Who Should You Trust in Business?

Who Should You Trust in Business?

Almost everyone I know that’s dated people
in the past before has at some point had a partner – boyfriend, girlfriend, that either
cheated on them, lied to them, and it hurt them. And the reason why that typically happens
is because when we first start dating, we’re newer, we’re excited, we’re naive, that’s
when we get cheated on. That’s when. Now this doesn’t mean people never are going to lie
to us again, but we create this mechanism to create filters. If there’s a video that I want you to watch
more than once, this is the video. Let me tell you why. In the world of business, if
you are not careful, and you go into this thing thinking it’s going to be all beautiful
and exciting, someone’s going to cheat on you, lie to you, take advantage of you, put
you out of business, take your money, do all that stuff. Because there’s a famous line,
and quote, I want you to think about this here. When a man with money meets a man with
experience, the man with the experience leaves with the money. The man with the money, leaves
with the experience. You do not want to be the man with the money that leaves with the
experience because you lost all the money. You want the experience and the money, so
no one can take advantage of you. And today I’m going to cover with you a couple
of different things. One, I’m going to cover with you four levels of trust, and two, I’m
going to cover with you seven different lies that people tell and by the way, we all tell
some sort of lies, but what type of lies it is. We’ll break it down so when you go into
business, you’ll be able to say, oh my gosh, I know exactly what’s going on here. And you’ll be able to categorize people right
now in your business life in different levels. So let me start on this side here first. So
trust, who do you trust in business? Who should you trust in business? Should you trust everybody?
There’s four levels of trust. #1: From the lowest level, to the highest
level, what is the lowest level? You’ve never done business with this person. They don’t
have a track record. You don’t know them. They’re a stranger. It’s an absolute zero
trust. #2, it’s a person that comes with a resume.
Maybe they’ve done well in the past before. Maybe somebody recommended them to you, and
they’ve got a nice resume. Track record. So your trust level for performance goes a little
bit higher because they’ve got a track record. #3, you trust this person. Now you don’t trust
them at the highest level, but you trust this person because you’ve done some business with
them in the past before and you know their level of performance. So maybe they’re not
somebody that you trust with everything, but you know they’re going to go out there and
they’re going to perform. Right? It could be a teammate that you know I can count on
this guy to come and train and they’re going to perform. I don’t know for how long, but
I do know they’re going to perform at this level. Then there’s the highest level. This I call
a running mate. A running mate. Mate. A running mate. Generally here, it’s only one person.
Let me tell you who this one person is. It’s a person who calls and says, “Hey Pat, we
got an opportunity here. I need you to wire $300,000, we’re going to put into this company.”
No problem. [Snap] Okay, call the banker. . . $300,000 in this account. Done deal. Nothing.
But there’s only one person like this. Not 15 different people like this. So if you got
a list of seven people here, that’s too many. Very small. Maybe two, three. Generally it’s
one. Possibly three. The longer you’re around, you’ve got a solid lawyer, where everybody’s
involved and it’s like a limited partnership, possibly, yes. But generally, there’s one
person that calls and they say, no problem. By the way, if you’re thinking right now,
you’re watching this video saying, “I don’t have somebody at that level right now.” That’s
totally okay. it took me a long time to find somebody at that level. You aren’t going to
find somebody here overnight. It’s like somebody who forces to find a wife and they get a divorce.
It’s like somebody who forces to find a husband and they get a divorce. You can’t force this
[running mate]. This kind of needs to happen, because you need to get some people that hurt
you a little bit. You need to go through some black eyes. You need to get some brawls and
people with experience. That needs to happen to you, because that’s the only way your skin’s
going to really get thicker. And by the way, the more successful people you meet, the higher
the success they reach, they trust less. They don’t trust more. Just so you know that. This
whole books you read, you know, motivation, oh my gosh, trust is what it’s all about.
Great. This is here [lower level] authors writing that stuff, who haven’t ran businesses
and they’re consultants. I’m talking people who run businesses who are actually in the
game that are getting killed, hammered, fights, brawls, behind closed doors. All of this stuff
that happens. Their trust goes here [down]. It’s fewer people they trust. You need to
get there are one point as well. So these are the four levels. So start exercising. When you watch this video,
you’re going to watch it again. Put people in these different categories. Matter of fact,
Mario, why don’t we make a PDF on this so people can go download it. I just thought
of it right now. We’re going to make a PDF and you’re going to be able to put people
in these different categories. You’ll download it. I’ll give it to you at the end. Remind
me to say about the PDF at the end. So that’s the trust part here. Okay? Now let me give you this other part here that
we got, okay? This other part. Seven types of lies. We all tell lies. Including you.
Including me. We all tell lies. But what type of lies do we tell? Seven types of lies. #1: White lies. What’s a white lie? Babe,
how do I look tonight? She looks like she’s gained 20 pounds. “Babe, you look amazing.”
You’re lying. You’re lying. That’s a white lie. Hey Dad, how was my baseball swing? Buddy,
you’re going to be the next big major league baseball player! And that swing, was like
this. That ain’t a major league baseball – you’re a liar. I’m a liar. It’s a white lie. We say
that at times to make the other people that we care about feel good about themselves. #2 Plagiarism. Plagiarism, I’ve worked with
people who never ever ever ever wanted to give credit for ideas. I worked with a lady
in the past before who always took credit for all the ideas. Plagiarism is somebody
who got the idea from somewhere else but never wants to tell anybody else about it. You’ll
hear some people on social media and on YouTube [chuckles]. I mean, I get annoyed when they
say things. It’s almost comical when they say, “I don’t read any books. All this stuff
is natural. It just came to me.” Like do you really think we are born knowing ABCs like
A B C I’m born – [recites alphabet real fast]. You think we’re born knowing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7? Somebody passed that information to you. But there are some people that don’t
want to give credit because. it’s me. Because it’s about them. I have a problem with that.
When you give credit, I got this from this book. I got this from this person says this.
Plagiarism, right. #3: Exaggeration. What is exaggeration? Exaggeration,
salespeople do it. Sales people do it all the time. You know, hey, we’re going to go
out there and do this. You’re exaggerating. Right? Oh, we’re going to, projections, we’re
going to go 79%. You’re exaggerating. Now why is that? There’s a part of it that’s because
sales people are very optimistic that they’re going to kill it and I’ve been in sales all
my life and you always think you’re going to make more money this year than you do.
And typically it ends up taking a lot longer to build a business so, exaggeration is another
form of lie, by the way. #4: is compulsive liars. Man, you’ve got to
be careful with compulsive liars. Once I figure out someone’s a compulsive liar, let me tell
you, almost everything they say, I can’t debate it because it’s just pure lies coming through.
You’ve got to categorize compulsive liars. And be very, very careful with compulsive
liars. It’s not hard to catch them by the way. Because they’re so good at always lying,
they think they’re so good, they eventually get caught. Once they get caught, their credit
score goes from here [high] to here [low]. What are you going to do from there? Okay?
And if they don’t show any effort on wanting to improve that, that’s just kind of how they
are. And by the way, you’re not judging, you’re not doing anything, you just need to know
that’s exactly who this person is on what they’re doing. #5, blatant. You know what a blatant liar
is? Blatant liar is somebody that looks at you in your face, they know that you know
they’re lying and they still lie to your face. That’s a blatant liar. Okay? They know that
you know that they’re lying, and you know they’re lying, and they still say it to your
face. #6: Not keeping your word. Hey, I’m going
to go. . . they don’t do it. Yeah, I’m going to come through and hit it by the deadline,
and they don’t do it. Yeah, I’m going to. . . they don’t do it. You know, I just came back from Miami. I love
this guy. I just went there for a funeral. Very emotional funeral. I left Salt Lake City,
I went over there, and we were there, we were talking, with a few of our friends. And a
couple of the names came up. Conversations came up. And I said, look, I had a lot of
friends in my life that I knew I can’t count on them to come through for nothing. I just
can’t count on them to come through for nothing. But I can still be friends with them, but
I just know they’re not going to come through for anything. Because they never keep their
word. That’s a lie. And last but not least, is the deceiver. Do
you know what the deceiver is? A deceiver is a person that takes, let’s just say all
the information that we have here and there’s 80 pieces of information, but they only tell
you two or three that benefits them, and they try to deceive you. Whatever that benefits
them only. By the way, I do business with deceivers.
But I know they’re deceivers. And I also know what role they’re going to play. But they’re
deceivers. I know exactly where they’re at. And I still figure out a way to make money
with them, as long as I know they’re deceivers. And you need to know that as well. So the point isn’t, here, let me explain to
you what this video isn’t all about. This video isn’t about you going out there and
saying, people are bad people, man! They suck. Everybody’s out there to get me! No, no, no,
no. No, no, no. When you get into a boxing match, you can’t say the opponent is a bad
person and all he wants to do is knock my ass off. No, no. You get better at defense
is what you’ve got to do. You can’t go out there and change all the people. You can’t
go out there and say, oh my gosh, this guy knocked me out! In front of my wife and my
kids! He wanted to knock me out! It’s his job to do that. Your job is to boom, boom,
boom. Work on your core. Get yourself going. Get your arms up. Be on your toes. Energize.
Work out. Condition yourself so you can last longer. You can go to the 12 rounds. You’re
not just a six-round guy. And all of a sudden, boom! You catch him. Because you see what
he was trying to do. He was trying to deceive you. One of the guys that fights, oh my gosh,
I feel like I’m getting knocked out. He’s deceiving you, and you come in and boom! He
hits you. That’s the deceiver. You just need to know all these people. And I’m telling
you right now. This is not a motivational video. Those are the ones that go viral. This
one is a video that purely is going to make you and save you millions, millions of dollars
of money of legal fees, of all these other things that you’re going to face, but more
importantly, let me see that pillow. You know what it’s going to do? I’m not asking you to subscribe right now.
[Puts head on pillow] You know what this is? You know what this is? Oh man. It’s a soft
pillow. You know what’s a great thing about a soft pillow? You sleep better at night.
You know what causes you not to sleep good at night? When you don’t know how to handle
people like this. And when you don’t know how to do this [4 levels of trust]. And you
face somebody, boom, they get you. And you get caught. So for me, I have to decide, the people I’m
doing business with, they will generally tell you, I’m not here [running mate]. I’m here
[trust]. No problem. I’m here [track record]. It’s okay. I do a lot of this [blatant]. I
know. I do this [plagiarism]. Cool. We know. I’m this [white lies]. I can deal with your
white lies. I tell white lies. Every day. To my kids. That’s how you start believing
you can do something bigger. But I know your roles. And great. And we work on that. And
we go from there. And you, will be able to do the same thing as well. And one day, not
today, some of you guys are going to comment on the bottom, and you know what you’re going
to comment on the bottom, you’re going to talk about your experiences. I had somebody
in my business that was this. I had somebody that was in my business that was that. I had
somebody in my business that was here. But what I don’t want to see you do is the following. If you blame that’s the reason why you didn’t
make it in business, what you’re saying to the world is I don’t control my destiny. Somebody
else does. And you are not right. You’re wrong. You control it. You control it. It’s in your
hands. It’s all about pivoting. It’s all about adjustments. It’s all about audibles. It’s
all about small little moves that you need to be making. And all of a sudden, you become
somebody in a boardroom [snap], where you sit in a boardroom, and it’s like a playbook.
Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. Boom, boom, boom, boom. [Nods] I know everybody in this
room. You guy’s ready? Let’s negotiate. Boom, boom,
boom, boom, boom. [Snap] Cool? Awesome. Thanks, guys. Let’s go rock and roll. And you know
you’re protected. So anyways. I hope you’re not somebody that’s
getting scared off this video saying oh my gosh, I don’t want to go into the world of
business, because the world of business is a pretty strong world of business. You’re
going to get into a lot of brawls and fights. And this is why entrepreneurship may not be
for everybody, but if you’ve got the courage to get into it and you face some of this stuff,
and you get very good at it, you end up becoming a hero to a lot of people who say, oh my gosh,
I cannot believe how amazing he is, or she is in business because you know how to handle
some of these situations that some people don’t. So who should you trust in business? Now you
have a formula for them. Mario, we promised we’re going to give a PDF, so if you go to,
are we going to put the link on the bottom, they’ll find it. If you don’t find it, go
to PatrickBetDavid.com let’s do this – we haven’t done this for a while. Does it still
work [ding]. It still works. [ding]. This is like ridiculous. Can we like upgrade the
sound a little bit? Let’s try it? I like this new sound here. Go to PatrickBetDavid.com,
they should type in what? Who to trust in business. It will come up. If you haven’t
subscribed to this channel yet, for entrepreneurs, we want to get to a million subs by the end
of the year. Click on the subscribe button right here and join the notification squad
by clicking the alert. You’ll be one of the first to get the videos every single time
it comes out. This is why you get the notification squad comments on the bottom. And for all
of you that are Valuetainers, you’ve got questions, thoughts, anything, stories you got about
this video here, comment on the bottom. Take care everybody. Bye bye.

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