Why Google, Microsoft, and Apple Are Fighting For Classrooms

Why Google, Microsoft, and Apple Are Fighting For Classrooms

So we’re going to be doing a little bit
of VR and we’re going to look at how earthquakes are actually made. Google, Microsoft and Apple are battling
for dominance in classrooms like this. They all want their devices in
the hands of the next generation of consumers. And let’s go ahead and do a screenshot of
that and so we can add that into our notes. Ed tech is big business. It’s expected to hit $43 billion this
year with 46% of that growth happening in K-12. So we wanted to find out
who is winning in education. Something like the layers of the Earth
is really hard to explain as a concept and to be able to see
it spinning and moving on the screen. It really comes alive for them. At the Hamlin School in San
Francisco, Rachel Davis sixth grade science class uses Google’s Virtual Reality Expeditions
app on an Apple iPad to explore the layers of the earth. Go ahead and look at it from different
angles , look around it, move around it. Then they create animated movies about
what they’ve learned or make their own iBook with Apple apps. So we used a writing app but you
can also make books with many different varieties of text and stuff. The all-girls private K-8 school has
an iPad for every student. Starting in sixth grade the girls take
their iPads home along with all the Google apps they use for assignments. We do definitely use a lot
of the Google sharing products. So it’s kind of like with
Google you have that sharing capability. So we kind of have Google on
our Apple devices because they’re able to collaborate. I would say that Apple is winning
or is represented the most in independent school. With that being said, we have
Apple devices but all of our students use Google Apps for
Education every day as well. So hopefully the students are winning
and we’re leveraging the right tool for the students. Apple used to be in the lead in U.S. schools but Google has soared to the
top in the last several years. In 2018, Chromebooks made up a whopping
60 % of all laptops and tablets purchased for U.S. K-12 classrooms. Up from just 5% in 2012. Microsoft comes in second at 22% and Apple trails behind with 18% of shipments to U.S. schools in 2018. But Apple and Microsoft are
making moves to change this. [In Spanish] Because it is very interesting and creative. It’s very fun to learn music. Because Hamlin is a private school, it was
able to afford an iPad for every student, but for most public
schools price can be prohibitive. Google is in the lead largely
because its Chromebooks are the cheapest option for classrooms, starting
at just $149. Laptops with Microsoft Windows start
at $189 for schools. And last year, Apple discounted its iPad
to $299 for schools, down from $329 retail. Education is such a big part of who we
are as a company and has been for 40 years. Apple just announced a new iPad Air for
$499 an iPad Mini for $399, which offers keyboard support for the first time
and are now compatible with the Apple Pencil. At Hamlin, they use Chromebooks
but iPads are definitely king. I think my favorite is the iPad
because they’re just super fast working and I just think they’re so easily
accessible, which is really nice for schoolwork. I liked using the iPad except sometimes
with flash cards, it’s easier to make your own flashcards circuits
in your head more. I like the iPad because you can carry
a lot of like files and it’s not very like it’s not really heavy but
it can store a lot of information. It would be really hard to do
all of our work without our iPad. While Hamlin’s hardware is dominated by
Apple, its teachers use Google’s education apps. This allows me to see my students work
so if I wanted to see like their graphing quiz they’re all with their grades
their quizzes and then I can just open up how they
did on their graphing. When we decided to build G-Suite
for education products, we decided to focus on teachers to
make their jobs easier. There’s research that shows that the
biggest impact in a child’s education is the teacher. And that’s the way
to impact outcomes. I can circle it and I can draw on it
so that when she gets it I can then return it back to her and she’ll
get those comments on her work. At South By Southwest earlier this month,
Google set up a classroom of the future where it showcased its
latest apps for schools. Our products work on any device. So if a school finds that an iPad
is right for them our product work really well. If you talk to an Apple person you
know in the sales channel they’ll say yeah our product works really well with Google Classroom and with G-Suite and that’s great. We care about the school being able to
choose what device they use and be able to really have a strong
learning system no matter what. Outside the U.S., the winner isn’t Google or Apple. Those two are tied for just
10% of global classroom sales. Microsoft is the big winner globally with
57% of classroom sales outside the U.S. in 2018. This is largely due to emerging
markets that lack the internet connection that Chromebooks need to function. Over the last five years or so
we’ve been really reinvigorated in terms of the needs of schools and recognize
the importance of technology to transform the futures of
our students going forward. In January, Microsoft announced three new
education products that may help it compete in the U.S. It’s new Classroom Pen is
specifically designed for students. It’s smaller, has fewer moving parts and a
slot to keep it tethered to the tablet so it’s less likely to get lost. A device with a pen could actuallyimprove learning outcomes over 38% of a laptop without a pen. So our hardware partners at Microsoft have been working to make devices really work well with pens in classrooms. Microsoft also announced a new Lenovo
tablet that allows students to write on the screen with
a number two pencil. At $289, it’s likely meant to compete
with Apple’s $299 iPad for schools. Microsoft also has tools to
help students learn to code. My dad codes and I like coding so. Back at Hamlin, third graders are
learning to code on MacBook Airs. You’re just telling someone to go this way
and go that way or jump and stuff like that. Some of the high schools they go
to might be a Chromebook school. They might be a Mac school. They might be an iPad school. We want to expose our girls to a variety of different technologies so they can make an informed decision. While Google, Microsoft and Apple continue
to vie for dominance teachers at Hamlin will turn to whatever blend of
tech makes the most sense for its students. We used to just have the ability of taking
a test or making a model in a project and explaining and now they’re having to draw things and manipulate things in 3D objects. And to me that seems more challenging and how they can explain it and how clear they are on what the concepts are. They see the world so differently than
we did and I’m really excited to see what happens to them as they continue to grow in the skills especially in high school and beyond. These girls are going
to do amazing things.

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  1. Who remembers having iPods and. We couldn't even touch them. We had to use like this yellow rubber material to touch them

  2. They try to make school fun by adding “technology” to the subject but it turns out your still doing school work

  3. In Indonesia I think there is almost no school use technology for classroom even in my school there is no computer class

  4. In the UK my school has 1 iPad per teacher 3 years old and a crappy windows 10 laptop that costs about £100 . My school is broke af and I can still learn about the earth

  5. In CCSD (Clark County School District) mostly every middle school has ipads for every kid to take home for the whole school year since 2014

  6. We were not allowed any gadget in school and we used notebook, pen and textbook to grasp the toughest of concepts and we have been producing some of the best engineers, doctors, programmers,leaders etc not only to the country but the world as well.

  7. I wonder if the media knows that having this type of electronic device to teach children can make children develop ADHD. If you think I’m joking look it up and follow the DSM5 criteria.

  8. In my school we need to buy our own iPads even though it’s our own iPad we can’t install anything it.

  9. Being a High School Student, my school integrated MacBooks and they really sucked.
    The battery died, it always lagged out and it costs 1000 dollars, 1000!!!
    Note: my country is Malaysia so I just converted the price

  10. This is great and I would love this in my school, but not everyone can afford an ipad or even a chromebook.

  11. these things seem so gimmicky. I love computers, but when i had to do something at school on them it was the most boring thing ever. I think schools should focus more on educational software, the hardware available is more than enough.

  12. In my school most people have iPad 2017 that they pay a monthly fee for to the school, or their own iPad, I bring in my own iPad pro 2018 plus I think iPads are better than laptops/chrombooks as they as iPads are a lot lighter but we also use google classroom and docs

  13. “The layers of the Earth is hard to teach”

    *Crust- The most outer layer
    *Mantle- 2nd most outer layer
    *Core-The middle part, there are two types of core’s
    Inner core Outer core

    Inner core – the most inner layer of the earth
    Outer core – the outer layer or protection of the inner core

    That basic…that must be a dumb teacher

  14. I graduated from high school last year and we used iPad all the time it’s easier to use and send documents through airdrop. I got to keep my school iPad at the end of high school

  15. We have an Apple bus full of Apple iPads and one time I asked my teacher do you prefer Apple or Android and she said Apple The she said do you even know anyone who uses Android

  16. I go to school in Norway and it’s a public school and everyone gets a iPad for free for the school years you go to that school but if you lose it or smash it you have to pay 300-500 dollars and we have iPads and we use apple

  17. if all these companies are fighting for the classroom they should make their products cheaper. we barely have working desktops in my school. they’ve been their since my school was built. that was 20 years ago.

  18. Even in second grade us kids maide our teacher kiss a pig for advancing to reading level funey memereys like if you remember me in the class

  19. I’m just so Amazed by their study method
    I also really wanted to study in that kinda environment butyou know in our country we don’t even have power point
    I means the person who ever reading my comments if you are studying in that kind of environment i want to remind you that you’re so lucky ?

  20. I am an Australian high school student and we have a 1:1 one student, MacBook ratio from years 9-12. Prior to this we had Chromebooks. While these devices play a large part in our studies and classes, we still very much use paper and pen. We have a good mix I think.
    The devices offer so much, with all the google services we’re able to do so much more than we could’ve without them.
    Incorporating technology like this in the classroom is the future but using paper and pen is still very important.

  21. At my public school, every classroom has an Apple TV, and every teacher has a MacBook Air, and and iPad Pro 12.9 in. Along with that every high school student has a iPad Pro 10.5 in. With an Apple Pencil. And every elementary kid has a iPad 6th gen. Idk where we got the money, and we don’t have to pay anything for them. ??‍♂️

  22. You got to admit it apple is really expensive and not good for kids to use and if they launch their environment for classrooms I am pretty much sure it will only support apple product.

  23. In my school we have chrome books, iPads, some hp computers around the school, and one classroom with only macs. I’m not in the classroom with macs, so I can’t speak for why they use those instead of the regular hp computers.

  24. Apple is certainly not winning – its Google for sure. Apple is too expensive and doesnt provide much for schools. Google goes and makes tech perfect for students- chromebooks, Google Docs, Classroom…

  25. Our schools chromebooks are so locked down that we try whatever we can to get any sort of customization. I used to install Linux on them but then the blocked the terminal

  26. Screw apple, and google. If microsoft made something like Google class room it would be perfect.

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