Why Hong Kong protests and violence are escalating | FT

Why Hong Kong protests and violence are escalating | FT

We’ve really seen an
escalation in violence between both the
protesters and the police over the past few days. At around 8am this morning a
police officer shot a protester at close range in the stomach. The protester is now in
a critical condition. We also saw a video go
viral of a police officer on a motorbike ploughing
into protesters this morning. And I think those two
incidents combined with the death of
a student on Friday brought a lot of office
workers out onto the streets today during their lunch break. We saw riot police fire
multiple rounds of tear gas in central Hong Kong at
people in office shirts. It was really extraordinary to
walk around central Hong Kong today at lunchtime and speak
to professionals and office workers who were either
on the front line… I spoke to one accountant. He said for the
first time today he decided to join the front
line in his lunch break. He said previously he
was a moderate protester but because of what happened
on Friday with the first death and how angry he is at
the current situation he felt like he needed
to step up today. He told me he was
petrified of being arrested and of the possible
consequences. And we also saw a lot of
office workers loitering by the front line, expressing
support, chanting slogans. So there seems to be
a lot of anger right now amongst not only the more
radical front-line protesters, but also moderate working
professionals in Hong Kong. So what’s going
to happen next is we’re expecting further
escalation of violence between the police
and the protesters. Hong Kong’s chief
executive, Carrie Lam, just held a press conference
where she labelled the protesters the
enemy of the people. It’s important to bear in
mind that she currently has the lowest approval
ratings of any chief executive in the history of Hong Kong. And the latest polling
shows that the vast majority of Hong Kongers overwhelmingly
blame her, the police, and the Chinese
central government for the ongoing
unrest in Hong Kong. That doesn’t bode well for
the violence de-escalating in Hong Kong. We’re seeing a very hard-line
stance from mainland China. Over the weekend, the central
government released a statement saying that the chief executive
of Hong Kong and judges and other people who work for
the Hong Kong government all need to be, quote,
unquote, “patriots.” And they also said there needs
to be implementation of Article 23, which are anti-sedition
laws in Hong Kong, which when previously floated
saw enormous protests on the streets of
Hong Kong in 2003.

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About the Author: Oren Garnes


  1. It just shows the violence from the rioters. Anyone that says the police are violent are completely liars. Hong Kong police are 100 times more reserved/restrained than any other police force in the world. That’s a fact…anyone that says otherwise is full of crap. Get educated idiots

  2. Hong Kong people have spoken that they don't want the??mainland communist regime. It??should take a No for an answer and move on.

  3. After viewing this vlogg, wht i truely give a sh*t about is…does FT sell media coverages to cia? if yes and how much does cia split its media buying spending on FT each yr to buy out and change FT into a dirty mouth piece.

  4. China mad dogs shot Hong Kong people to escalate violence so that China military army can get into Hong Kong do more killing like Tibet. Devil China!

  5. I'm disappointed in you people who want this man in the video to be shot, shame on you, world need to be purified from you, we need more clever people, who understand the truth of matter in our life, you clearly don't understand anything

  6. In any country, the army would have come in to take down all these rioters who disrupt the daily lives of others who need to make a living and destroy the public transit that was a major mode of transportation for majority of citizens

  7. Heh why you idiots didn't do?? any press coverage for protest at Iraq and Chile hundreds of protesters as died☠️☠️☠️??

  8. The fake news dare not to show the video a old man set fire by the rioters. So called "peaceful" protest has never be peaceful.

  9. STOP CALLING THEM PROTESTERS,THEY ARE RIOTERS,OUTLAWS,they deserve to be shot,they have
    no clue what they are doing to themselves,and to their future.Why the yellow vest,Venezuela,Haiti,Chille
    don't get so much attention,and who are those foreign journalists doing there in HK?

  10. CNN only reported that the police had shot and never told you why the police had to shoot. I used to trust CNN and really let me down.

  11. Yes! The Resistance! Avenge Hong Kong! Kick out all the evil criminal forced organs harvesters murderers to the millions CCP mafia gangsters and their rabid mad attack dogs lawless rapist murderers thugs police-triads! Long live the Resistance!

  12. If you HK REALLY want to seperate from China, fighting your own gov is the wrong way. YOU rioters need to fight with PLA Chinese army in HK! Just go there and smash the Chinese military camp, you will have the freedom you need. I promise.

  13. Since when it is OK to commit crimes in the name of freedom and democracy? Is the so called protesters above law? You tell me WHY FT editors.

  14. Question 1: Why are traffic police instead of riot police send to places where protestors are reasonably expected to be there? (0:00)

    Question 2: Why the traffic police approach the guy in white with a gun in his hand? (0:03)

    Question 3: Why is this cop alone?

    Question 4: Why are so many HK police officers pulling pistols out in different district at the same day? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wj24dCzeQC0)

    Question 5: Why the police is willing to shoot / hurt at HK protestors / citizens at a whim? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-J5smZrXawo)

    Question 6: Why do the protestors is willing to keep protesting despite there are multiple incidents of previous gun shot?

  15. Stop addressing violent mobs as protesters or pro democracy.
    They are just bunch of brainless Hkroachs seeking to destroy HK democracy, law & order.

  16. The Hong Kong police have been shooting student in the street as well as firing students at the university campuses. The west should stand with the students and prevent the brutality of the Hong Kong police.

  17. R E V O L U T I O N

    Drag them from their safe places, naked and screaming for their whore mothers. Beat them until they are silent and make them see that they are not kings or gods.

    They are human laid bare.

  18. Why HK protests (= riots) & violence are escalating? 'cos HK majority don't support the rioters. That's why rioters keep smashing around & attacking cops & civilians. Shame on rioters & their supporters, especially the biased, phony mainstream media. https://hk-protest.com/

  19. Escalation? The reason why you think that is escalation is because you western media always neglect what the protesters did. Set fire on civilians, beat up innocent pregnant women, throw gas bomb on police. These have been going on all the time yet media called a police officer who defended himself as “violence”. Ironic

  20. financial times is such a misleading media to all other foreigners out of hong kong and china. The way that the protesters use is very harmful to the society of hong kong and influence the honk kong people so badly. In this video, the white jacket guy wants to take the gun from the police officer so that he got shot. This is not protesting, this is called riot and anti-social. I'm so disappointed at the Financial Times.

  21. It's a shame on Hong Kong police, it will create more violence in the city, let's hope people of Hong Kong will get justice.

  22. Freedom is not supposed to be used to abduct people by any means, and it is NOT achieved by trampling on others’ freedom and rights.

  23. why FT dont post the video of the "protester" set fire to a elder man's body on a pedestrian bridge in MA AN SHAN? Is the FT a fair and objective media?

  24. Looks and smells like Soros. It went from peaceful protest to violence.. you don't have to stretch your imagination too much to know this violence is bought.. bye bye Hong Kong!

  25. Yes. Always riot police. Don’t u even have your eyes? All those brainless kids are out in the streets beat other people who share different options with them and kill them! Do u even have the balls to show the video of them just killing people??

  26. This is what it looks like when the government doesn’t understand its people. Democracy means the government service the people. Not the other way around

  27. 100 years of Communism = 100 Million dead !!!

    The Whole World Re The people are on the Side of the people Protesting

    NO ONE WANTS COMMUNISM !!!!! this is WHY !!!!


  28. This news is bias… all these protesters are no better than terrorists. The government should send in military to stop them.

  29. In other parts of the world, police shoot to kill. Assaulting a police officer is ground to get shot. Hongkong police are sissies.

  30. Those citizens want their freedom. Their government is suppose to work for them! And not the other way around! The government acts as if they know what is best for the people if hong kong, when in fact, the people need to speak up and tell the government what THEY want!

  31. Doesnt China actually break the contract with Britain already? People should have 100% of the votes, then the government would be pro democracy and not pro china and this kind of situation could be avoided…. Cant anyone stand up against China? I wish that HK protests would spark protests everywere in China and the authoritarian China would be extinguished… but sadly mainland chinese are either scared into silence or brainwashed…

  32. Your reporter Wong Sue Lin, is biased about the HKSAR news. This reporter didn't report the full story of HKSAR now. Not only on youtube but also your online version Financial Times. Wong always wrote misleading news about HKSAR. What's the point you are asking subscribers to complete survey? Didn't you read the messages here? The only way to improve is to TELL PEOPLE THE TRUTH.

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