Why apply for an IASH Fellowship?

Why apply for an IASH Fellowship?

IASH is a place where academics of all different
levels can be free to pursue their interests in a vibrant community of scholars. IASH offers
space and time to think and research. It offers access to other researchers, both within IASH
and more widely within the University. IASH is about dialogue, opportunities, exploring
ideas, diversity, world class research, community, freedom, other minds to bounce ideas off.
The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities is a place where people can come
from other universities or from elsewhere within the University of Edinburgh to be fellows
and to study and carry on their own research work. But it operates not just for the fellows,
it also operates in partnership with other researchers in the College of Humanities and
Social Science, right across the eleven schools of that college. And we develop various programmes
of activities based on principles of interdisciplinarity, based on promoting internationalisation, and
focused on ensuring that the best possible work can be done within the walls of IASH.
We bump into people in the hallways and we exchange books and ideas and have lunch with
the fellows and it’s an extraordinarily pleasant and fruitful way of thinking. The IASH community
is above and beyond all my expectations, really. It’s an incredibly supportive atmosphere,
it’s a critical but also convivial encounter with those who are outside the purview of
your traditional discipline. Everyone’s really enthusiastic, it’s really diverse, there’s
lots of people from different disciplines, but also, for me, it feels like being part
of a big family where everybody is in a similar kind of position, and I think we’ll stay in
touch after our fellowships. A place where people can come to think, to research and
to share their insights with others in a fantastic setting. And I really couldn’t think of a
better environment than here to be extremely productive. This is really like an oasis for
reflection and very high-powered writing. It’s an absolute treasure of an institution,
and the people are really what makes it.

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