Why GM UAW Workers are on Strike

Why GM UAW Workers are on Strike

Today we’re fighting a good fight and
it’s a reasonable fight. A fight for what’s fair. The rebirth of solidarity. Not only here in Flint but across America. They should pay for our health care. We do a lot, the repetition, it wears you down. The union wants the temporary workers hired. These people are hard workers and need to be treated fairly. Like to see them get
the full wage and benefits. They are making money and they just need to start sharing with the workers. We went without a raise for almost 11 years with the bankruptcy. Everybody does the same work and
everybody should be getting the same pay and there should be no, you know, inequality here. We have to fight for the next tier of
people out there. We are the last vanguard of anarchy
so that the companies would rule the roost like they did over a hundred years
ago. People had no say-so, and they could be summarily dismissed for any reason.

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  1. So basically striking over benefits and pay because GM made a little money this year… the made a 25% increase over last year… which was a 291% loss from the year before which was a 304% loss from the year before that, a 141% loss the year before that and a 2.6% loss before that… so the question now becomes… did you mindless union zombies agree to reduce your income and benefits when the company was on hard times? No? Then shut up. Accept the deal. Consider yourselves lucky you even have a job with those kinds of losses. Then get back to work. Unless you want GM to open a plant in Mexico… which at this point I wouldn't blame them at all.

  2. The main reason for the strike is to hire 3-5 year temporary workers. When you work 50-60 hours a week for 3-5 years you are not temporary. This fight is not for workers that already have benefits, its for those that do not. It is an admirable reason.

  3. toyota looks better everyday and NON UNION MADE. fuck the uaw. you people are better off than most. get your dead ass back to work, STAT.

  4. gm, your welcome here in mississippi with no union and people here will work for 15.00/hr . they will be glad to get it. so just mosey on down here. we'll treat you right.

  5. As a technician at a dealership I would love to get the parts to finish these repairs I have that total now 62.4 hrs just sitting in the parking lot cause I can’t get parts, I’m flat rate and due to parts supplies I can’t get jobs done but they keep coming in, our parking lot is getting so full we’ve moved some cars to a field across the street, in four days they have created problems that will take weeks to fix and get caught up

  6. Those GM workers who survived the 2009 bankruptcy with their jobs intact seem to believe they are entitled to lifelong employment; where they share in the upside the Company experiences, but  never in the downside.  Ten years in any job is a good run, let alone in one that you have only because the government modified the bankruptcy code to give you a priority creditor position and to reduce the value of claims held by others that were of higher seniority than yours.  Clearly the UAW members have no idea what other American workers, who weren't in a government favored position,  have been going through the last ten

  7. Teamster wages kept me and my brothers and sisters fed. My mom at home, my dad proud! You can’t put a price on that! Holding off on buying a new truck until this is resolved. Now is the time for the working man to send GM a message, share some of the 8 billion you made!

  8. Entitled Americans want more pay; however, thats just going to drive out GM to another country. Theyll probably leave to Mexico where Mexicans will work hard and not complain.

  9. Here we go again… ANOTHER RECESSION…
    CEOs are going to walk and take the money and run its happening all over again like from the Obama Administration…
    …Now with Trump's Administration 😳

  10. The last time they did this, the factory got shut down and the workers were crying cause they lost their jobs. They werent grateful until they lost it.


  12. Ain't bad enough tax payers had to bail you out, what do you get paid about $30 an hour plus benefits. I was union I get the fight but you guys are gonna negotiate your asses right out of a job! How much is enough? Ain't no wonder cars cost $40,000.

  13. Half-Life 3 was already made and was going to be sold/distributed around 6 months ago, and was done before this too, and, there also was a "crowd-made version" and this "social media "war"" was done as a foundation for some's "demand" for "Social Media Directors" and also to "create demand" for "Social Media Directors" to be "Open Source Intelligence" "operatives".

    Also, all Markets are limited to also "maintain demand" for "Logistics" to be "sought after" for "Intelligence Operatives". All are inefficient, and not Free, and, not the United States of America.

    "Valve" becomes foriegn-owned, if not already foriegn-owned, all companies also have separate "crowd sourcing" "companies" that also limit their "exposures"/"commericals"/"advertisement", to appear like separate versions of their companies that possibly are "more inclusive" andor, also, "more exclusive" where jobs are plentiful" where "more talented" can work. I'm not allowed to access either, and many are using me as a "martyr" possibly because they have "Asian connections" andor are more foriegn-interested than anything interested in solo life (although "social" isn't the best word, as these "conflictive" actions aren't truly "social" but anti-social).

  14. Be thankful that you have a job that helps pay for your healthcare There’s other places doesn’t give you no healthcare at all

  15. Unions have ceased being useful to American industries. Laws allowing their workers to strike are equivalent to legalized extortion and this needs to stop. If you don't like your job, find another one, but don't hamstring your company by striking. The company can't even hire non-union workers because of the retaliatory actions by union workers, which isn't legal, but does happen. The only people who benefit from unions are the union leaders.

  16. Stay away from GM  folks….Buy from Ford   They didn't use bailout money and they make much much better vehicles.  _Scotty kilmer suggest Fords .

  17. These are jobs you get with almost no education at a. Get paid 61 dollars and hour. Honestly bullshit. I dont care for anyone these workers.

    Ps all GM workers i have met are either huge racists or just straight out asshole who will run u off the roads bc they hate their job and speed to work 5mins before theh start. Idc of all their jobs are replaced my machines.

  18. A dedicated uaw union worker was attending a convention in Las Vegas and, as you would expect, decided to check out the local brothels nearby. When he got to the first one, he asked the Madam, "Is this a union house?"

    "No," she replied, "I'm sorry it isn't."

    "Well, if I pay you $100.00, what cut do the girls get?"

    "The house gets $80.00 and the girls get $20.00."

    Mightily offended at such unfair dealings, the man stomped off down the street in search of a more equitable, hopefully unionized shop. His search continued until finally he reached a brothel where the Madam responded, "Why yes sir, this IS a Union House."

    The man asked, "And if I pay you $100.00, what cut do the girls get?"

    "The girls get $80.00 and the house gets $20."

    "That's more like it!!!" the UAW man said. He handed the Madam $100.00, looked around the room and pointed to a stunningly attractive blonde. I'd like her for the night."

    "I'm sure you would, sir," said the Madam, then gesturing to an 85 year old woman in the corner, "but Ethel here has Seniority."

  19. I for one wish these people call off this strike cause it affecting other people's lively hood. Hell half of the people at gm plant make a good salary.

  20. I just love how people are complaining that the GM workers are paid too much. I think I'm worth 60 bucks an hour for sure. This guy at my job was complaining that was too much. I asked him if he thought he was worth that much. He said no LMFAO 😂😂
    This is why Walmart is the largest employer in 21 states. You want to stay within the working poor class? Be my guest. I do good work. I want more money, and better benefits for me and my co-workers.

  21. Google says the average pay of a union GM worker is $70K plus they only pay 3% of their health care costs! But now they striking for more Money!

  22. No more tax payer funded bailouts(welfare) for GM …… Teamsters HOFFA has been out there in support of workers !!! Did anyone see DONALD ?

  23. Boo hoo. These union spoiled people. Be grateful you have a solid job with benefits. Health insurance, sick days, vacation days, retirement plan. Sounds terrible. New hires shouldn't make the same amount as workers who have been there for a long time. Who have more experience and skills. One guy said. "Well GM is making lots of money so I think they should do something" That's right they are making money.! If they weren't, you wouldn't have a fucking job at all. Go to work.

  24. Everybody hating on UAW right now are jealous that they dont have Union solidarity and strength in their workplace. Anybody who has ever been a Union Member will never talk down about the way they operate. Support from IBEW local 589! Stand Strong💪👍

  25. Just sent this short email to GM/ GM I will never buy another GM product again and anyone I talk to or communicate with
    on a social media site, "Think before you buy another GM product" So call or send them what you think
    Call: 877-558-8352 or e-mail: @t

  26. Why cant these people be happy they have a descent job thats not mcdonalds this is why these jobs are going over seas we Americans need to realize the economy is not tge greatest If u want more go to college

  27. I work for businesse that supply gm parts I get paid less you I survived 16.61 and I lupus nirphisit my kidneys failing and I have carpal tunnel and surgey doesn't work come back after 10 years called do hand exercise and I work as female die caster hard work I work 40 hour week I still do job and I health problems and I do my job. And you people don't have it that bad at all.

  28. The average GM worker makes 76k. The lowest paod GM worker makes more than 48% of the united states. These people are unskilled and mainly apathiec.

  29. I'm jealous half of you don't pay any federal taxes and the other half with your bullshit degrees and claim to have all the skills in the world aren't in government jobs in one shape or form.google how much temp workers make at gm , wait I'll save you the time , it's 13 an hour. They would be better off at ups driving delivery truck at 43 an hour or be a cop and retire after 25 years. Open shop to repair cars and charge over 120 dollars an hour ! Sing crappy rap music rake in tens of millions , be a Kardashian and be worth a billion .
    Point is let's scrutinize everyone.
    Nobody should have a race to the bottom. work in auto plants is not what it was 30 years ago. Some of you people and your negative comment s without having the facts is ridiculous. I wouldn't be caught dead in any foreign car either. Have 3 paid off gm vehicles and all of them are approaching 200 thousand miles , with little in regards to repairs. Buy something made this decade and compare them to your ugly , slow crappy kia.
    The big three are all putting out great products in the last 8 to 9 years. Go ahead and thumbs down because I really don't care. Most of you foreign car buyers have the personality of a gold fish.

  30. Ever since the US signed a free trade agreement in South Korea during the Obama administration and with Trump on the trade war with China, seems that some vehicles will move production to Mexico and Canada and the rest are going to South Korea at a GM plant in South Korea that is outperforms American GM factories or they get replaced by Robots, in a way no need for a rare engine for the new Corvette if production where to be moved to South Korea as in a development of an engine at GM Korea of a front engine that competes against a GTR.

  31. This is the last gasp of the UAW.
    These auto plants will be shuttered and moved overseas in short order.

    The UAW is and has been in bed with GM management for years.

    The politicians don't care, hell they started all of the free trade sh*t to begin with.

    Any automobile and automotive parts made for American cars that are made outside of the U.S. should be assessed a large tariff in order to be sold in the U.S.

    Americans should boycott all "American" vehicles made outside of the country.

    Alas, I don't see that happening, so best of luck to the GM employees.
    You're all going to need it!

  32. Would an employee at Dollar General or McDonald’s gladly take your spot? I’ll bet they’d be more than happy to take your place working at GM with the contract you have right now. I cannot believe you guys are on strike. No sympathy.

  33. Want to help out.. Donate please


  34. This is why I became a truck driver over 23 years ago because, why even start a good paying job that you cannot guarantee tomorrow? I didn't want to be one of those guys singing an Eric Clapton parody of Lost my job, lost my house, lost my car, GM! But, now I can no longer drive due to health issues so, I guess I'm still pretty much in the same boat! Vehicles are being made cheaper by the minute and cost keep rising on them. Cheap ass plastic, junk electronics, shitty frames, etc. How can the markets for the auto industry stay alive by gradually screwing the consumer? Higher wages for the auto industry means higher prices on what they sell then, new vehicle sales are on a decline! Goodbye jobs, they are heading to Mexico! Who can really afford a new vehicle who doesn't have the income to support one? All other industry incomes needs to catch up that is outside of the big 3 to support the big 3 and they need to stop producing expensive crap that less of us can truly afford! Making vehicles to break down, with very costly fixes and diagnosis cannot continue for the sales to stay up. But making a much more reliable vehicle wouldn't work either for it also affecting the profit margins. Get a loan for a car every 5 years, if you don't you better have some great mechanical skills! I have watched new car dealerships sit on what they have selling little to nothing then, the new model year comes in, with last year's model greatly reduced. Too much inventory! Who eats that cost??? I'm just a spectator who is wondering what the real answer is to the problem but can see that America doesn't have enough food paying jobs to support other good paying jobs though, Trump is doing the best that he can without an ounce of help from the Democrats!

  35. It's about time someone stood up against a big company. Everyone want to.come here and judge. Go work and see how companies push u into believing that they are fair to you. Only a pizza delivery person would think ohh boy $30 an hour.

  36. At the stroke of midnight….G.M. should have gotten themselves some employees that are greatfull to make $15.00 and more. I drive for a trucking company and we all hate delivering to any of the big 3 auto plants. They are pretty much just the rudest un-happy miserable people you ever did see at their job. I would much rather deliver to a Mazda or Honda than go to a UAW facility. I won't even buy an American car anymore, as I want my money's worth. My last america car was a 2014 Chrysler 200, had is for about 6 months before it started having problems like suspension, then a throttle body intake twice, then that A/C stopped working so I traded it in for a 2016 Honda and couldn't be happier

  37. These auto workers have got it made. They've been swimming in gravy for over 30 years with more benefits than most other harder working Americans. Greedy bastards, they ought to be ashamed of themselves. The first time they did this 30 plus years ago, the cost of your average base model car's sticker price more than doubled. There was a day when a new car with all the gadgets was 2 to 3 thousand out the door, in the late 70's it was. Enter the uaw, that same car became 10 thousand. Now, a base model throw away vehicle is 20 thousand plus, and a new truck?, forget it! 50 thousand for a pickup truck?? Any body spending that kind of money for a vehicle is contributing to the problem, the consumer should be boycotting the uaw and these greedy idiots by NOT buying their products thereby eliminating their jobs and cushy benefits packages, that's the only way you'll bring them back to reality!

  38. Hire a bunch of hard working foreigners that would be extremely happy to be able to represent a prestigious company like GM.

  39. GET BACK TO WORK!!!! You’re affecting many family’s and mechanics due to this!!! We have lives to live too and kids to feed!!!!

  40. These people works every day while the union representative work once every four years for them earning 200 thousand a year what a joke

  41. Lolz they get paid 250 a week not to work that's more then some people get working I'm sorry but this shithole socialist goverment tax payer bailout of a company needs to just cease to exist what happened to capitalism in this country I have already quit my fulltime job and now work 2 days a week making 24000 a year to avoid taxes to pay for shitty socialist companys like this have 0 debt didnt finance my small modest house manage to save 600 a month and buy 100 dollars In silver a month cant wait for this shit company to be gone the only reason they survive is because single mothers on food stamps and other freebies have money to buy their shitty products i urge all childless adults to become minimalists get part time jobs avoiding taxes and bleed these fuckers

  42. Fire them all ! It has trickled down to the point where cars are not getting parts that are made in China but stored in depots across the country. These assholes want same pay across the board, if you worked at a place for 42 years someone who just started out and has 10 years in is not entitled to same pay. Oh and I may add these asshats make 63 an hour when ford workers make 55 an hour.. Ford did not recieve a bailout.

  43. Move to Vietnam. You people sound like AOC. My grandfather went to work for GM in 1927. The government stole my GM stock and gave it to the unions. I lost over $25,000. Screw GM and the socialist Union!

  44. Freaking Union you're just ruining General Motors I can't wait until they go under and you greedy pigs you didnt pay any Healthcare now out of your check they pay it all making all that money you're still cry baby bunch of greedy butts I'm from an all Union family my old man did 35 years the gray iron Berore he passed away he said yeah they're going to go again the workers and GM are going to agree to something but the workers got GM over the coals you freaking cry babies get four your contracts there's other people around that have jobs that are union they get a year contracts and they bend over I can't wait till you all lose your jobs Why didnt General Motors stick it out and made y'all quit put it a bunch of new workers cuz people can be trained 0without you unreal
    They should have fired all of you and used the right to work law . SVSU OR DELTA could have put a fast track programs for people who want to work

  45. These people are an embarrassment to our nation. Yes. GM obviously could pay its employees double what they do and still be very well off. However, these guys had nearly 6 figure salaries. I would've fired all of them, because god knows there are thousands more people eager to work for such good money.

  46. Unions keep dragging businesses like GM to different countries and creating deficits and costs up high. What’s gonna end up. GM will cut expenses by closing plants and laying away more people. Just making things worse.

  47. Darren Hawthorne, sorry to burst your bubble about how GM is an equal opportunity employer and all but, I was a contract RN at GM and all they hire are minority's. Been there seen it in person! Also the ones they hire have NO usable skills in a manufacturing plant! And when GM was hiring I stood inline for four hours to get an application. Seeing that I was the third person in line I thought I was good to go. However, when I was seen I was told to my face
    " sorry can't give you an application all these jobs are for women and minority's "
    So, how is that for an equal opportunity employer? GM is a social engineering company that builds shit! If I was a minority I could have sued GM for millions! But, like the lawyers I spoke with regarding what had transpired told me
    " your white and male so their is no such thing as descrimination against you"

  48. IGOTAJOP America, Sorry for your ignorance ! You obviously have no fuckin clue what goes on in corporates America! Keep drinking that GM kool aid buddy. I Do NOT have to prove shit to a GM lackee like you. Besides what do I have to gain by making this shit up… Think about it🤔 GM is an affirmative action employer. They even say so. Therefore, ask them why this shit happens! I know been their seen it myself.

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