Who’s A Sex Worker (Karlos) | Lineup | Cut

Who’s A Sex Worker (Karlos) | Lineup | Cut

– I could see you doing
some dominatrix type shit. – Could you really? – Yeah, just like, come in,
like you don’t have sex with them but you’re (whipping noises). Sit your ass down. My name is Karlos Dillard
and I make custom pet apparel and what that means is I
design dog clothes, people. Oh. Oh lord, what have you got me into? Okie dokie. I mean, you look like
a construction worker. – You could be both. – But you could be both. I would say construction worker porn. Put on like a construction hat. Yeah, they have whole storylines. Do you not go to PornHub? You can just like click click. (laughing) And you can double up on
categories, you can be like white man, white man on
black, white man construction workers and they’ll give you all of them. So I think if you were a
sex worker, you would be in the porn industry. Do you live with your parents? – No. – Got your own place? – Mhm. – That’s very important. How would you eat this said banana? He doesn’t take instruction well. So if you did porn, I
could see you doing like, a web model where you’re
just trying to get some extra cash. You don’t follow instructions
well and you’re kinda shy so I don’t see you just
putting yourself out like that. I think Robbie’s just a
normal guy, I don’t think he’s a sex worker. Next, hi what’s your name? – What’s going on, Ray, man. – Ray?
– Yeah. – Ray, how would you eat this said banana? – Damn. – I don’t know, Ray’s
energy’s like overpowering me. I’m gonna go sex worker with him. I think just regular gay porn. (laughing) Hi, how are ya? – Fine. – Karlos. – Bee. – And where are you from, Bee? – I was in Alaska before I moved here. – Ooh, I’m sorry. Do you mind me asking your age? – 58. – Where were you for the other 38 years? – Texas, Wyoming, and then Alaska. – I don’t think she’s a sex worker now but from the locations, you coulda had some fun. But I don’t think you are now. Hi how are ya? Nice to meet you, you
look gorgeous, by the way. Is your college paid for or
do you pay for it currently, like as you go? – I pay for it. – You pay for it? Okay. Hmm. Just because she’s in college,
not saying that just because you’re pretty, I think you
might be a sex worker because you’re putting yourself
through college so you might be a stripper at the club
’cause I would throw you some dollars any day. I will say that she is a
college student who strips at night to pay for college. So you like animals, obviously. – Oh, well this is my cat. – Aw, that’s so cute. I don’t know, I don’t know. – What do you think my sexuality is? – I would’ve totally
expected you to do gay porn or like just in how you present yourself but it would be really
entertaining to see you Tomas and having sex with a woman. Porn star. You look like a porn star. – Oh thanks. – Hi, Karlos. – Hi, Arya. – Arya. (gasps) – Like Game of Thrones. – Like Miss Stark. Oh my god.
– Yeah. – I bet you get tired of that. You’re 22, do you live at home? – No. – You have your own place? – Yeah I live with my man. – Oh a man, ooh that’s hard. How long have you guys been together? – Mm, like 10 months. – Oh so kinda fresh. I’m not getting like sex vixen. So I don’t know. I don’t think Arya’s a sex
worker, I think she’s just a normal girl. – All right. – Hello. – Hello. – How are you? – Nice to meet you. – What’s your name? – Rayne. – Rayne?
– Mmhmm. – Okay sex worker. I’m just playing. (laughs) I’m just playing, I’m just. Do you spell it like rain or is it cute? – R-A-Y-N-E. – Oh that’s cute. – Isn’t that cute? – That is cute. So how long have you been married? – Three years. I’m also queer. If that like. – That, see, I can see you
doing some dominatrix type shit. – Could you really? – Yeah, like you don’t have sex with them but you’re (whipping noises). Sit ya ass down, like I
can see that happening. No! Don’t hit me. (laughs) – I’m not gonna hit you. – So if you were to be a dominatrix, what would be your tagline? Like, I’m Rayne. Let’s get wet. Or something I don’t know. (laughs) I don’t know. So I’m still gonna go with my
first guess with Miss Rayne, I think she might be a dominatrix. – All right, cool.
– Finish him! All right, who’s next? Do you live by yourself? – I live in an apartment with my friends. – Again, I would put
her like the other girl. I think she might be a sex
worker just trying to get through college. Webcam model for college. All right, last but not least. What’s your name? – Artistica. – Artistica? She’s very aggressive. She just came up on me with these eyes. How old are you? Do you mind me asking? – I’m 40. – Oh, wow. You could be my mom. You look really good. I don’t know. This is hard, why? I’m just going normal mom,
she just looks really good. Not a sex worker. That’s what I’m giving you. That was really, really
hard, like I’m sweating. I only got one right? Okay, you know what? It’s better than none. Yeah. – You almost got me. – And what kind of sex work do you do? – I’m the webcam one. – You’re the webcam one? Okay, wow. I know people pay money for shit but I’m an entrepreneur,
I might have to get into this game. (laughs) – I would, I mean. – I might see you online. (laughs) What kind do you do, surfer boy? – Hardcore porn. – See, but you were all like. – And that’s who I play a lot of the time. – Really? – Yeah, the innocent, sweet little boy. – Well, all right, well, I didn’t, I just, you play your role quite
well because I just thought you were like this humble
little like beach kid who lived with his mom in a basement. Well keep it up, Robbie. Hope you do good. I hope, I don’t watch straight
porn so I probably won’t see you but I might go just to look. And my dear what did you
do or what do you do? – I’m a call girl. – Right now? – Yeah. – And do you have like
normal clients or is it just? – All the clients are normal. – That’s pretty awesome. – Some of them are kinda a little kinky, I’ve tried things I’ve never tried before. – You kinda like build
like an escort business where you kinda like– – That’s felony promoting. – Well, not, is it? See, I see, you see why I
don’t know what I’m doing. Exactly, because I’ll end up in prison. That’s legit. Thank you so much.
– Nice to meet you. – Nice meeting you too. (sighs) Little girl from next door. What type do you do? – I do hardcore porn. – See? It’s always the little innocent ones. You said you had a boyfriend, right? So what happens when
you’ve been at work all day and he wants to come home
and have sex with you? – Oh, I fuck him. – See, I would be like, uh uh,
I just did my nine to five. – Like me doing my job, yeah,
it’s like physically draining, whatever, but it’s like,
I’m so in love with my man that like when I get
home, I’m like let’s fuck! Let’s go! – I’ve been married for eight years and it’s never like that. It’s like can you rub my back first? Can you suck my toes? Well thank you for coming
out today, I love you, you’re so awesome. All right, Miss Rayne. Do you feel like you help
society or do you feel like, yeah do you feel like you
help society or other people? – A lot of people who have
gone through like traumatic experiences like to use
dominatrix and sub work to kinda get over some of those issues
and kinda heal through it. – So do you ever actually
ever have sex with them or is it just like beating? – It’s just beating people. – You’re like an exotic therapist. – I could be that shit. – Right? – You know, well call me sometime. – Thank you so much, we gonna chill out. – Yeah we have to. – Was that all the sex workers? My mama always told me
watch out for the quiet ones because they the freaky ones. So that literally has become true today because everyone who was
like quiet and docile was like yeah, I do rough hard porn. Like you look like you’re 12. (cheering) Tagline, I’m a marketing person.

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  1. But let's be honest, the first guy on the left,the construction looking dude,looked like someone straight out of Supernatural

  2. No shit Robby looked familiar. I saw him do a porno with some British pornstar lol. I forgot her name though. Never thought I would see him here tho.. 😂

  3. Conspiracy theory,, my name is aria too and my birthday is 8.15 and this video is 8minutes and 15 seconds long 😂💀

  4. so this actually can't tell a person from his look or ways he talks, and i think i should be thanking some of them

  5. Still waiting for a vid with Rayne and Karlos interacting together, kinda want them to do a line-up together tho that would be awesome 😍😁

  6. Hey I’m quiet and one of my friends is constantly calling me an innocent cinnamon roll. Looks/first impressions CAN be deceiving, but in my case, they’re true

  7. 0:21 when you show your grades to your parents at school and they don't throw they're shoe at you cause you in front of other kids

  8. If the dude knew his epic fantasy he would've figured out that Arya is a pornstar; she's 22 in 2017, so born in 1994 or 95, but the book (A Game of Thrones) was published in 1996, and before that the name Arya literally didn't exist in America. Therefore it's a pseudonym.

  9. Love Robby ❤❤ I died when I saw him, and was like omg If it was me there I wouldn't talk to anyone but hin😍😍😘😘

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