Whitebox: adidas Consortium Sneakerboy x Wish Pureboost & Climacool

Whitebox: adidas Consortium Sneakerboy x Wish Pureboost & Climacool

Hey pople. I am Martin. Welcome to next Whitebox. Today we gonna have a look at 2 sneakers from collaboration adidas x Sneakerexchange. As I already said we have here other Sneaker Exchange collaboration under adidas The concept is about that every time 2 stores under adidas Consortium what are the best shops which got all the collaborations under adidas or those more expensive and limited pieces. So they get together to make 2 silhouettes. They do remake and release them under their store and under adidas and consortium stores. This time we got Sneakerboy what is the biggest retailer from Australia. And the store Wish from Atlanta, US. They worked together on 2 silhouettes. First one is adidas Pure Boost. It is remastered version which was released in the end of the last year. It is a bit remake from the original ones. It has similar sole as Ultra Boost. Also the shoe lacing is a bit different. Flap as the same as for example on Yeezy. In the back the heel is supported by the two tabs. The second shoe is adidas Climacool which stays the same as always. It was released last year. Originally, it was released around year 2000. Last year adidas pull it back from archive. They decided to release it again. It is climacool technology, sole is from adiprime. That is one of the technologies used on running a track shoes. Climacool technology ventilates your foot. It is great for the foot. These are the Climacool I told about. This collaboration is inspired by the most poisonous medusa which exist. It glow in the dark means it it the classic glowing material which will glow. On Climacool it is mostly the plastic details which are on classic Climacool. Here they are made from the glow in the dark material. Toe cap, shoe laces cage and the bottom under the heel. As I told Climacool is all about ventilation. Here is the mesh which ventilates. Textile is really thin. The sole is also performed. The whole cage. The same with Pure Boost. Adidas logo is made from mesh which is really thin a transparent. Details which are usually from plastic are now made from leather. Nice detail and it is really soft. You can touch it for example when you come to our store. What happened first time in the history is that boost padding from the outside is also made from the glow in the dark material. It is totally transparent. I have not seen it before, I can be wrong but I think it is first time. For me really nice, looks good. Depends on how much it will get dirty. We will see. Good choice of silhouettes. Climacool are a bit under priced. We will see how the sales will go. Details are nice, that branding. Logo adidas Consortium inside on the pad. That one also on the box. Boxes are black with adidas branding. Adidas logo, sneaker exchange and then adidas consortium logo what are two holding hands. The sign of the collaboration. Really nice detail. Boxes are great. Black one will be always great. For me good collaboration. They will be released this Saturday. In both stores, maybe online. In general, all-white sneaker. Great for summer. You can not go wrong with it. White fits to everything. I really recommend Climacool. No one value them but it is retro sneaker, really comfortable. I think maybe more comfortable then the second one. But not that much as boost. This one is fore sure more breathable. What I like are the glow in the dark stripes on Climacool. Depends if it really gonna work. How I already said. Release this Saturday. There is a rule that a week before release in other stores, it is released in stores which made it. Means that 13. it was released in Wish and Sneakerboy. Finally we will got the on Saturday. As you can see we have them in stock. Release will be on time. I recommend to have a look on them. If anyone have money I will go for both. See you next week. It will be with Johanna. Bye.

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  1. Super video. Je vidět jak se martin zlepšuje 🙂 Akorát takový typ: zkus míň říkat takže a vlastně 🙂

  2. Máš strašne dobré opisovanie tej topánky. Kecáš plynulo, ale nie odveci. Všetko, co si hodnotil bolo k veci a co najpresnejšie. Diky moc

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