Why BMO Business is focused on tech, women-led, and indigenous business | World Finance

Why BMO Business is focused on tech, women-led, and indigenous business | World Finance

Dev Srinivasan: BMO focuses in on a broad
group of clients; however there are three areas that we’re really focused in on, and
aligns really well with our purpose, which is to grow the good in business and in life. The first area would be technology and innovation. Toronto and Canada in general is really a
growing tech hub. Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal were three of
the fastest-growing technology hubs in the world in 2018. This is a hugely important segment, and it
is an area where we’re focused in on serving clients across the broad spectrum of their
needs. We’re able to deal with venture capital companies
that are really the life-blood of the tech space, as well as private equity and the companies
themselves as they go public and grow faster. Second would be women in business. Women-owned companies are growing faster than
the overall market, and female entrepreneurs represent 60 percent of new business started. It’s a hugely important population, and we
want to ensure that we’re supporting all groups. And if you look at our growth within the bank,
we’re actually growing women-owned businesses at about 30-40 percent faster than we are
male-owned businesses. So it’s a great opportunity for us to do well
in the community, and also do well for our business. And then finally indigenous banking – a hugely important population in the Canadian economy. BMO has served indigenous communities since
1992 with a dedicated team. This team really partners up with the communities
in terms of understanding their unique needs, and ensuring that we’re delivering the services,
the guidance, the expertise that is needed to help those communities thrive in a challenging
environment. Women in business, indigenous banking, and
technology and innovation; very disparate in a lot of ways, but the common thread that
ties them all together is the benefit that they bring to the Canadian population, to
the community. And also the huge opportunity it represents
from a business perspective. And that is one of the major reasons why BMO
is focused in on this space. Thanks for watching. Learn more at bmo.com/business. Click now to learn more about BMO’s mission
to ‘grow the good in business and in life,’ and please subscribe for the latest international
business insights from worldfinance.com

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