When a sanitation worker is insulted by the owner of a fancy car… 豪车女当街辱骂环卫工,有路人回怼:谁家没辆保时捷?

Get your dirty stuff away from me Don’t touch my car What do you want to do? What are you doing? Hi,I’m TreeMan’s friend KaiXin When a sanitation worker was insulted by the owner of a fancy car What would passers-by do? What are you doing here? Stay away from my car Can you afford to break my car? Sorry, but I’m doing my job What do I care about your work? Get out of here My car is parked here I’ll be fined if I don’t clean here My salary will be deducted Your salary is nothing Can you afford this car all your life? Can you afford it? OK,lady I’ll leave as soon as I finish cleaning that side You stop cleaning Look at you Don’t get my car dirty Stop cleaning I say ‘Stop!’ Are you deaf? What’s your name? I’m gonna report you What’s your name? Thank you Don’t do that, lady I’ll be fined if I don’t clean here You can clean it here But can you afford it? Can you? Don’t trouble him,lady He is working You can back up the car He has been cleaning near my car What if he touches my car I know it’s a fancy car He was just doing his job Get your dirty stuff away from me You can do it as soon as possible (The lady wants to help the sanitation workers clean) Don’t be angry Their work is very hard Can you afford to mess up my car? Do it quickly Don’t touch my car I’ll lose my pay if I don’t finish cleaning I don’t care Get your dirty stuff away from me What do you want to do? What are you doing? He’s just working What if he soiled my car Who doesn’t have a Porsche He’s just sweeping the streets He didn’t touch your car How did he damage your car? You’re messing with the sanitation worker He’s just working You should make allowances for the old man He is very old People who drive fancy car should not be so poor Even if you didn’t help him Tell him he could do it slowly He was cleaning far away from your car It’s impossible to touch your car He’s just working Why did you scold him? He might touch my car Watch what you say and do The sanitation workers are very hard work What’s the big deal about having a fancy car? Does owning a luxury car mean you can look down on people? Don’t you want to drive away from here? If you don’t want to leave, just stay right here I’ll park my car here He is about your grandfather’s age How could you do this to him? Stay away from my car Thank you Don’t be angry OK,thank you Pay attention to safety Thank you She thinks herself nobler than others Never mind She probably borrowed her car Think that money is great Never mind,uncle Just stay away from such people I see,thank you so much It doesn’t matter Kindness is more important than wealth

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