Why don’t we employ fair use more?

Why don’t we employ fair use more?

the real thing that is stopping people from using fair use is often not the people that you
interact with but your own question even about racing these
with people that you interact with so we realized that risk is very
large in people’s minds and before we go into the next part we would just like to point out that
risk needs to be considered in its entirety because there is a risk
to be assume always when you use your rights
that’s true of any kind of right that you have, that it could
always be challenged in principle so you always assume
some risk but the other risk is the risk to your mission to be able
to get your work done and you want to be able to consider both
how are you going to manage that risk assessment then, if you have to balance
that risk you have to start by understanding
what your rights are once you know what your rights are you
going to be able to make decisions about other issues for instance well you
could use your rights but do you want to use them in this case that would start with knowing what your
rights are that is where best practices codes come in because they allow you to understand how
people who are your peers in your field think about using your rights in the
situation that you are in

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