Why did this small business owner go from an Obama voter to a Trump voter?

Why did this small business owner go from an Obama voter to a Trump voter?

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  1. Because in order to keep his business he needs a Capitalist in the White House not a Socialist who will redistribute his profits.

    To anymore Dems who may respond. It's not about Obama. It's stating he is switching from Democrat to Republican due to Trump's policies helping his business and his fear the current Dems will harm his business. SHEESH!

  2. When a business or corporation is taxed the consumer pays it. Listening to the trans and immoral causes of the Democrats makes me cringe.

  3. When it comes to voting for Trump, many people practice pragmatism. Even if he isn't liked on a personal level, people realise he's the best man for the job of restoring the USA to solid footing. He has kept so many of his promises. He's a brilliant business man.

  4. This confirms it, rich people looking after their own pocket is voting for Trump.
    So much for "anti-establishment" Trump.

  5. When you are offered something free, remember it has to be paid by someone else, by rich or millionaires taxes and donations, and from day to day by hard workers and tax payers like myself which I did for 30 years.

    Nothing is free, someone has to pay for it.

  6. He's honest. Didn't start a business to help around, looking out for himself. That will probably not get him lot of likes on you tube, but he's right.

  7. Voting for someone because it personally benefits you is wrong. We should vote for the sole benefit of this Country. Make America Great Again. Not Make Me Great Again.

  8. Because 1. Either he didn't. Or 2. He cares more about money than people or their welfare. A moneychanger that Jesus threw out.

  9. I voted for traitor trump on 2016 and now I regret it. I can't believe how stupid I was. I am voting for Bernie on 2020.

  10. Bpresident Trump is a wonderful human being the American p expletive don,t k now how lucky they are to have such a man as him running his country wish we had him here I the United Kingdom he has opened the eyes of the world as to all the corruption that takes place with politicians round the world we pray for God.,s blessings on the president a great human being come onAmerica get behind him .

  11. It goes to show you can be a successful business owner and still be a moron. Wasn’t spoiled enough to know the crippling regulations the Obama administration put on everybody idiot

  12. President Trump has grown into the job quite nicely.  He is pragmatic, gets things done and cares about our country. Dems want to put us into a socialist world … and who knows what damage that will do.

  13. July 13, 2012 “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”
    – Barack Obama, Roanoke, Va.

  14. Hit him or love him…people should choose their president based on his performance..DO NOT BE LIKE THE DEMS OR LIBERALS…WHO HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO HELP THE ECONOMY…! Dems have no track records worth mentioning so far…!

  15. It is no coincidence that every run down high crime high unemployment broken beyond repair city's in America have been run by democrats for decades ..

  16. president trump with his magic wand created the greatest economy in usa history !!!!!!! islamovomit destroyed business etc etc in the usa !!!!!!!!


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  18. The Democrat are pushing to the extremely left, promising FREE everything, for american and illegals as well. Who will be paying for the free stuff??? Taxpayer. Venezuela is a clear example of the socialism, and we dont want the same for America.

  19. Why doesn't Fox fake News stream the real trial going on? What are you afraid of… that your viewers will hear all the truth???😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

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