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  1. You are about to do an interview with a former partner of Goldman Sachs you can't charge your iPhone for the facetime interview, CNBC? 5:17

  2. Ok I usually like these videos but a Wells Fargo banker telling me how Goldman Sachs is great? And NO! The smartest people are not in government, it is the greediest!!

  3. Now their targeting the really ignorant suckers since maybe they'll be out of business due to criminal charges pending in Malaysia.

  4. I rather leave it to the professional portfolio managers. Mine (Lucas Anders) is doing a great doing job, making around $5k ROI twice a month for a 30% commission.

  5. All the "CEO's" and banker prodigies earning hundreds of millions of dollars but at the end american tax payer has to bailout a whole fking industry?

  6. The poor Will have a chance to become Rich instead of only the Rich become more Rich. Now giv me the money so I Can buy our Mac donalds Downtown. You Will definitely have your money back ?

  7. Henry Paulson is still hated to this day, but economists who studied that financial crisis hail him as a hero nowadays. The guy who saved not just the American economy but the whole world as well from significantly collapsing. His policy back then might be unpopular but it proved to be the difference maker, allowing the US to bounce back faster than expected and avoid what could've been a crippling depression that would've lasted for decades.

  8. Now the firm is trying to screw the common people rather than millionaires and billionaires. Lmao. Common people do not have the legal funds to check schemes of the firm. Puahahah.

  9. @12:10 "They have a lot of smart people and smart people end up in positions of power" Really? that's nonsense. 2/3 of Government is filled up with Lawyers and Bankers if not more. The amount of people with Science or Engineering degrees is minuscule. Theres plenty of higher IQs and really intelligent people begging for funding and research grants. They're struggling in crap situations while most of these people in the Government and these Institutions are legacies. They inherited their wealth and position. The last 40 years of this country has been owned by the same Institutions( Banks, Interest Groups and Corporations) and the same Names. You really think GW belonged in the White House more than Ron Paul?

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