Why Business Is A Game of Margins, Not Volume – How To Sell High-Ticket Products & Services Ep. 1

Why Business Is A Game of Margins, Not Volume – How To Sell High-Ticket Products & Services Ep. 1

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  1. Thank-you for this video and for bringing Dan Peña in to our lives. I can see Dan Peña in you and I am bringing the Dan Peña out in myself too. Thank-you

  2. Dan,
    Even Woolworth requires honorable mention since it was the epitome of the epic five and dime store, where everything costed
    5 cents or 10 cents. This is where the Dollar Store chain took it's business model. Sam Walton also revamped the Woolworth model as well. Great video BTW!! Thank you!

  3. Do you ever come to London …? I knew you have spent time with Pena in his castle…..in Scotland …what about us here UK.

  4. Well Dan is to the point and no messing….simple and straight forward like he sayings the other people that teach you all this crap is broke, digusted, and busted….themselves….teachers broke, professor's broke…the bloody list goes on what a con….? We have been fooled all this time…..wake up wake up….

  5. Awsome video! Dan you´re more likely to charge Value Aggregate Taxes – VAT – than Euro government… so much value added here!

  6. It's so simple and obvious, yet so easy to not realize and be aware of this principle… great insight Dan! I'm a student of yours in your 7-week course and am absolutely eye opened by the radical shifts I've been discovering through immersing myself in your work. Excited to continue to grow!

  7. I've understood that SIZE MATTERS and most competitors are not comfortable selling high ticket products. Competing on price in not a sustainable advantage in business. Got it Sifu.

  8. Years ago one of my dad's friends who owned a small Chinese takeout restaurant, he upped his price and detered bad customers off. His revenue stayed about the same, but his profit margin was up and there was less work. Some people thought he was crazy for wanted to get rid of some of his customers.

  9. Selling high end , when customer Walks in the doors they have the money , only questions they ask is what colors do you have ….

  10. Thank-you Sifu Dan for this wonderful video. I am re-watching my Daily 10 Videos by playlists so I can better understand each subject and I can take better notes.
    Thank-you Sifu Dan.
    Yes! Daily Video#6 Completed 5/11/18. Thank-you Sifu Dan.

  11. Ok so you have to be less desperate to shed the tirekickers to show your clients and have them respect what you offer to the market. Failure to do so keeps you stuck in a rut and stuggling to single handedly get yourself out of the quicksand. Don't sell more, sell bigger!

  12. Completing on price, is not sustainable advantage in business, More profits, less hassle, Business is a game of margins, not volume and size matters.

  13. Dan, How can I start coaching without any testimonials ou experience? I really have the mindset and the through thought process, but just can't get through that.

  14. Here's a question which makes coherent sense. What is something that you are willing to pay for that you've not already got?

  15. Thanks Dan for sharing… Same I am doing in business… but many people told me that I am wrong but after watching this video you proved me Right and appreciate it… now i will increase price again… Thanks a lot again Dan…

  16. I wish I knew this before I started my company. Feels like I am slaving away for nothing. Thanks for the knowledge!

  17. That voice over at the end "10x your life" etc. It was so cheesy! hahaha.

    I'm loving your channel though. One day when I'm rich and successful, I'll thank you in person. Count on it.

  18. You can make money either way… if you have the right ideas along with the right mentality you can be profitable… look at mcdonalds Walmart taco bell

  19. It is also better to have a bigger customer base because you can sell more products and services to the same customers. Thats why marketing people make money. They have a big list ofcustomers

  20. I love Dan's sales videos but in this video he's basically doing maths that a 12 year old can do. $100 x 10,000 = 1m or $10,000 x 100 = 1m. Isn't that a little obvious? How many businesses can actually sell a $10,000 product though. I'm running a social media agency. Even though all my results are transparent on my Instagram. People still hesitate to spend £500/month

  21. Keeping your business, "lean and mean and simple." I love this! I call it Simplicity Theory. Great Stuff!

  22. Your also at risk of losing a bigger percentage of your earnings if you lose or upset a single customer.

    Of course hes right. Just wanted to add the point. Lol. But of course thats why hes a millionaire business owner and im worth 7 dollars. Lol. He takes risks and runs businesses. I watch him talk about making millions and running businesses…. lol.

    Good video/talk man. I also enjoy Marcus on the profit.

  23. A bit vague with little to not actionable insight. All good to say increase the price, but if the customer is not willing to pay in that market space, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

  24. Some of the richest men to have lived made money on volume… For example : Sam Walton (Walmart), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), What do make of that…

  25. I have upped my prices and get better clients/ customers. The cheaper you are, you attract cheap people! Thanks Dan !

  26. I have already commented in one of your videos that i am one of your greatest fans. You indeed are KING in your chosen field but may i respectfully and very humbly say that Kings and Presidents donot use double meaning sexual jokes from public platform.
    With Regards.
    B. B. Sharma.

  27. Henry Ford proved that 3 quick nickels beats one slow dime. It still works. Plus you gain market share.

  28. Amazon is an example of a successful low margin business. They have bog economies of scale, and infrastructure built up, to service more customers cheaply.

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