White House releases statement after House approves impeachment resolution

White House releases statement after House approves impeachment resolution

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  1. Let's get this civil war going…Republicans need to start getting the people pumped up to take the Democrats out of all governments

  2. Trump will be impeached, and I'm pleased with that. However, that is not enough, he deserves to be held criminally accountable and sent to Federal prison. Period.

  3. The Democrats want division more than anything. They don’t care about America or the people. They are obsessed with power.

  4. the OBAMA APPOINTED CONSTITUTION is completely FAKE! has anybody ever even seen this constitution? nobodys heard of such a thing! the biggest impeachment, the best impeachment. the most beautiful impeachment you've ever seen! you know folks only 3 other presidents ever got impeached and this is the greatest impeachment in history! obama couldnt get impeached!

  5. DemocRats do nothing apart from impeachment to the president.
    They are just using tax payers money on nonsense allegations, and disturbing the President works.
    At the end President will win because he did nothing wrong.
    May God bless the President ??

  6. There is already enough evidence for impeachment, and now Republicans are going to start distancing them self from Trump. Nixon repeat about to happen, once facts are out to the public I see Trump resigning.

  7. Don't let these mobsters subvert America. No place in a Democracy for propaganda, the Fox 'opinion' ' propaganda anomaly must be dealt with, Democracy can not survive the zombie serum.

  8. Why Lou Dobbs acting like President and with a image of Donald J Trump?
    Why Lou Dobbs said I will use his image and People will only see Donald J Trump?

    What's the role of Fox news corporation?

  9. Time to counter charge these Democrats come on Republicans…..Impeach the democrats impeach the democrats impeach the democrats impeach the democrats impeach the democrats impeach the democrats impeach the democrats impeach the democrats impeach the democrats…. All means nectary.

  10. OCTOBER 31ST 2019 THE DAY

  11. I love how the Republicans say the Democrats are wasting time while we could use the time to fix the countries issues (insert his list with nations issues he read here) but the president, a Republican, isn't doing any of those "pressing issues" they are saying aren't being done because time is being wasted?!?? Lol what. The Democrats aren't wasting time. There is no time TO WASTE if nothing is being done in the first place LOLOLOL.

  12. Vote the Dems out. Can not wait to vote Republican on the House and Senate. I hold no allegiance for Democrats or Republicans. I just dont want Stupid People running this Country.

  13. "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague." -Cicero describing Donald tRump.

  14. Huge mistake for Repubs to engage or take it seriously at all until there is an actual vote and actual impeach process, per past precedence.

  15. So done with dems delusional deception. Kavanaugh, Mueller are failed attempts and proved the lunacy of the Democratic party

  16. If wrong doing has not happened , then why is he objecting the investigation ? Is that obstruction of justice or not? He is under oath to protect & to use the constitution , but not to abuse it .

  17. Why GOP members are barking ? They should support the investigation regardless of their political siding , that is if they are in course of the truth .

  18. Well Demlaws is going to bite Demliars in the Dembutts if and when they take they win an election, and Demidiots are going to hate it because it’s what they wanted. Effectively you can now impeach a sitting president because he likes to fold toilet paper rather than scrunch it.
    It’s going to be a circus from now on. Welcome to African politics. Sigh ?

  19. I don’t understand this whole thing.

    The call was perfect?
    No wrong doing ?

    Then why not just show the world that this was a clean call ?

    Why all the stone walls?
    Why hide evidence?
    This could be all done in less than a week if this administration shows how innocent they are.

    This is the Nixon administration all over again.
    Same tactics. Same words.
    Same insults to the media.

    Trump has examined the Nixon hearingsto the tee..

    It’s an embarrassment to the Republican Party

    One man has made the whole administration look like cons and conspirators.
    Imagine 4 more years of this ??

    I don’t see how any American democrat or republican can allow and condone this kind of blatant disregard to the constitution and the laws of the United States ??.

    I’m not a trump hater I vote for who I believe will do the right thing for our country. And yes some make mistakes. But this is not mistakes. This is blatant fraud.

    And for the American who say America first and wanna protect the constitution and laws?

    This is not what’s happening here.
    I don’t see how a real patriot would allow this .

    This is Americans against Americans.
    This is. It America first. We are in trouble.

    Imagine what your Republican Congress person are willing to do if they easily protect the presidents crimes and shredding of our constitution? He would def not have a problem shitting on the poeple who voted for him.

    Jeeez poeple. Wake up.

  20. I truly hope the democrats fully understand the legal precedent they've now enabled.
    That ANY president from this point forward can be thrown out of office without due process.
    Hope this makes them, and all of the haters of this republic happy.

  21. I have a question to ask whom was actually doing the vote Counting like these people are liars and crooks and have committed high crimes what if the total score is the othwr way around meaning the house really lost the votes for this criminal procedings behind closeddoors. Judicial watch really need to check into that when we can’t trust the ones I’m trying to impeach for no reason at all except for their own gain they will never except that God was the one who put Trump in place to clean the swamp to bring about the kind of change that God wants in America so thatOther nations can they changed from within and God’s word can go for we are living in the last days people and quite frankly anything that is on any news media even like fox may not be reporting it correctly and truthfully

  22. donnie "Bedbugs" trump never ceases to amaze with his embarrassingly double-digit IQ. The Constitution will still be around long after donnie dum-dum and his Republican clowns are gone.

  23. All the dems that voted for impeachment need to be voted out in 2020 dems made a mockery out of the peoples house

  24. The attacks on our president are not only strengthinghis people but turning moderates away from voting democrate in 2020.

  25. A month ago Trump was saying that impeachment would guarantee his re-election, what is he crying about? Gee don't tell me that he was full of crap. I guess we can throw that one on top of the pile of lies he's already told too.

  26. any time a one sided vote is made by any one sided voting it is in danger of throwing them selves into a one sided unfair to the president and the American people that do the real voting in this country. I hope Pelosi realities the one big mistake she has made here in the destruction of the democratic party.There are a few fair minded Democratic people left in the country and as soon as they get out from under the Pelosi ,Shiffty

  27. Every day the Dems expose themselves more and more as power-hungry, lying monsters who don't care about the American people… only themselves and their lust for power so they can steal everyone's hard-earned money through higher taxes and gun control.

  28. All of these "rights" are at the arbitrary will and pleasure of Pelosi & Schiff. That means these are not actual rights. It makes the entire proceeding a de facto bill of attainder, which is 100% unconstitutional.

  29. Pretty simple to see that the Democrats have lost 2020. Personally I will never vote for a Democrat again, If nothing else, for principle.

  30. Everybody in the Comments section is counting on Rule of Law…Who is going to represent Rule of Law in a Lawless society? We keep thinking there are RULES…. The left is running right around the Rules fence…. What will actually return the Country to order ?

  31. I heard a lot of complaining about process. Not a single defense about 4 direct employees corroborating testimony. Nor a decorated war veteran who was in the phone call. How his lawyer who they have facts about not hearsay, Never addressed Any of the talking points just the process. And now I brace for the standard republic response, Name calling, rant, deflection, ya know general verbal abuse, But the topic will never be directly challenged.

  32. hahaha you wanted a vote. You got it! Now maybe we can get someone in the White House who will actually do something. Maybe we will finally get all those promises Trump failed to deliver on.

  33. Look at the real patriot. That ONE independent who refuses to have his thoughts and opinions controlled by some ridiculous party affiliation!

  34. So, the Republicans are saying it's OK to withhold aide to a foreign country in exchange for a "favor" to a policitican to dig up dirt on a rival? What if it were Hilary Clinton doing what Trump did? The Republicans aren't doing their job of checking and balancing this inept, dangerous president. Vote them out!

  35. they have all of the procedures they asked for now ……. if trump simply testified and told the American people the truth under oath …… we would all be happy …. well all but POTUS;)

  36. Funny the things he listed are in fact issues republicans won’t take action on but he says the dems are not focused. Hypocrisy.

  37. Term limits now. Lets get the traitorous democrats out of office wherever they may be. Local, state and federal level. Trump 2020!!

  38. Yet again, Trump is playing chess while the dems play checkers. He’s been prepared for months. This is gonna be good.

  39. There has been Afforded due process for the president he quickly says at the end of this video, but adds, just how much. Couldn’t end on apositive note but only on the negative. spin again.

  40. What a spectacle for the entire world to watch in disbelief , once proud , sophisticated and civilized US political system has degraded into shameless deceptions , backstabbing , blackmailing , leaking , name calling , stubborn refusal to talk and compromise and just overall theatrical drama on such a low level of morality that if not known its the US once could mistake all this for some third world banana republic type squabbles and cat fights , whats more the dems totally degrade the and demean the American political process in the eyes of the world by totally disregarding and rejecting the election process just because they disagree with the outcome laying bare their dirty laundry to the entire world to be entertained or shocked by to the detriment of themselves , democracy and country which is unprecedented and unheard of in US history in this manner , one could be excused for mistaking this for some third world countries politics and way of behavior in US politics these days where extreme hypocrisy , deception , backstabbing and two facedness is displayed without any care or concern about what negative effects it surely will have on Americas prestige , respect in the world , trust of allies or even more adversaries and overall standing of America in the world . If all this is so very obvious to someone born in a chaotic and totalitarian country but not to the American political elites then Im afraid , very afraid for the future of this once great nation in the world which is seemingly slowly decaying into a toxic mess of confusion , intolerance , extreme pride and without any shame or respect toward each other or the office of president and the process required to hold it , God have mercy on us all

  41. That's pretty good! To be able to handle all this stress from the left trying to Sabotage trump and still make a effort to try and protect the boarders handle trade deals and bring jobs in for this country. Since hes been in office 3 years now he's been ridiculed and still trying to put this country first. Pretty cool!

  42. Maybe, just maybe the rule of law is working. Two branches of power are occupied by thugs but congress may still bring trumpo to justice. Americans gave Democrats control of congress.

  43. Let’s get the FBI involved again to find out why Joe Biden used his influence to get Hunter Biden millions of dollars complements of a Ukrainian company. And then how Joe Biden threaten to cut off money to the Ukraine if they did not stop the government probe into it.

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