Whitebox: adidas Consortium x End x Bodega

Hi, I’m Martin, welcome to the new episode of the Whitebox series Today we will take a look at another Sneaker Exchange collaboration between END and Bodega stores As I’ve already mentioned, we are talking about the Sneaker Exchange project which always involves two stores in the world and adidas Together they all make a collaboration Two silhouttes are always made This time it is the Haven and Iniki silhouttes The Haven is actually predecessor of the Iniki Runner The Iniki has the Boost midsole added which is used quite frequently in adidas designs lately Bodega is from Boston and END is from Newcastle, England Both pair of shoes are made of leather, or more precisely the Iniki is made of leather and the Haven of denim or the denim pieces, to be correct It’s a Japanese technique of repairing jeans Basically they use patchwork, different pieces of denim layered all over themselves and quilted Completed by the brown color on the Haven where you can also find denim in the form of the three stripes So both shoes are different, but still connected by common details Some people may consider these shoes basic or uninteresting but I think the details is what really make them interesting Not everyone will appreciate them They are retro running silhouettes Especially the Haven is the classic running silhouette from the 80s which we could compare to New Balance due to the composite midsole But I think the details are great as well as the whole collaboration We don’t see such handling of denim too often Also since the stripes are separated Made of two different colors The denim is black and different shades of blue with white accents The Haven is beige The insoles inside are the same for both models with “Adidas Consortium” written on them One insole has “adidas/END” written on it and the other one “adidas/Bodega” Both stores have their respective brandings on the tongue tag in the front What I think is a nice touch is the Trefoil logo in the back, which is sewn, and not printed Actually, it’s not a classic Trefoil, but just the outline That’s also a nice detail I think such a shoe just doesn’t release very often As I said, not everyone will like them But I think that if you want something not just anyone has in their wardrobe and is interesting too and is easily matched due to its sand-ish color The leather in the back is divided and sewn which is another detail In the vein of WIngs + Horns It’s just a decoration but it won’t obstruct you It depends also on how the shoes will fit an individual person The Iniki Rinner will be more comfortable due to the Boost midsole The classic one you can find on the NMD It’s the same principle If you need to feel comfortable, choose the Iniki Runner If you like the classic retro silhouettes, then go for the Haven which is also very comfortable It has the Ortholite insole as well So who likes the more simple silhouettes, then he wil select the Haven The box is the same for all Sneaker Exchange releases All black, as shown in our Pure Boost and ClimaCool videos recently All black, the adidas logo, “Sneaker Exchange” written on it I think it’s a good addition to your sneaker box collection For me it’s great and they are releasing this Saturday So follow our social media I think Adam talked about them also in What’s Up So check it out too for more information I guess that’s about it, see you all next week

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