Whitaker defends Trump, calls out Schiff’s unfair and ‘impartial’ process

Whitaker defends Trump, calls out Schiff’s unfair and ‘impartial’ process

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  1. We the people should let them go in and close the doors then we should lock the doors from the outside so they can't escape then we should blow up the building with all of them in it period, justice served on a silver platter!

  2. Democraps! prepare yourself for 4 more years of President Trump THEN 4 more years of President Pence and Vice Donald Trump Jr.

  3. Edward Snowden is a whistle blower and we all know his name. Who is the liar and coward hiding behind Schiff's skirt and why do they get special privilege.

  4. I can't believe you have thus scum on here. Whitaker you do not have the slightest virtue to give an opinion to the American people. You and many people like you have killed dreams of young aspiring citizens and residents. I am a victim of your fraudulent activities. You and your gang left lots of Americans families with the potential to change their lifes and those of other families, creating jobs for others. My dream of becoming an inventor was smashed and cold freezed by your greed. But surely as God liveth you will be brought to his books.

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