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  1. All Democrats eat your heart out. President Trump is the man for the hour. 2 Terms 2020 will prove once again the American People will vote Trump… Winning is everything. Thank you Donald J Trump… !!

  2. Congress has to have their ducks in a row with some real evidence of wrong doing and they have absolutely nothing.

  3. A naked war is raging. Embarrassment does not play a part. Is that bloke a reasonable Democrat? Is that an oxymoron?

  4. Here's an idea for Americans who support Trump & Patriotism for the Constitution…
    Call your Congressman or Congresswoman & *Demand that the democrats take it to the Senate for a vote, for impeachment. *
    That would add the extra heat on them all & Our voices will be heard loud & clear.
    Just a thought 🤔

  5. Ha Ha – Pam is great – she says and makes so clear and obvious – can we have her in the Congress or Senate?

  6. It's sad that the Secretary of State, The President, and the AG do not understand the checks and balances that our founding fathers put in place to hold each branch of government accountable. They themselves are putting themselves into more muddy waters. I knew this was bad, but I didn't realize it was this bad.

  7. Wait until Attorney General Bill Barr comes back from overseas (Ukraine, Australia, Italy, and UK) with the REAL story and documents, sworn statements and court records to prove the DNC and Democrats involvement in Ukraine as far back as 2014 until present day.

  8. Fox, and the right, still think this is about controlling the narrative.

    That's how you know they're on the side opposite the truth.

  9. What is the point of talking that Congress has the right, but you have split congress personality, that in the Clinton in-tray are never look into while in the Trump in-tray it is piled with conspiracy report and no meanfule investigations? say I call the whistleblower a coup can the FBI now investigate, and how about past whistleblower why are they not process?

  10. Trump won't be impeached!
    Why? For doing a great job?!
    The dangerous left all needs to be impeached…Obama for treason and Hillary locked up for life and many's all non stop digging to take the focus off them.

  11. Please someone ask these people if they are equal then why can’t the executive launch investigation like Congress is doing?

  12. Congress is not going about it's business, they haven't done any business since Trump won the presidency. All they have done is conduct a witch hunt and absolutely nothing else. I want my tax dollars back for the money they have waisted on this attack!! WE THE PEOPLE, WHO YOU IN CONGRESS WORK FOR DEMAND THAT YOU STOP THIS INSANE WITCH HUNT AND ACCEPT THE FACT THAT HILLARY LOST THE ELECTION!!!!!!!!!TIME TO MOVE ON !!!!!!!!!

  13. The Dems lie so much and the true American People know this.. I hope A.G Barr puts a lot of these nuts away for a long time.

  14. Why would the DEMS do what you want in this impeachment inquiry? It is a political decision on Pelosi to take a vote or not on this, she does not HAVE TO. The big Issue here is that the PRESIDENT committed a CRIME and Violated the US constitution. Does anyone at FOX think its OK and Patriotic to ask COMMUNIST CHINA to investigate an American citizen who happens to be the son of his political opponent? Is this not the epitome of corruption?

  15. Do it order, the way it was set up to be, man up nancy, take a vote, only right way to do it. TAKE THE VOTE & REAP THE WHIRLWIND.

  16. "Jumped the Gun" while "Jumping the Shark".
    Nancy can't even Ride a Bike while Chewing Gum.
    Time to call "Uber"!!!


  18. Hey Kevin you demorat, she didn’t say they “shouldn’t” she said they “DIDNT HAVE TO” so get it straight you left leaning dolt! When Pelosi gets her very short worded letter from Trump “I triple dog dare you to impeach me, Love Donny” she can go forward with his landslide for 2020! You’re welcome for the Soccer Mom who flipped 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  19. I say let’s go ahead and remove these people from our congress. Let’s stop complaining and boo hooing about what they democrats are doing and let’s go ahead and put our money where our mouth is. We were given the 2nd amendment just for this situation. Let’s use it.

  20. America has for many years mocked our African countries for being banana republics,,,, hellloooo welcome to the banana republics! remember you are newbies so don't try and out-do us and take over our perch 🙂

  21. Correct idiot Democrat, checks and balances means the Executive Branch can tell Congressional Democrats to stuff it!

  22. Democrats house reps are manipulating the law. Dominos lining up till the last three fall, Hillary, Biden and Obama.

  23. Hey Dickhead…I mean Kevin…She said "Fishing Expedition"…If they want the President to submit to a Subpoena, file for an official Impeachment and stop playing games…Put up or shut up.

  24. That man is dead WRONG stating the majority of Americans support this investigation! No, we do not. Where did you get those figures? The lying CNN news media?

    I am independent voter. Will never vote Dem in the future ever again because of the crazy conduct of the Dems. Not voting for any Dem at any level…federal or state. I know MANY independent and Democrats who are doing the same as I am. They are so outraged and appalled by Dems…they are running away from them and their socialist agenda.

  25. Wah. wah. The Democrats are mean to us. wah. wah. This stuff is hilarious. Why are FOX news commentators always so triggered?

  26. 2016 Dems lost the election after following the fake media storyline and now the fake media is leading again the Dems again into head on collusion by pushing them to Impeach Trump after fake polls that American support Impeachment. Sad

  27. Wish we could make them justify wasting 3 years of our time and money while there in Congress doing nothing. We should take away their free healthcare and take away their salaries until they actually do something. Believe me if I went into my work and did absolutely nothing that they wanted me to do ,,,,,I would be told to not come back

  28. what documents lol. This is so stupid. They got everything they wanted OR needed. The Demorats are sinking into a low stinking holes.

  29. If this comes up in casual conversation, it's not hard to convince a regular swing voter that the Democrats have obviously been up to some very fishy, and that there's a mountain of circumstantial evidence. If we had a photo of Hillary or Biden in prison stripes and a raccoon mask, holding a bag with dollar signs on it, sneaking into a meeting with foreign criminals, CNN would still say it's unsubstantiated… "probably a costume party or something innocent".

  30. By the words plain meaning Mr. Trump cannot be guilty
    of the Crime of Collusion or Quid pro Quo, read the dictionary meaning of favor
    or do me a favor, and see.

  31. CONGRESS must realize power is in the taxpayers best interests. Not theirs. Sorry we have a president that really cares. HA!

  32. congerss doesnt have wrights it has powers whitch it can not exceed spelld out by a little thing called'the constitution' fool!!

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