What’s a DUNS Number? (The code to business Credit) | Shamika Saves

What’s a DUNS Number? (The code to business Credit) | Shamika Saves

hey everybody its Shamika just wanted to
come to you and make you a video on what exactly is a Duns and what is it good
for alright so your Duns number and I’m gonna spell it out for those who do not
know D u NS stands for data Universal numbering system it is a nine digit
number that your business is issued once you register with the Donnie Bradstreet
this new nine digit number will be your new company’s social security number I
like to identify it as a social security number because you will be using this
number when applying for credit you will be using this number if you are applying
for government contracts if you are applying for government loans if you’re
trying to get on with your city and local state government to do different
types of work you will have to have a Duns number so this is vitally important
you can get it from done it Bradstreet I am going to put a link below so you can
go and get your Duns number for free okay now you get that number for free
simply by stating that you are a government contractor now you do not
have to be a government contractor today but in the future your business may or
may not want to do business with the government
I would advise everyone to take a look into it it may be something that you may
find to be easier than you thought but if not you can always say that you’re a
government contractor and you can always at a later date when you find a contract
that fits then you are officially the government contractor but in order to
get your number for free so you do not have to pay dun & bradstreet I believe
it’s a hundred and ninety-nine dollars for this number it’s ridiculous get it
for free through the link I put below you can state that your government
contractor and you can be some government contractors soon if you’re
not a contractor today alright so you’re gonna get that nine digit number if
while you’re on the website registering and you notice that your business is
already up there or an address was using an address there’s an address for an old
business that you’re now using all you need to do is simply just call dun and
bradstreet on their 800 number and they will make
the correction for you if not you can go to I update I’ll put that link below
also I update you can make any type of corrections to your own business if you
find that you have a Duns number and you just happen to forget about it okay so
that I update will let you update your address phone number
employees blah blah blah you name it so it helps you with that now I’m gonna get
to some of the great things that we can use the Duns number for once again I did
state that it is good for business credit you’ll notice that when you fill
out an application it will always usually ask you for your EIN but it will
ask you for your Duns number as well your Duns number traces back to a
company called dun & bradstreet which is the company that actually issued that
number to you dun & bradstreet is the oldest credit bureau in the world they
only do business credit they’ve never done personal credit but they have been
reporting on businesses and their transactions and their ability to pay or
not to pay for a long long long time so they they got this down very well so
pretty much when you link up with them you’re gonna get that nine digit number
you’re gonna start using that on your application and you’re going to use this
Duns number and your ability to get vendors and to pay these vendors on time
people especially when you’re dealing with business credit you have to make
sure you pay them on time with before time but you’re going to use your Duns
number because your Duns number is going to be what tracks your payments back to
a credit score that you’re going to get from dun & bradstreet now when you move
on to Experian or Equifax and you make purchases with someone that reports to
them they will still use your Duns number or your EIN but we are just going
to talk about dun & bradstreet so when you make purchases

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