Why Humor in Business

Why Humor in Business

certainly some other great benefits to
uh to using humor of course it’s a great way to introduce yourself and make you
approachable right don’t you feel like you can talk to somebody who’s been kind
of using a little bit of humor right and you want people to talk to you and
change situations you want people to feel like they can approach you also
it’s a great way to find out about people right listen to the humor that
people use it’ll tell you something about them if somebody makes like snarky
funny comments you kind of know what state of mind they’re in right start
listening to the humor it’ll tell you a lot about them what do you guys know for
me for my little 10-minute monologue here this morning I got cats right what
else I don’t have kids very good I like my nieces and nephews and I like yours I
hope anyone else yep my parents right live in Virginia what else big feet
thanks I want always members Outland are all sorts of things you can learn about
people by the humor they use to start listening to it and start using it to
let people know about you it’s a it’s a lot of fun it’s a much more interesting
way to find out about people it’s also a great way to defuse tense situations
right you guys great wait you guys deal with two guys
there’s no traffic anywhere except LA right we used a lot of humor my sister’s
in the hospital because very tense situation and by the way I figured out
your system in the emergency room right the person who is bleeding get SATA top
of list huh yeah my sister’s at the bleeding because she’s at the bottom
because she wasn’t bleeding at first four hours of that on the Debbie I got a
cut you we’ll never get out of here great way to
instantly defuse tension right I put this slide up because I was keen on in
another healthcare event and one of the other keynotes was I’ve been an appeal W
camp and he talks about how as leaders you’ve got to find a way to combat
negative emotions and you could do that with humor and how they used humor in a
place you wouldn’t think they’d be using humor right my friends always like Oh
Jan you’re just gonna go out and tell people how to write jokes and be a
comedian I’m not that’s a whole different keynote I’m gonna tell you how
to use humor in business it is becoming a business skill I’ve done this program
for every kind of group you can imagine people are realizing that we really need
to use humor and you can use it as a business skill it’s not just something
for comedians I’ve done this like I said for everyone I did it for several the
Federal Reserve banks bank examiners right I was going on stage the first
time the client pulls me ever goes these are bank examiners they never
laugh and they were a lot of fun right and on the way there to the to the event
the radio was on in the cab and there was a disc jockey who was interviewing
one of those foreign correspondents who covers the Middle East talks like Iraq
and Iran in all those countries that hate each other right and the DJ said
what an awful job he said those countries have been fighting forever
they hate each other there must be so much tension in that room and the
correspondent said no he said actually every one of these guys is a master
using humor they go in there they practiced it they work at it and they
try to put each other at ease you said it’s more like a fraternity brother
reunion than Middle East talks which might be why they’re not get anything
done but it’s always interesting at that level of people you don’t think are very
funny I spend some time they actually spend time and they know the power of
humor so it really is a business skill and it’s something you can practice it’s
not something can turn on it’s just kind of a muscle that you have to practice
and I’ll show you places to look for humor and you can use it so you can
practice it so when you really need to use it it’ll you know come to you that
more naturally I did this program for HR people at hospitals and about two weeks
later one of the people the audience emailed me
I said Jan it really works he said we were having a department-wide staff
meeting where everybody from different departments was coming in and he said
they were all ready to kill each other right you’ve never had one of those
and he said everyone sat down ready to kill each other and he said I tossed out
a little bit of humor he said oh my gosh everyone laughed and relaxed and he said
we had one of the best staff meetings because it changed the energy one of the
best benefits

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