What’s Good? What’s Bad? The Sims 4 Discover University Review (Gameplay and Other Features)

What’s Good? What’s Bad? The Sims 4 Discover University Review (Gameplay and Other Features)

First, thanks to EA Game Changers for my copy
of the pack. That should be the last time I have to disclose
that (laugh). My review of Discover University comes pretty
late as these things go, but I wanted to be sure I’d looked at everything in it and that
took time. In the meantime, I did share how things work
in other videos. So now that I can do it, let’s review all
of the gameplay that comes in this pack in one place. In case you don’t care at all what I think
about Discover University, and I don’t blame you, I’ll first talk about the gameplay features
and save my opinions for after unless I feel it’s important information. Nearly all of Discover University’s content
takes place in the new town of Britechester. There, you’ll find two separate campuses. University of Britechester is focused on the
arts and humanities, and Foxbury Institute specializes in Science and Tech. There are a few lots to build on, but they’re
not exactly spacious. You can choose to live in the new town, which
is a tad smaller than it appears because of so much being taken up in devotion to housing
students, classes and activities. You can get around the new campuses in style
on a bike if you like…. well.. at Britechester’s anyway. The bike was mostly useless to me attending
Foxbury, but thankfully these can be used in other places and may be very useful to
exploring the jungle or on a trip to granite falls. The main reason most players will ever be
here in Britechester is when actually being enrolled and living on campus, because to
be frank it’s not very noteworthy otherwise. Before you can attend University, you’ve got
this whole enrollment system that lets you apply and get an acceptance letter. To be honest, the only point of applying is
to see if your Sim will qualify for any distinguished programs. The distinguished versions for each of the
13 degrees you can go for are only available at one school, with the regular as backup
if you don’t get accepted. It takes 12 courses completed with a passing
grade to earn a degree. Players can choose how many courses their
Sim will take each term, up to a max of 4. Now that I know what I’m doing, it’s about
the sweet spot in terms of difficulty for me, but the developers planned on 3 courses
for a total of 4 terms. A term is one week, so you can have a degree
in about 3 weeks if you take the full workload. Electives are available for boosting skills
not related to your degree, and they do count toward graduation progress. You can pick one per semester or go with only
core classes. The degrees obviously revolve somewhat around
the skills system. This leads us to the core goal of the pack,
the ability to earn one of those degrees. Let’s be clear that to a large extent, the
journey is what you’re buying here. Assuming you’re a long term player, there
isn’t anything you haven’t already done that a degree will unlock. What a degree does is allow you to specifically
choose one of a career’s higher level branches, starting anywhere from level 6 to 8 most commonly. Your Sim will get every special unlock for
the levels you skipped in your inventory or the household’s depending on the item. On top of that, they’ll also get a signing
bonus. They can actually get one of these each week,
which could be useful for hopping between careers. From graduation onward, your Sim will get
more paid time off and larger performance gains meaning it’s easier to get to absurd
levels of overmax. There’s a distinguished version of each degree
that will give you better bonuses, and you can also graduate with honors if your Sim
has a 3.9 GPA. So there are four versions of every degree. Regular and distinguished, with and without
honors. In order to pay for school, Sims can also
apply for scholarships, based on things like being in scouts, or having high skill levels
in a few areas, or low family funds. If you don’t get a scholarship or not enough
to cover the cost, you can pay for attendance out of household funds, or take a student
loan. The loans are very low interest at only like
5% and at the same time, you’ll only spend about $5,000 tops with no scholarships. This is for four terms. I elaborate on this in case you wonder if
Sims has given an option for a more challenging experience. It’s extremely lenient and because of the
accessibility of scholarships, most players will have 0 trouble paying off the bulk of
their loans within a week of graduation. That’s a small price to pay for the increased
earnings you’ll have as a graduate, and shouldn’t result in struggles for players. Especially due to the signing bonus and high
rank you start at. To be blunt about it, it makes the addition
of the repo man in this pack fairly pointless. The repo man could’ve deserved its own header
text here and counted as a feature addition if not for this fact. Dorms with roommates are a new feature of
the pack, with a couple pre-existing dorms based on each of the two campuses. You are able to make your own dorms with the
new University Housing lot type, and will need to decide which of the schools that lot
belongs to. From there you can actually got a bit further
and specialize the dorm as being for only students in one of several organizations,
or make them male or female only. So sororities and fraternities are not in
this, but you can sort of make one. If you’re unsatisfied with your dorm, and
I’d say you’re likely to be, you can free build with the bb.enablefreebuild cheat. This is a necessity to customize them because
the only thing you can really do in dorms is drag things that are draggable around,
although there are a selection of draggable objects. Roommates are also a big feature of this pack. The game finally has roommates whether in
a dorm or just someone you shack up with to help pay the bills. Roommates are NPCs, meaning you don’t control
them, and can have their own quirks. Some are really helpful and leave food out
or keep things tidy and in working order, while others are disgusting and will actively
break things and create a mess or a lot of noise. Sounds legit doesn’t it (laughs). All in all, finding a good roommate and collecting
rent from them can help a lot with managing a household. You only need to assign them a bed. Once you’re enrolled, the process of actually
going to school means keeping up with class schedules by looking at the careers panel. They reused this instead of making a new interface
for classes. I do dislike this because I can’t ever memorize
when these classes are so I’m constantly checking it and find it really clunky. This will also help you to see if you’ve done
homework or not for each class before its next session, and where you stand on the final
you’ve got to complete before the end of the term. A term is one week. Actual attendance to classes is a rabbit hole,
while you do see your Sim working on things like homework, studying for finals, term papers,
and presentations. The system’s pretty simple with your grade
being based on whether you did these things for enough hours, with boosts coming from
being in a focused mood and the new study spot lot trait that comes with the pack. When class isn’t in session, the campuses
have a lot to offer with both offering research machines your Sims can use for a new skill,
and a library to study in. Foxbury has robotics workstations and Britechester
features podiums for debate though both can access these. There’s a student common area with a buffet
object you can order food from, or get a quick croissant from the food carts outside. You have to do a good bit of juggling with
four classes, if you actually care about having good grades. Given there are a few other activities on
campus that can eat up your time, it may mean there isn’t a lot of time for strictly fun
stuff. When I attended I was constantly needing to
be doing something, but to be clear it was a personal choice because I took on the max
classes and participated in student organizations later on. Those student organizations I mention are
another key feature of Discover University. Each campus has a few groups you can participate
in. Britechester has a research and debate guild
and an art society for things like figure painting, and Foxbury has a robotics society
and study group. The third organization for each is a school
spirit organization, which will reward you with a school mascot costume at max rank. Yes, this is one more thing you can rank up
in if you care to. Organizations have their own meeting times
and completing tasks and being friendly with other members will be necessary to advancement. All in all, it’s very doable to advance with
these groups while taking 3 or 4 classes if you manage your Sim’s time well. I won’t spoil it much, but no matter which
University you attend, there is a fourth organization option. The Order of Enchantment Secret Society is
joinable and offers up several abilities that your Sims can use, including a powerful boost
to grades. To get access, you’ve just got to be a good
member and get those ranks up. To get started, look into the main statue
on campus and what offerings need to be made to perhaps attract a little attention from
this exclusive club. There are very few new Sim activities in the
pack centered around objects. For instance there’s a ping pong table, where
you can either play like a normal person or do a Sims-ified version of beer pong. There’s also a keg. All of these are simply for fun and don’t
really do anything. You can, however, attend the University as
either an e-sports gamer or in the school’s soccer program and hitting the max level in
this can result in your Sims getting offered a high level job in one of those careers before
they’ve even graduated. This is only available to students. Your Sim can have fun riding around campus
on a bike, but also with the cheap but handy soccer ball object that can be kicked solo
or with a friend to burn off a little stress between classes. It’s a small thing but Sims can take skill
classes on campus for a fee, whether they’re enrolled or not. This can give low level Sims a great start. If a Sim takes 11 mixology skill classes they’ll
get a certification and have the bartender branch of the culinary career open to them. The pack does have a few new careers: Engineering,
Law, and Education. You can be a professor.. but not that kind
of professor. You’ll be heading off to the rabbit hole and
ranking up the old fashioned way at times, or choosing to work from home in any of these
three careers. The sad thing is, only engineer gets really
good unique objects and interactions with its exosuit and helmet, or computer glasses
if you go with the computer engineer branch. Discover University marks the return of Servo
via the Robotics skill, which also lets Sims make remote control quadcopters, toys, and
utility bots. The Servo is mostly fully featured, just doesn’t
have a lot going for it. You can upgrade them to an extent and choose
their traits, and they have their own special durability need and a charge meter instead
of a plain old energy. You’ve got to keep them dry, which might be
a real pain to Seasons owners. Not to worry though, as Servo will join your
household and another member can most definitely repair them as long as someone has the talent
in Robotics to do so. You could even use one of the utility bots
to do it, if you keep a fixer bot around. The brave might even move Servo out with a
fixer bot of his own to try to keep him alive. These bots can do some light work like repairs
or gardening for your Sims, or offer up refreshments and meals to a party. Robotics as a whole can be fairly tedious
to pursue due to the need to have all kinds of parts in order to make and upgrade bots. This means you using the order menu from the
computer where you’d normally get handiness parts, and needing hundreds of them to max
out everything. It’s a lot of clicking, and being roadblocked
and needing to go back to buy more parts. A skill that came as a pleasant surprise is
research and debate. We didn’t really know this one was in the
pack. This one’s focused on learning to learn, and
because of that is definitely helpful to students. You can learn it either by using a mirror,
participating in debates, or using the new super expensive research machine you can find
in build mode. At high level, you’ll do homework faster,
study more effectively, gain more skill from reading skill books, and finish term papers
and presentations faster. What is more, you can convince Sims to do
your bidding. It’s a nice support skill and definitely handy
for wrangling roommates. Mini-fridges are a new addition in this pack,
and can have one object stacked on top. Either something decorative or a microwave,
which I can’t recommend for anything other than an emergency. There’s a new chest that has its own unique
inventory, not shared, meaning you can have several unique ones. These can be labeled to help you store your
collectibles however you’d like. Aside from that, other objects are mentioned
elsewhere here and there aren’t any items that have unique gameplay not attached to
robotics or research. They’re themed for the most part to decorate
a dorm with a few really nice looking objects. Because of the huge CC community I don’t really
focus on hair and clothing in packs, but this pack did bring in nose and eyebrow piercings
which people had been asking for. One female hair is the longest to date in
a Sims pack, which is pretty cool trivia Playalot shared with me. There are a few full-body outfits and some
nice school jackets. You can also get a few outfits from the student
organization activities and even unlock the mascot costumes, if you’re into that sort
of things. I want to share my thoughts on a few things. I was at times frustrated, but I did find
the college experience itself to be engaging if a little simple. It’s all a time management game for the most
part and you’ll earn an A if you do the things for long enough. Discover University takes more time to complete
than something like Realm of Magic, and that’s just to be expected due to the fact you need
to attend for three weeks and don’t get any OP abilities right off the bat. (sighs) Plentiful
potion of plentiful needs. I found Britechester to be a beautiful town
with a decent atmosphere, but it’s marred by the visits from other Sims from other packs. If this doesn’t bother you, it’s not a problem
but I don’t want to be in robot club with mermaids and this is a mistake that keeps
being repeated. It’s not too hard to add new Sims to the game
and dress them properly. What they don’t seem to understand is maybe
I don’t care if Bella Goth is there or not, unless I actively go pursue her. I don’t really need her in my game. So, my opinion on the setting as a whole is
fairly neutral. I didn’t like the layout of Foxbury due to
all the stairs, but Britechester campus was pretty good. Roommates can be used outside University and
that does have the potential to be fun play, not having control over another Sim living
their own life in your home. But in dorms in large numbers, they were a
bit repetitive. For example in one of my videos, multiple
violinists showed up in my Sim’s dorm, and this is frankly due to the fact that there
are not nearly as many “Types” of roommates as necessary to make it a dynamic experience
in this setting. There are several roommate personalities and
quirks, but when you have 8 or so roommates, you are going to get overlap and especially
if you consider attending multiple times. Everyone will end up with a run eventually
that has multiple violinists. Some things are good here, but certain aspects
feel rushed or there are rabbit holes where there shouldn’t be. Here’s a good example – my Sim’s graduation
was extremely bland, with one round of cheering before they went into the rabbit hole one
last time. In sharp contrast the trailer showed Sims
partying in their robes. Overall, once you have a degree or have burned
out on that, the two new skills, roommates system, and the three new rabbit hole careers
are the main way Discover University will impact your play aside from the various dorm-centric
build items that come with it. The only aspiration included here is a tutorial
for completing a degree and getting a job and the pack featured no traits to help give
something to players after the excitement of attending has worn off. In these ways, it felt like Discover University
was on to something and is certainly one of the best offerings of this year if you want
your Sims to attend, but it feels like they just didn’t have enough time to flesh out
the product to make returning to the campus for a few more degrees a fun experience. Outside of that, not having some unique and
interesting rewards for law and education kind of hurts the replay value when you’re
not enrolled, because you kind of already know it’s just another one of those only with
a different set of skills needed. Decorative rewards are not gameplay. Certain things just didn’t work out but don’t
completely ruin the experience. Namely, the career panel being used this way,
and robotics. Had they considered it a bit more I feel they
might have done something to improve the systems around Robotics to make it less tedious. So everywhere something was good, there’s
something hindering it and a little more time might have made a huge difference. They were on the right track, and this could
still be improved. Since I see both good and bad here, and my
gripes may not matter to you, some people will be happy to go ahead and buy this. But be warned, if you do not care about being
a student, living in a dorm, and living that college life, then this pack is not for you
and I’m sure that you know that already. The point is, I am affirming that this pack
doesn’t impact things much outside the world of Britechester. The content is very narrowly contained to
the university experience and mistakes hinder how well the remaining content can shine. Discover University is something the Sims
community wanted desperately for a long time now, and I don’t blame them, it’s a life sim
and this is part of life, but I’d rather see players asking for expansion ideas that might
actually bring some depth and new types of gameplay, content that will challenge the
developers to improve Sims 4 to bring personality to Sims and make the gameplay a bit more entertaining. If we ask for a product that improves Sim
personalities, they’ll probably get around to making and selling that, even if they can’t
do something a lot of us want free of charge like a traits overhaul. I’d like to see it happen either way. Well, like it or not, those are my thoughts
on this pack. It doesn’t change the formula and its existence
is to fill a specific desire for the community, to go to college. It delivers something up to that point and
then mostly stops. Thanks for watching and share this video if
you really liked it, and like it if you like it, and consider supporting us if you really
enjoy what I do. I’m sorry I cannot be faster about these but
I have a lot of gameplay to look at to update my guides and it takes time to get around
to a review because of that. Thank you all for watching and happy holidays.

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  1. There was a lot of missed opportunities with this pack. I think a lot of it's do to rushing it through I think that's why kids can't attend E-Sport matches, or Soccer matches & no one outside the graduating sim can go into the rabbit hole for graduation ceremony.

  2. I don't get why people complain about rabbit holes so much. Bring them on! In The Sims 4? Absolutely. When you can only play as 1 Sim at a time while the rest of your Sims just fuck off and do shit that doesn't make sense. I like to micromanage my Sims. You can't do that in this game. Wan't to leave the kids and wife at home sleeping to go blow off some steam? Come back at 3am and they're all watching TV or on the computer. And not even with full energy bars. Biggest annoyance with The Sims 4.

  3. Carl, your guides are the best! Love your channel too. Always such useful information! Another thing about University is that I had to move my Sims out of the dorms for my sanity. 24/7 there would be 3 or 4 different violinists constantly playing with extremely low skill. They never improved, so there was a constant cacophony of badly played violins and loud radios all on different stations. Since I use headphones that was seriously annoying.

  4. [Looong post ahead of my biggest gripes with this pack based on my experience, proceed with caution >:) sorry! Please know that I actually really do enjoy this pack, and come back to it a lot.]

    The classes in the careers panel is clunky, like Carl said. It would be helpful if in the panel it were automatically organized by upcoming classes based on the time and date classes start. [**] So players don't have to constantly scroll up and down the panel (if players have a full course load, and possibly a job). Players could quickly glance over and see what's on the agenda with minimal effort. I feel like I have to use pen and paper to keep track of classes because of how unorganized the classes are in the panel.
    [**] I have to scroll up and down the panel, even upon expanding the panel, because of my UI settings. I need a larger UI to be able to read. I noticed that Carl's UI was smaller and he didn't need to scroll up and down upon expanding the panel 🙂

  5. I'm worried that Maxis are pushing these packs out too fast and this is why they have so many rabbit holes and clunky UI solutions.

  6. Even without the university aspect, some players will grab this for "Roommates" and "Servo", my character gets 4 credit discounted for all other degrees after the first degree.

  7. The roommate feature would be great for City living. A roommate to help pay apartment rent that I don't control… Yes!!!

  8. Can I just offer some constructive criticism? Your cheats/guide is amazing, and I’ve been using it for a LONG time. Now you have videos, which is great, and the content is really good. And I know a lot of appreciate how some youtubers leave in a few talking mistakes in for realism, and that’s fine and all. But this was a bit too much. Maybe you should consider a tad more editing or takes for your voiceovers. It becomes uncomfortable. Again, your stuff is great, but sometimes it just hits an irk button and I don’t want to keep listening.

  9. I hate the career panel for University. I despise the thing. What I hate the most? I can’t see my Sims progress. They do their homework, they attend class AND arrive early, they do the projects, papers, finals and whatnot and sometimes, I get the surprise that, somehow, my Sim has a grade of C+ or B. What the hell?. Of course you can always call the professor but that’s a pain in the ass and I always forget that’s an option. I want to see it in a bar like the career one.

    Idk, maybe its just me. I can’t wait for a modder to fix my first world problem.

  10. I'm really desperate for a trait overhaul. All my sims personality are too goddamn samey. I don't to install mods because I hate to update them one by one which is a pain in the butt using my super slow internet connection. Ugh… Can my sims be dumb or something. Maybe we allow the usage of Parenthood traits to CAS.

    They REALLY need to FIX townies in the next game, they all manage to look so goofy, the insulting fact is that they WILL FILL all positions of society, whether you want them or not is terrible, I have literally 120+ filler sims I created and downloaded from gallery for population, the game never use them, the game create a random townie for every situation without bothering taking into consideration the reserve of "free" sims the library has in storage why we tolerate such oversight is beyond me, this even happened in TS3, but in the scale TS4 is employing is unprecedented, will TS5 be made with TOWNIES ONLY?
    I had to play Discover University with Testingcheats on and Cas.FullEditMode so I wouldn't quit, even with MCC settings to ease a few questionable decisions from the Devs, Townies should require a few status Checks that take into consideration; Financial Status, Traits, race/genes, local culture and career leanings, I mean… it would make sense for Erratic sims to have weird wardrobe, but when you see a neat snob perfectionist wearing shorts and a suit with tie, shades and a ring in every finger you start to distrust the sim townie generation and frankly, you start to lose your mind as well, they really take your immersion out of the game and throw it out the window, Townies should have a code, either a randomization from gallery or templates, game can't be trusted to populate the game like players could..
    it's EITHER two extremes with the population in this game, either you'll se the SAME sim being recycled into several functions, example: Eliza feckn' Pancakes and/or Vladislaus or some cosmic horror cthulhu abomination townie being created to fill whatever the situation requires… also the fact you HAVE to sell your house (if you play only 1 sim) in order to enroll is another weird decision

    Servos just reminds me of Skeletons from Jungle Adventures, and then the realization that they are just Sims wearing a Skeleton "clever disguise"

    Anyway what's next? Werewolves? Fairies? I saw the Next DLC voting and the candidates should all have been part of the game, if instead of voting, Maxis did these packs either separate or in a huge dlc pack they would have easily earned money, but all things considered, I'm glad it was the Arts and Crafts candidate that won, however it also shows the game is lacking severely in gameplay depth when all players want is MORE SKILLS.

    They should have made a new ghost type that shipped with this DLC that went around university "draining skills" of sims in order to feed, a new death type from using the new research and debate computer, instead of recycling overxertion.

  12. It’s by design that the game play is quick and easy. Because it gives you a short feeling of accomplishment completing and then have you waiting with bated breath for the next expansion that they churn out so quickly!

  13. Hey Carl, I am playing with my super sim and I noticed that while my first degree took 12 credits, my 2nd and 3rd have taken only 8 each so far

  14. I would have liked a graduation cut scene and not to have regular sims hanging around on campus,. it spoils the effect of the college scene. This happened with the magic pack also. I would rather get a grade progress report than call or email professors, which was weird.

  15. If you do get a drama degree will the base pay go up for acting cause at level 10 right now the job Does not pay well compared to others with the lack of bonus pay

  16. The “graduation ceremony” was so anticlimactic I didn’t even realize it happened! She put on her cap and gown, met with like 5-6 other sims for like 5 seconds, ran around the campus, tossed her cap in the air, and that was it. ?? One issue I keep having with the addition of Get Famous is when my sim gets invited to parties the DJ will abandon their post EVERY TIME someone famous shows up! It always results in my sim leaving the event angry. ?

  17. Hmm it might be an adon but i think they patched the calendar to show the classes. As always thank you for your hard work! I might donate next month when my money is there. ❤

  18. Actually, I quite enjoy the fact that we can attend robotics with Bella goth of all people or have Morgyn ember as our painting model bc I feel like it EXPANDS our world and makes it more connected, Which really enriched MY gameplay as I hate the rando ugly computer-generated townies. In the end, as someone told me once before about the sims community, different strokes for different folks, I LOVE this aspect and respect what the sims team tried to do even if others don't in some form or another… Thanks for at least taking time with this review bc when you said something felt rush I just immediately thought of the other gamechanger reviews lol, bc they released their opinions that were overwhelmingly positive then they were like 'too easy waa need mods to fix'… sorry if I'm venting now, but just needed to about the community as a whole bc it's just really getting on my nerves. I apologize to literally any who read this and thank you for tolerating me, I know I probably am not doing anything to improve the community but Carl, Thanks for at least being blunt about it and taking time to better form an opinion, critiquing and criticizing on what we have than what stupid stuff we don't (reunions, active classes, active careers, etc). Thanks, Carl!

  19. I can't believe they got rid of the 'claim' option for beds, so now in my non-university household people will sleep in other people's beds. I valued that feature greatly and now it's gone so I have to rely on locking bedroom doors. Ugh.

  20. My biggest frustration with this pack was the one billion stairs in Foxbury Institute, some of them bugged my sims while they went to classes earlier. I also felt sad that we can only see the Repo Man if we force the situation. It doesn't come naturally. But overall, the pack is amazing and it added many gameplay features, things that I didn't see in the last Expansion Pack and Game Pack. Hopefully they'll do more of these in the future!
    Thanks for the review, Carl! Love your honesty and that you care about the community to give us a good opinion about the packs!

  21. The reason I like your content is that you do not rush, you are clear and honest in what you provide in each video with a thoughtfulness that I appreciate. The YouTube world is full of people trying to capture the audience by getting their video out first. That is fine if it is a game play / play thru video but for a review or tutorial more time should be taken to ensure the information provided is truly useful and correct. Thank you for giving us that here and on your website.

  22. Hey I tested out roommates and found the sweet spot is 5-7. I wasn't noticing repeats at 7 but I could have ended up with mutiple "cleaners" or "food bringers" instead of violinists.

  23. Maybe it's just me, but both EPs we got this year felt more like fleshed out GPs than a proper EP. Both were way too dependent on rabbit hole gameplay, and not enough actual gameplay. Don't even get me started on how they introduced another new sport (soccer) and turned it into a glorified version of hacky sack for sims to do instead of the bog standard idle animation. I mean EA makes the FIFA games, you'd think the soccer in the Sims might actually involve some actual soccer gameplay, or in the least a proper soccer goal to take shots at. I guess it was yet another case of "performance" and "resources" concerns.

  24. Everyone begs for DEPTH and entertaining gameplay….. But votes for KNITTING stuff pack! WHY? I’m sad we won’t get the grim reaper career from happy haunts! NOW that was a cool new idea!

  25. The fact that you don't rush your work is the reason why I trust your judgment, and why I patiently wait for your reviews. Thank you for taking your time, and being as thorough as possible ????.

  26. For what it’s worth, I don’t think you need to apologize for any “delay” in getting these reviews out. Your reviews have depth, are well thought out, and rarely do I watch one of your videos and pick up something new about the game. Quality js worth waiting for. I much prefer the pacing of your channel than some other Sim content providers who crank out high volume that is all fluff and chock full of speculation. Long ways to say, thank you.

  27. At least it's better than Sims 3 university expansion which was a god damn train wreck. Especially when it came to graduation.

  28. I wish roommates was added in a patch because that's the only reason I would buy this EP.
    The whole point of going to higher education is to impact the rest of your life and this doesn't do that. Not even in the sense of student loan debt.

  29. It's a long road for University. I felt betrayed and underwhelmed about the graduation. I expected "why don't you throw your sim a graduate party" or something that actually makes your simmer and the simmer proud?! Also, why on earth did they stick Law career in this pack, without having a Law degree to choose. That to me, just makes no sense whatsoever! But as I see it, this pack is hardly anything without other expansions so I figure it wouldn't be anything without them. For example, it would have been cool to add a Law and Education career like the ones we see in Get to Work. The podiums at uni could have been used/or a similar item for Law career. A teaching career could have been used similar to how Sims 2 University was (your sim being able to go to class and see the teacher lecturing), etc. There was so much potential. Just more useless jobs and rabbit holes! I mean, at least add an unlock able item for the new careers. A law wig or gavel. I mean c'mon!

  30. 18:15 Oh we did try – this pack should have been entertaining. But its not – like most of other packs in Sims 4. It lacks most stuff I wanted from my University pack.

  31. Graduation aside, I really enjoyed sending one of my Sims to college. It reminded me a lot of TS2 University, and for me, that's a good thing. Personally, I'm excited to do it all again (but in a new direction) with future Sims. One thing: right after graduation, I threw a keg party at the dorm and my Sims and a few others wore their robes to it. This made graduation a lot more fun.

  32. Personally I was most disappointed by the low interest rate/hefty signing bonus and the fact that electives count towards graduation. A harder University program or real threat of debt would've been great challenges to add.

  33. As someone who has been extremely frustrated with this for a couple of days…….. I had my sim stay in his home, skill up a wee bit, and attend. He still spent quite a lot of time on campus because I've been trying to keep it someone realistic giving him down/fun time too & time for extra activities. This sim is my 3rd try. His experience is tons better. He's got a "free ride" via scholarships. He has roommates to help pay his bills at home. Having roommates let's him be social, but not annoyed / overwhelmed by too many people doing god knows what at all hours. He studies, goes to class, is on the debate team, spirit club…..has a social iife & still maintains a A+ taking 4 classes a week. He's only been stressed once & having been sick was the trigger. I'm now enjoying university. Ok, so it's not as good as the sims 2 version…..but you can indeed have a lot of fun with it. It just takes figuring it out. Far better than the sims 3 version.

  34. I enjoyed your review. I learned a few things as well. I bought the pack and I like it for what it has to offer despite the game bugs and limitations.

  35. Always enjoy your pack breakdowns @Carl's Sims Guides and your website is my go to guide for anything I don't know or am fuzzy on so big thanks and keep up the fantastic content

  36. Hobbies and friendship are the two aspects of sims' lives that I think need an overhaul the most. I would be cautiously optimistic about the possibility of a hobbies game pack, but game packs are so much smaller than expansion packs. How much content could it possibly have?

  37. Realm of Magic disappointed me so much that I haven’t played the game for a while now. This pack doesn’t get me excited at all. sigh Thanks for the in-depth review though. ?

  38. I cannot get my sims to pass classes. Even if I do the homework everyday, the finals and the presentation the first day, and have them actively listen in class. So frustrating. I'm not thrilled with this pack.

  39. Discover university is my life and I play sims to avoid my life. I don't want to buy and play a game that reminds me of my reality.

  40. “Roommate personalities”, “roommate types”, this defines the biggest issue with Sims 4. Due to the fact the sims themselves have no personality they have to come up with preset concepts like that and it will always be more limited and predictable than actual personalities by traits (Sims 3) or the Sims 2 slider system.

    Anyway, I value your reviews greatly and if the Sims team won’t pick up your thorough feedback, I sure hope Alex Massé is learning from it.

  41. Hey Carl, considering the extensive amount of info you put on your guides and then you make videos you put out content significantly fast! Thank you for all of the time you put in to this, you save us all a lot of time.

  42. Love how you ended the video by frying the servo after they woohoo’d in the shower ?. I too had a male student create a servo, but used the bed for sexy times. Servo has been fun to play with, but I totally agree the process of making her was awful.

  43. Ty Carl for your work, time, and patience of putting out the information on sims games. I appreciate all you do. When I need to know something I scan the google for your name to click on for my answers. Your fair and the best. Ty.

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