Who’s taking care of your career? Introducing IEAA Fellowship

Who’s taking care of your career? Introducing IEAA Fellowship

Careers in international education are
constantly evolving. Ensuring your skills are up-to-date, while staying on top of national challenges and global trends, can be difficult at the best of times. But unlike many other professions, our career pathways aren’t defined by clear
roadmaps or professional frameworks. We all come from a diverse range of
backgrounds with various skill sets and qualifications. IEAA’s new Fellowship program aims to meet the diverse needs of our members and provides a clear professional learning pathway. It recognises and rewards members for their education experience and engagement across the sector. Tiered membership credentials allow you to keep track of your development and demonstrate your commitment to your career. So how does it work? Set yourself a goal of becoming an IEAA Associate Fellow, Fellow or Senior Fellow. Track your education, experience
and engagement and watch your points grow. Submit your application to be assessed
and share your digital credentials with the world. Once you’ve earned your IEAA Fellowship, you can start using your new postnominals. We’ve also partnered with Credly’s Acclaim which gives you a trusted and verified platform to share your digital credentials whether it’s in your email signature, online resume or on social media. But your professional learning doesn’t stop there We’re also introducing a new suite of
online learning modules so you can upskill in your own time, at your own pace, wherever you are in the world. So whether you’re new to the sector and aspiring to great heights Or you’re a long standing professional with many years of experience Get the recognition you deserve with IEAA Fellowship Because if you’re not taking care of your career, then who is?

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