Whitaker on the upcoming release of DOJ IG’s report on Russia probe

Whitaker on the upcoming release of DOJ IG’s report on Russia probe

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  1. Brennan and all his cronies are going down for their corruption to overthrow our government. May they rot in hell!!! If they don't get their comeuppance then we have failed and the corrupt will live on

  2. If you missed it……watch the Lou Dobb's YT clip from 11/15 with Robert Rober. on Fox Business. Dobb's has video of the Ukrainian Prosecutor stating that the "lovely" former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch DID give him a DO NOT PROSECUTE LIST.
    For those of you that KNOW……..this is a BIG DEAL.

  3. If you missed it……watch the Lou Dobb's YT clip from 11/15 with Robert Rober. on Fox Business. Dobb's has video of the Ukrainian Prosecutor stating that the "lovely" former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch DID give him a DO NOT PROSECUTE LIST.
    For those of you that KNOW……..this is a BIG DEAL.

  4. 😎😎The I.G. report will reveal the truth. It was the cleaning lady and the janitor that conspired against the President.🤣🤣

  5. The FBI never investigated or verified Russian spying or hacking. They relied on a heavily redacted unfinished report from Crowdstrike. This was exposed in the Stone and Flynn court cases which are both bogus and fraudulently prosecuted.

  6. The obama cabal is going down. One way or another. The jig is up. They're the coyote off the cliff but haven't looked down yet. The longer they drag it out the worse it will be for them.

  7. Doesn’t matter. The democrat aligned public will see this as fiction. I doubt anyone will see jail. People will lose licenses to practice law and others will lose jobs. That’s it. No one is going to ignite a civil war by taking a Clinton away in cuffs.

  8. If this report comes out and just gets buried and then disappears faster than the Epstein story, faster than Ilhan Omar's scandals…then Republicans have essentially created their very own Mueller report.

  9. A professional would never have made the statement, 'The sociopathic ramblings of Mr. Trump …' . This demonstrates not only a man with a political bias, but a man who has little control over what he says.. He doesn't do himself any favors.

  10. These sorry traitors which we call democrats need to go to prison, I served 20 years for America never will I betray it!!! These cowards democrats need to be put behind bars!!!!

  11. I want to see Democrats in handcuffs, I want to see indictments, I want to see democrats begin implode and snitch on each other to save themselves…I want the liberal news media to apologize.. .that's what i want…for Christmas

  12. As most people know, President Trump did see to it that an enemy WITHOUT, > Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, WAS ELIMINATED and RIGHTLY SO. What IS the procedure to do away with/ eliminate the DOMESTIC ENEMIES WITHIN?? Why are they TOLERATED and ALLOWED TO PROCEED WITH THEIR TREASONOUS SHENANIGANS??

  13. Attack with ad hominem all the while there is PROOF that the DNC, State department members colluded with Ukrainian people to disrupt the 2016 election.

  14. Matt Whitaker is such a liar. And Fox is Fake News. If it wasn't told to you yet, there is NO evidence to the origins. There is nothing there you lying idiot,

  15. There's going to be prosecutions, but what good is it, if the judge's don't follow thru with convictions.
    Time to start taking a look at them as well or catch & release will
    no doubt continue.

  16. Matt… they did not take ADVANTAGE of the fisa process … they LIED !!! There is a difference … a BIG difference.

  17. next couple of weeks lol ok ok . it is never gonna come out . in a couple of weeks it wil be again any day now, any week now, some time soon, by the end of the year, by the end of the 1st quarter, by summer, before election . whatever we know who did what so release or dont. i just want to see justice not 5000 pg report and nothing done. all talk…


  19. Get ready for show time patriots! Looks like it’s finally coming! 💥🔨🔥🇺🇸💪🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🇺🇸🇺🇸

  20. A bunch of "HOGWASH"!!! Again President Obama name is mentioned and it has no relation to what's truly happening in the current house. Let the man be he was like it or not: A Great President. There is no comparison what so ever. Mr. Fred Flintstone AG are still fishing in the wrong pond. Stop trying to put a spin on the exact truth.

  21. Ukraine was the real hoax, and the same playbook from the Ukraine 2014 coup is now used for the 2020 election in the USA, look up the time-frame, look up the players and look up the play-script.

  22. It makes my blood boil to hear the former head of the CIA talk about our President in the manner he does. He should at the least be ashamed to show his face in public. He should be the one on trial for traitorous acts against the President and our country. The same goes for Schiff and a few others who have been taking advantage of the American people.

  23. I have mentioned earlier in my previous comments that one has to watch their eyes, faces and body language on National TV and one can see whether they are lying or speaking the truth,always remember that TRUTH always prevail and will always wins against lies, deceit etc, take note you American Voters etc, thank you.

  24. ❤️ Matt Whitaker specifically when they drug him into testify he is the top tippy top best ever much love Matt from a fellow Patriot

  25. Teachers who teach anit- American crap to kids, anti-Americans in our government & a media that lies to the public are the problems.
    They are why this country is so divided, fearful or pissed, in so much debt & why DJ Trump won & will win again in 2020.

  26. You should be asking when is the coup against our president going to be taken apart. And what I want to know is what they said 7 months ago suggesting 'America will be shocked to the core'.

  27. Look we know Putin paid millions for trump and the Republicans party they been caught time and time again taken Russian money.

  28. Why is anyone listening to the guy that the powers that be in the Republican Party kicked out because he was a dimwit, and sent in Barr to replace him.

  29. Tit for tat. Barr is a Trump shill and is making a fool of himself. There were more than enough contacts with Russian operatives by Trump campaign figures to warrant the probe. Barr's joke of n investigation is nothing but a counterstrike to take the spotlight off of their very guilty Dear Leader in the impeachment hearings.

  30. Anything done by comrade barr is suspect, she ( barr) said basically that the president can be a communist and she doesn't care.

  31. Mr. clean is a long time shady GOP operative with no credibility. Corrupt background, yes but tells you things you want to hear so I hope you feel better. Bars gone rogue .

  32. At this point barr and his crap look more complicit with trump's crimaes than ever before..In fact he's a suspect since he, gorka, pompeo, bannon and giuliani sought an investigation into the CIA and the FBI from the Italian prime minister!
    Imagine that! they are asking foreign governments to investigate and prosecute our own intelligence apparatus…
    No one has ever, threatened American press, the FBI and the CIA together and succeeded..ask osama bin laden….

  33. The IG report will come up with nothing. Anybody who can think was alarmed the minute Trump asked “Russia if you are out there find the missing emails” that he was asking for Russian interference.

  34. Americans are getting hostile with these corrupt politicians getting away with crimes that regular citizens would serve jail time for.

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