What’s inside a Japanese boy’s and girl’s bag? Ask random Japanese people

What’s inside a Japanese boy’s and girl’s bag? Ask random Japanese people

This is a memory of the shrines I visited. Oh wow! I carry this one and… Wow that’s amazing. So you mean your change of clothes is in there? My highschool uniform is in there. Hey guys and girls it’s Cathy Cat. We went to the streets of Tokyo and asked Random Japanese people to open their bags and show us what’s inside. Let’s go and find what we can find in a Japanese person’s bag and Ask Japanese. You are wearing your bag like it’s popular to wear in Japan right now. And you have a normal backpack. Today we are asking everyone what is in their bag. Show us the interesting stuff inside. Something funny inside? Wow this is super empty. There is barely anything inside. My glasses and…. And then my temple book Do you know what this is? I got mine made at the Meiji Shrine here. Ca you explain what the Gosyuincho temple book is….? When going to a shrine or temple… You get it as a memory of the day you visited. And you got it made at the meiji shrine.
– Yes I did. I made it first in June. Why do you carry it with you? In case I visit a shrine, so I can get more temple signatures. That’s such a Japanese thing to do. How interesting I only started this recently really. in Japan we have many Shrines and Temples right. – Yeah. And that motivates me to go too. Nice one. Do you have anything else in there that’s interesting? Funny one.. I have stomach medicine…. I am hungover today. This is medicine for my post-drinking stomach. This is pretty big.
– It’s a powder medicine. It’s powerder I see. When I get hungover and my stomach hurts, I drink it in water. You didn’t get that from a doctor?
– Bought it in a drugstore. It takes the queasy feeling off my stomach. And something else that’s funny is… A charger and this one here… It kills smells.
– Why do you carry a smell erasor? When going to a bar, I don’t like how i smell afterwards. I spray it on my clothes. Here comes the big difference between a boys and a girls backpack… It’s incredibly empty.
– True. I thought it would be filled to the top. Not at all. True, I don’t put anything in it. You have a huge backpack to carry stuff but… You are the opposite. Carrying a pouch like that is popular in Japan right now. You don’t seem to carry much, so what do you need to carry? My tabacco, wallet and cologne. My keys, breath pills and…. A lip cream…. (blushes) Why a lip cream? So my lip doesn’t get dry….
– That’s the same I use!!! This one is pretty good! I would have never guessed you would carry lipcream around! Are you for real? How girly is that!?! We are positively surprised. Do you boys care a lot about smell?
– Yeah we do. We care about smelling alright. You worry about the way your moth and body smells. – That’s right. You bag looks freaking heavy!
– It is! There are some weird things in here… Take the funniest out.
– Please do! She stayed round mine for the night. I have penlights in here. I think I have one too. Take your time.
– How does this open? – It’s so messy…. There it is!
– What is? That’s the first one.
– Wow. There is more.
– Woooow. I am carrying two today. Only today I swear. What is this thing? These are penlights we use during live shows. – Looks kind of cute! If you press this white button for a long time. It will switch on. Then if you push the colored buttons…. if will change into the according color.
– I am so embarrassed now! You can change it to the color of your favorite idol? – That’s the way girl. If I liked the pink idol, would turn it to pink right?
– You got it girl. Today I am greenish. So this color maybe. This looks so cute. Is this from some…. character? What is this from? From the group Johnny’s West. It’s an exclusive penlight from their gigs. Did you go to one recently? Well… the DVD of this show will be released tomorrow… We got an early copy and watched it since the early morning hours! And that’s why I though we could use it for that. That’s why I brought it.
– You know how to idol party! Nice one girl. – Yaaaayyy
– So that’s how you watched the DVD and cheered Yes. – Sounds so fun! Girls! I should maybe become an idol fan too. This is a different one right?
– Yes it’s different. It says “Maji Love Live…” wait Love Live is an anime… It’s from the anime yes.
– I know about that one. This one is for the Uta no Prince series. I know that one too. There was a store in Harajuku for that before, right? Yes there was. There was a live performance. – Of the voice actors? – Exactly! This is about 2 years ago. Yeah 2017 so about 2 years ago. I went to that live show too Did you use that one yesterday too? There is a theatre performance of this anime. Inside the theatre we were allowed to use penlights too. I wanted to see it but… I couldn’t get in. So I just carried it around. So instead of using one penlight for different shows, you always buy and use them accordingly? That’s the right way. How many of those do you have at home? At home I have about 5 pen lights. Let’s have a look into her bag together. Hey wait… there is another pen light in there too! Also my schedule book! Oh that looks cute. What is that!/ This schedule book was an extra gift coming with the Kanjani8 idol DVD set. Did you customize it a little? It contains pics of my favourite boy. This is my wallet. It’s a cute one from the Peanuts. What is this? Exile? – My makeup pouch was too big so… I put everything into a pouch I found at home. What’s in there apart from the cable? Lipcreams and such. And things to fix up my makeup. How girly! She has a small bag, but you are carrying a backpack! Here we go. My wallet.
– That’s huge. Parasol… Do you need it? I am recently worried about sun wrinkles. But you are still in Highschool Well yeah we are. And her is my makeup pouch. So I can fix up myself. Wow that contains a lot of things. You went all out shopping! No actually……. We are guests at a live show on TV… So your changing clothes are in there? Yes my highschool uniform is in here. Your school uniform? Yes we are just on our way back from school. Since it’s a live recording, I thought normal clothes would be better. You’re not allowed to wear your uniform then? Even though you changed, there is barely anything in there. That’s my treasure. – Who is that? He looks so super cool! He is a johnny’s idol. Maybe I get a chance to take pictures. That’s why I brought it. Do you carry one like that too?
– Yes of a different idol. Is the Tv recording from the Johnnys idols? It is!!! So you brought your own pictures to the recording, hoping you get it signed? No chance for signatures! We will just take pictures as us two. as proof you were there.
– That’s it girl. Nice idea girls. Do you always carry your idols picture with you?
– Every day. We always carry them with us. He is inside my schedule book. Nice one. There always has to be one picture.
– Yes there has. I don’t carry a whole folder like she does. I thought we might use it so that’s why I brought it… Those were all our questions. Thanks so much. So a couple of the items we could find in Japanese people’s bags! A Gosyuincho, a book that you take when you go to a shrine or a temple and wanna have a sign a stamp and a signature from them. Lots of things to mask bad smells. You can really tell that Japanese people really don’t like to smell bad. That’s the general here if you come to Japan. No one smells bad… there is no BO smell around, people really mask their smells well. Maybe… mouth smell or general BO…. They are really good with that, maybe one thing you might wanna look out for when you come to Japan. Also penlights for live performances… you never know when you wanna cheer on your favourite idol… Also character goods of your favourite idols, something you just wanna keep… walking around with. I understand that. I always carry…. Something from Sailor Moon around with me. And a parasol, that’s a thing I see a lot… Not in Europe but a lot here… In Japan that women carry parasols around……..? with them…. yes Mr Crow. And a school uniform because they… came from school, got undressed out of their normal clothes… Sometimes Japanese schools can be very strict and not allow girls to… wear their school uniform…. out in some kind of media exposure. Because the image of the school is there on display as well. So these are a couple of the random things we could find in people’s bags. We also interviewed Japanese people and asked them… to …. yes… show us what is in their bags…. Let’s find… that video… out soon…. I think what I always carry with me is a little emergency pack…. apart from my wallet and my keys. They are the 3 most important items. And of course my phone which is pretty much glued to my hands by now. What are the items that you… cannot… live… yes? You MR Crow and me, cannot live without? What is always with you in your bag? Let me know, maybe write down 3 items you always carry with you…. And not just your wallet and your keys… Something else that is very much YOU. Let us know that in the comments down below. If you are new guys don’t forget to subscribe. If you have been with us, don’t forget to leave a like and thanks for tuning in. I catch you soon for more cool stuff here from Japan. Hope you have a great day. Catch you soon. Bye. Mataneeee

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  1. Oooh first comment, but here are some personal stuff I carry around besides the basics like keys and wallet:
    -Perfume in case I smell
    -A tiny pair of scissors that has a cap on it so it doesn’t cut open my pouch
    -A hand mirror
    -Pain meds in case I’m not feeling well
    -Hand cream because my hands get dry easily
    -Drink holder bag
    -Candy in case my mouth smells

  2. This is the 1st japanese people what they carrying… Really cool also weird…. Whats in ur bag… But really enjoying…😊😊

    Actually Japanese people smell bad… Specially their breath stinks A lot. I'm sorry but this is what I have experienced always.. 🇯🇵. 🧐😒

  4. I am only freaking out cause of Uta no Prince Sama ^^ totally jealous, i want to see a live concert from the seiyuus too. Shouta Aoi <333

  5. The first two guys were pretty funny. That is interesting about shrines. The only thing i carry with me everywhere besides my wallet and keys is my Rosary that has been blessed by a priest. It's unbreakable, made from military cord.

  6. Wow, what a fun episode; these things are so random, you could straight go on making another 3 or 4 of these kind of episodes and it wouldn’t get boring!!

  7. Phone
    Hand sanitizer
    Of course my key
    Pad or tampon
    Extra underwear
    Those are always with me. 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  8. Glad she didn't do this in the states, they would pull out pot, rolling papers, maybe even a pistol. I say in fun. A great type of vid.

  9. Logik Youtube-Algorithmus:

    1.User guckt Clip mit Inhalt Dragon Ball Super und Goku meistert Ultra Instinct
    2.Zeige User Video über extrovertierte Ausländerin in Japan.

    WTF YouTube. 0:22 und ich dachte es geht um Prosituierte.

  10. Don't really carry a bag or backpack but I don't carry a lot of stuff around with me keys, wallet, cigs, lighter, phone, and a pocket knife my dad gave me a day or two before he died. Everything else I just keep in my truck.

  11. Right now in my backpack there are 4 Japanese books (2 for language, 2 just for Kanji), 4 or 5 genkouyoushi notebooks, three more Field Notes books, a bag of pens, a tin of Altoid mints, Post-It notes, a brick-charger for my phone and tablet, a wall charger for my phone, headphones, and various USB charging/data cables.

  12. candies and mints so that there will be no smell after i smoke or just to give to friends
    pills in case me or smone else will have headache or stomache
    and cologne again to reduce tobacco's smell

  13. My ex was Chinese and she never wore any deodorant or any fragrance at all. She had absolutely no smell ever no matter what she did. She just never smelled bad. Not even her armpits. It was so weird. I lived with her for 2 years. I saw everything she did. She said that Chinese people don't really have much smell. I assume that may be true for Japanese and Koreans.

  14. This episode is interesting because I feel like it offers a lot more insight. Similar to the phrase " a picture is worth a thousand words". People can hide behind their words. Maybe they may not say what they really feel. But these objects paint a more authentic picture of who they are.

  15. I hope Mr. Crow comes back as a special guest in future episode!

    Anyway, I have two backpacks that I use which normally contain things like:

    2. Extra contacts
    3.Headache medicine
    5.Portable Charger
    6.Extension Cable
    7.Starbucks napkins
    9. Used to carry around a kiwi green 2DS LL but not so much anymore.
    10. Pen
    11. Little notebook
    12. umbrella
    13.hand sanitizer
    14. Change
    15. Receipts from 3 years ago I never threw away

    You asked for 15 things, right?

  16. I think what people carry around tells a lot about their priorities, most of us are all about hygiene and personal appearence it seems (cologne, makeup, hand sanitizer…) Personally I never go out without chewing gum and moist wipes or a handkerchief!

  17. When i travel abroad I always bring my Nogizaka46 (Idol Group) file folders to hold my itinerary info, flight paperwork , etc.

  18. I carry one pack of kitten wet food in my backpack all the time. You'll never know when you will encounter wild/feral/stray kittens.

  19. I always carry an eco friendly carry bag with me so when you need to buy something like groceries and stuff on the way you can use that. It's very handy!

  20. Haha the penlights, I’m a girls band anime fan too, and I would just love to be able to go to the voice actresses live performances 😢. If I could do that, I would buy a lot of penlights for sure. (Any BanG Dream! fan here?). And that from the first guy was really interesting, I mean it’s good that he appreciates his culture even if it’s just from now on; the shrines of Japan… I really love that country.

    Also I don’t know why so many people think lip cream is a girly thing, I mean sometimes my lips get dry and I just need to use it because dry lips are very uncomfortable.

  21. I thought "Man purses" were only popular in france, and for a sec in the maerican 70's. Way to bring them back japanese men beta herbavores.

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