Whitaker: Trump impeachment prosecutors ‘great advocates’ for Constitution

Whitaker: Trump impeachment prosecutors ‘great advocates’ for Constitution

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  1. Who cares what that bald headed dummy says? Or the lawyers? It is good they have read the constitution though because trump didn't.

  2. In other news, Gerber has promised to donate 1,000,000 lbs. in baby food and pacifiers to the liberals, upon hearing of Trump's acquittal.

  3. To MOST of the American people It has become clear that one party has been corrupted and is being supported by specifically select media that is equally corrupted. The republicans have lost it, totally lost all credibility of seeking truth for them it's all about cover-ups, obstruction and obfuscation (It's Just Disgraceful). The Republican corruption and misuse of power is on full display for everyone to see, both on State and Federal levels, they all need to be removed from office. Regarding the Impeachment, it’s this simple: The innocent will provide whatever evidence, whatever documents, whatever witnesses and whatever testimony they have available to prove their innocence. These so called Republican representatives are not for the people but for themselves they know very well that the guilty will always blame someone else, obstruct investigation stand in the way of truth being known and will always say the evidence against them is a lie " THE GUILTY ALWAYS SAY THIS"

  4. I was a sceptic of trump in 2016 but the swamp impeaching him over nothing gets him my vote 2020 and beyond if he's allowed a third term due to this impeachment.

  5. Tiny hands needs to line them all up Lou Dobbs and the rest and make them all put on some knee pads and do what they do best

  6. Trump's own GAO released their official report last week confirming Trump broke Federal laws by withholding the aide to Ukraine.

  7. Trump is done, he's finished. The whole Republican party is indefensible, nothing but filthy billionaire elites, fronted by Trump, and backed by suckers.

  8. Republicans say the dems want Trump impeached because they don’t like him, but let’s turn that on it’s head a bit. You republicans can’t see the wrong he’s doing because you like him TOO much. Loyalty to ones party isn’t American or patriotic, being a true patriot of ones country is to stand up for what’s right no matter who’s in office. Republicans, Americans will remember these days so you might want to think about YOUR careers because Trump is certainly not. It makes you wonder what do Trump have on these individuals who are blindly following him? cough Nunez

  9. This is the best information for today! They can blow the lying Dems with truth to the moon and never come back. Dems uses the constitution when it is convenient other wise it has been always thorn on their side.

  10. I don’t care if Trump didn’t actually commit a crime! who cares !! He should be impeached for being a Republican that beat our beloved Hilary

  11. He has been impeached now and forever, and if he's not removed from office, future generations, our children, will wonder at our willful stupidity.
    But, then again, they'll already wonder that for why we voted for him in the first place.

  12. Welcome to all of you TDS sufferers!!
    Orange Man Bad~ we hear you.
    Sit back and take your red pill, that’s why you’re here…. Right?

  13. It’s really ironic if you think about.
    Trump gets impeached for an accusation of getting a foreign nation to investigate a political rival.

    Rewind two years ago “this Steele dossier will get trump impeached.” Steele isn’t an American citizen. And was paid by the Clinton foundation and democrat controlled charity, whom many democrats in Congress have donated too.

    They literally paid to attempt trump impeached, and then did impeached him for (supposedly) doing the same thing.

  14. how do Americans compete against the conservative deep state who murdered president John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin L King ?

  15. I think I just barfed a little. He knows a thing or two about advocates, I wonder how it went for the fleeced inventors he was advocating for in that sham Invention company. lol

  16. Oh Whitaker. The guy that rump picked as his AG because he saw him sucking up on Fox but had to be replaced with Barr before he was even sworn in because everybody found out he was corrupt. Yeah, I trust this guy….

    ACQUIT the President TRUMP and INDICT the Traitors.
    TRUMP 2020 LANDSLIDES MAGA and Keep America Great ❤️💜❤️👍🇺🇸

  18. Trump has brought the worst out of republicans and democrats.. he has literally made the swamp into ocean.. he lies so much that i have a hard time defending him i mean what kind of strong economy put you deeper into debt?! How is it we deeper in dept in economic boom tham we were during recession?! I voted for him on the condition he wouldn't touch social security and Medicaid.

  19. Yeah I think this guy needs to be impeach because what he did most Americans suffered from it. Almost like the W.Bush that many Americans suffered.

  20. Taxpayers and Taxpayers dollars wasted while The People sit around helplessly and broke. While God and Governments dictate what happens to The People.

  21. The republicans senators who openly say they have already made up their minds on this are breaking the oath they could be considered traitors to the Constitution

  22. .Republican Judge, Republican Jury, Republican Senate majority. The acquittal papers were signed a week ago. They all just have to go through the motions to appear to be earning their salaries.And yell at each other a bit to prove how amazing they all are.
    And an added bonus, Ken Starr, who Donald stated was "a lunatic, a disaster and terrible", is now on Donalds defence team. And Ken and Alan Dershowitz defended Jeff Epstein…What can go wrong? .

  23. I hope all you Trump haters get to go before a judge and answer for charges that the State have against you, when they don't need an actual crime to convict you any more.

  24. This attorney knows nobody, he sold hot tubs to seniors 2 years ago and was under investigation

    He was also under investigation for violating of duty and removed as commonwealth attorney from his state

    Great job Fox, way to Vet

  25. no one but Trump is a good advocate for the constitution REPLACE everyone BUT trump in office currently with better people and term limit everything

  26. Trump's hiding everything. He doesn't even have the courage to turn over his tax returns as he promised during the campaign. Longest audit ever? More like longest con ever.

  27. Everyone should find it odd that Rudy Giuliani is not in Trump’s defense team; considering he is the most trusted personal lawyer of Trump.

  28. A third of the more than 50 circuit court judges nominated by President Trump since he took office have a “demonstrated history of anti-LGBTQ bias,” new report finds. –



  30. Surprised to read so many judgmental, know-it-all’s throwing rocks at glass houses. It must be a slow night of news on the left.

  31. "They're great advocates for the Constitution!"
    Yeah, sure. Just not the parts that might be inconvenient in some capacity.

  32. You are full of "nonsense and bile" you party politic flinger. Form an opinion that doesn't revolve around "left" or "right". Your words and actions are exactly the type that make people want to say "F the right" or "F the left, but I personally don't, because I have more respect for people as individuals capable of making their own decisions, and forming far more intelligent opinions than anything you just said. Keep playing a roll and interviewing corrupt bought off yes men. The world is not so simple as left and right. That's just how the electoral college makes it seem.

  33. Trump Prosecuters are Donkey Party children plotting against Trump with lies out of spite.
    When they fail, they should be exiled to Mexico or Benghazi.

  34. I have to say that the Democrats are looking lot weaker than expected. Democrat medias did their attack on Trump over the weekend, but it totally failed to affect the public opinion, or the opinions of the senators.
    Now, democrats will be leaking to their medias all that their new witnesses have to say, if those witnesses arent allowed to speak in the senate. But that will only make them look worse, and will actually weaken their case.
    So, personally, I'm already getting ready for the celebrations when this case is won by the republicans. 2020 for Trump.

  35. Annoyed that Gaetz isn't being given a mulligan by Trump. He's been effective and loyal as hell. I'm a huge Trump supporter and also an Iraq War supporter, can't people be complicated and evolve. Hey Donald, do the right thing and let Gaetz back in, he's one of the good guys. Trump call Matt and tell him no harm no foul.

  36. The democrats and Pelosi are wasting the working people's money!It is good President Trump made trillions or billions making trade deals that we can afford this waste! thank you Pelosi!You should spend your time cleaning up San Francisco and not trying to impeach our President Trump, who has done so much, much more than any president has done for America and its deplorables and irredeemables.

  37. You can tell who watched the video and who didn't. THE TITLE IS WRONG!!! Some people making moronic comments obviously didn't watch it at all. MIS-TITLED!!!!!!

  38. Regardless of whether or not you support Trump, EVERYONE should want a fair trial in the Senate. BOLTON NEEDS TO TESTIFY. HUNTER SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED. No one is above the law.

  39. Nancy: "Trump violated the Empowerment Act"
    Schumer: "There is no such Act Nancy”
    Nancy: "Well there should be, I'm not a laywer, can't we just impeach him for it anyway, no one will notice"

  40. Why is this allowed to go on!  This is BIG treason and they shuld be executed for treason!  Look at the Rosenbergs

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