White House threatens 100 percent tariffs on French goods

White House threatens 100 percent tariffs on French goods

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  1. $130billion spent on NATO and it's 400% compared to other's.

    Grill the French potatoes and mash potatoes and pealed fries.

  2. Don’t care… tariff the heck out of them.. we make plenty of cheese right here in America.. French soap? Just don’t care

  3. Do not worry people, we have good wine good cheese, and best at all Vitton is here! Too expensive for my pocket though!!

  4. Trump is simply reteaching the globalist, that we don't need any of your stuff. But they do(well want for free) our protections,& tech. 100% defund nato.

  5. How can a man who was elected president due in great part to the big tech companies like Facebook not fact checking political ads? What a dope.

  6. Sincere apologies to the world community….Please be aware that most Americans are truly ashamed of our disgusting president

  7. Good for President Trump for standing up for American companies.. We should all support our fellow Americans by buying American products.. The reality is we really don't need French wine, cheese or soap and France will make a mistake getting into a consumption war with the U.S. It's only fair that if France taxes American companies that the U.S. taxes French products..

  8. This won't be an issue for people who get their cheese out of a spray can and their wine out of a cardboard carton with a straw.

  9. let him put terrace on our product who cares I.never purchase anything from French . I'm Italian are yuo kitty we have the best of the world live in USA I by online American Italian. no Chinese never French.

  10. Obviously the impeachment fiasco, was all about dems air time on the networks, because their agenda is not popular even with media.

  11. Help the french!!! Send the women disposable razors for those stank hairy arm pits. Its rubbing off in these crazy feminist over her.

  12. President Trump’s. tax them all 100% tariffs. US being used and abused by all those foreigns Country’s. From the North America to South America. From Europe to Asia. especially the dirty scumbag liar CCP.

  13. cheese,handbags wine,champagne, we got il all the best is Italian and we have great American product.france we don't. need yuo! how many French restaurant in America ? hard to find? American don't care for French food Wisconsin best mozzarella cheese in the word.we have all.

  14. France has never seen a tax increase they didn't like. Glad I don't live there. The glory days of France has come and passed.

  15. Oh NO. No more goose liver pate`. No escargot. No more over-rated French cheese and wine. My GOSH, whatever will we do?!

  16. Why is Trump defending companies that hate him and actively work against him? Oh, right…because he's an American President and looks to defend all Americans.

  17. Trump is wrong on this, moneys earned in france should be taxed by the profits they made in france, same as all countries, you cannot let the get away with this.

  18. That was a giant leap to the conclusion that he was secretly telling the companies he will tax them. He was saying even though they are against him, he wasn't going to let foreign countries tax US businesses because they are already taxed in the US. This is coming from a "Business Channel"??? His comment was he will use a tariff to counter a French tax. Yes, a tariff is a tax! It's called reciprocity. You all are acting pretty ignorant.

  19. Now we have a President who wouldn't bend over to anyone in the world. America first! And we like him and vote for him because of that!

  20. Who cares with France things. Maybe they should start paying back the money from the World war 2 that made them free today.

  21. We have better wine than the french, we make the best hemp soap in the world, we have more cows than most people and make the best milk and finest cheese, and we have the best handbag makers on the planet….who gives a fawk about the french!!! they got us into two world wars!!!! fawk them!!!! what did they do for us after we save their azzes and liberated them? they should still be owing us!!!! In fact, they have a massive ww1 and 2 debt to us for rebuilding europe with our wealth!!!!

  22. We don't need any of the stuff that they just mentioned anyways, especially since we have all that stuff here anyways. The reason why the French need to start with all these taxes is because their people are starving under macron, hence the yellow vest movement. I guess socialism really doesn't work does it?

  23. Trump is right we can make all that s*** right here in the US why let them make the money when we can make the money come on who says he's not for America

  24. This is one time I strongly disagree with Trump, all countries have the right to tax companies that do business even when its digital, the US does the same thing

  25. And hopefully France impose a 200% tariff on American goods it not like they need anything from us that the can't get from somewhere else

  26. Or hes saying that no country will tax American companies except America's president at the time
    Not just for his own sake are yous saying something else without saying it.

  27. So the snotty little royal puts a 3% tarriff tax (not digital tax, what the hell is that?) and is pissed about the 100% response by POTUS? If people knew the real history of France in both world wars and the hell of Viet Nam they dragged us into, I believe Americans would be pissed! sm

  28. Nice how people can joke about something most can't even afford. Funny how there seems to be two worlds. One worries about how to get food on the table or maybe it's cheaper to eat at Mc Donalds, you get fat though and can't afford your medical bills. You all make me sick.

  29. ? Let's see if I'm affected? ,my soap CARESS, my wine RIUNITE, my cheese KROGER Sharp Cheddar, my purse WAL-MART, ROSS, Good will. ? Don't need France?

  30. As bad as Tech companies have treated Americans, I have to agree with the President on this one. the French are over reaching. Can we start taxing French companies? It appears we can, they are called Tariffs.

  31. Who cares about Frances bags make up when we got all of that here it's time these country's stop stealing our money and they have no right taxing american businesses.

  32. Check Out Q'anon's latest Post.
    *Wake Up Call that has finally put a spotlight on; "The Greatest SCAM in the history of the PLANET!"

  33. we have our own wine, cheese, makeup, soap etc. tariff their butts off. the eu can go jump in the nearest water hole. they really need a bath.

  34. THE BOTTOM LINE: The POTUS, NOT The Democratic Leaning Socialist (D-S) Party Members, Is Always Looking Out For The USA Best Interest.–These Foreign Countries Feel With The Division Taking Place Between Both Major Political Parties, It's Now An Outstanding Time To Strike While The Iron Is Hot.–What These Other Nations Have Failed To Understand, Like The Current D-S Party, The POTUS Just Keeps On Working…

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