then go and use same device to make a video where they excitedly share their opinion based with nothing that could possibly be mistaken for thought.

  17. If you’ve gone far enough down the rabbit hole, you start to see that nobody knows anything… and that most “truths” are subjective..

    Seems you’re on the right track @XRP Rainmaker

  18. @XRP Rainmaker Hello world. do not believe in war. do not believe the elites. we all make fireworks so why should we not ALL be equal? The only fight we should care about is the fight FOR FREEDOM. HNY from germany.

  19. the current valuation of the available XRP is now $ It serves a liquidityproblem of about 20 trillion dollars worldwide for international crossborder payments. The current valuation is still a joke…When XRP hits 10% of all crossborder payments the XRP price should be $20, but this is based on the availability of all XRP, so it could go much higher. Also when XRP is adopted for other payment methods as well plus the burning rate. My estimate is in 5 years it could be $20-100

  20. BTC is the decoy for retail investors but the big money that's going to completely pump the market is going to go balls-deep in XRP. You think wallstreet give a crap about the BTC maximalists' FUD against XRP? Heck no they don't. They'll take one look and say, "This investments going g to be bigger than Google, Apple and Amazon combined.".

    I used to LOVE and own BTC back in 2013 but realized real quick that it wasn't going to be adopted because it couldn't scale and there was no corporation behind it. XRP is where it's at. Really enjoy the show, thanks.

  21. "XRP Rainmaker"  your just getting started!!!! A++++++++++++++ Information………..  Me before your videos: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Me after finding your videos: ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)╮
    ┃┃ ╭━━┳╮╭┳━━╮
    ┃┃ ╭┫╭╮┃╰╯┃┃━┫

  22. This is my first time watching one of your videos and I must say….."WOW"! No wonder your a single parent….lady you are freaking weird and crazy. I expect to see you on tv as the suspect of a mall shooting some day. Lady you really need to get out more and actually talk to people. You really scare me and I don't scare easily. I hope XRP goes to the moon just as much as anyone else but I'd rather you get mental help first.

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  24. Jesus is the only way. I love your realness girl. But lets be honest, XRP will never get to 500 let alone 50K! Seriously id be happy with 50 bucks, heck even ten bucks. Happy new year!

  25. Found another price manipulation puppet who doesn't know shit about actual tech of blockchain or what decentralisation is. XRP = 100% GARBAGE which doesn't even belong in "CRYPTO-CURRENCY" as it doesn't use cryptography (doesn't use blockchain) and its not a currency but a security.

    XRP is not mined, its not decentralised as its issued by 1 party which holds at least 1/2 of all XRP (security) tokens, it doesn't use cryptography or blockchain, its a private database no different to what existing banking system has, in shirt its biggest garbage there is, right next to Bitconnect, and all of you people that promote this shit are nothing but greedy and ignorant, trying to get rich quick crooks.

  26. Watching you open up to us and share your Love was the most refreshing thing I’ve seen on YouTube in a long time. Can tell you are truly sincere and make a strong effort to do the right thing! I love you ❤️ your son is lucky to grow up with a mother like you!
    Thank you so much and best of luck in 2019! 😉

  27. Guys want to win 100 xrp????
    Download this code and comment the first one who comments I will send you 100xrp!


  28. Thank you for clarifying and for featuring my comment. I definitely want to leave nothing but positive at a channel Im benefiting from!
    i had a similar past where I was not drivin by money. and was focused on blaming "evil forces" and just depressed about the world and how messed up it is while I was riding psilocybin and thc trips.
    It's different now and I fully understand and relate to your feedback on my comment

  29. The part of the market is a magic word “prediction”. The part of making YouTube videos is power to deal with hate and stupidity.

    Stay strong!

    Happy New Year girl.

  30. You explained the title of the video in 2 min: ripple is working with banks and banks store gold and Bitcoin can’t get their s..t together the for the rest of the video you just let your emotions run through and went down memory lane. You are explaining an investment but you make it into a soap opera.
    Most people that will go on your channel will think that you are crazy because of your backstage and intro. Hope it helps

  31. Very relatable, very vulnerable, and real video. This community needs more estrogen lol Thank you
    You made perfect sense

  32. Truth movement has nothing to do with market cap. There isn't enough money in the word to make each xrp worth 50k

  33. Its good to show your sensitive side, most in life don't if we did that more in America we would socially connect more. Its a sign of strength never weakness. If you believe in whatever you believe in and it doesn't harm others then go with it.

  34. I found you Lovely,Intelligent lady as there are very few Female Hosts in Crypto community & YouTuber. One straight question- when you said you are in crypto since 2008 , then you must have now become Millionaire. You could have opened your own crypto development projects. I always repent that if I could jump into crypto market way back in year 2011 to 2015. Anyway why you are in YouTube. Did you loose your money? or ….? Apology if my comment is straight forward..

  35. Hello everyone and Happy profitable new 2019.
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    and standing on the sidelines say how good it is.
    The state helps only for PR of the nobility.
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    for Dash – XtWu6rNfiAr8wve93CeTAYckgGRH8wPo1p

  36. I don’t know about 🇨🇦, but there is massive corruption in the United States. I know there are rich people who are doing great things. You have single payer health care in Canada, we don’t. We have huge problems with homelessness. Most Americans can’t afford a $500 emergency. Minimum wage laws are way too low. We need $15 an hour. We have a plutocracy in this country and both Democrats and Republicans are a part of it. Things are not black and white like you say, but shades of gray. I think you are right about XRP though.

  37. You are AWESOME 👏🏾 and you are definitely enough! The XRP community loves you back and we are lucky to have you! Thanks for all you do and PLEASE keep up the good work!

  38. keep doing exactly what you're doing……very genuine, honest and addictive. Unfortunately I have an addictive personality so I'm hooked dependant and pine foR YR sweet streams darling. keep on keeping on and ill see you on
    XRP island

  39. YOU ARE AMAAZING..AGREE IN ALL MYOU SAYING ..LOOKS LIKE IM LISTENING TO MY SELF..YOU ARE WORTH…A B I L L I O N…..MUCH LOVE.TO YOU..you have such ..a beautifull heart..nelson bay ..australia

  40. darling you dont have to try..you are a natural..fantastic ..speaker and you will be ..wealth..cause you are…with all respect..much love to you and your child..from nelson bay australia..

  41. Omg I have never teared up waching a yt video before, you realy deserve the support and I we all love you…forget the comments just take the time w your son and the channels gona grow like crazy guaranteed…great job I'm blown away.

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