What You Need to Know About YouTube for Business…

What You Need to Know About YouTube for Business…

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  1. thank yo for the encouragement.. I am struggling with YouTube but do better with Facebook.. I guess I will keep on moving forward and hope YouTube works for me..

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wop2rSaveZQ this is my youtube launch video. Please look at the likes against Subscriptions. What to do?

  3. I just subscribed to your channel! Your videos are awesome. There is a lot to learn from you. Keep it up Sean!

  4. For a very short video, you shared so many tips! My favorite is focusing on one social media platform first and if it grows, then it's time to divert them to another. I'm guilty that I'm trying to be visible in most of the popular platforms (IG, FB, Twitter, LI) because I was hoping they would visit my channel. My concern is how else will I promote it since I'm still growing? Thanks, Sean for the wonderful info though! =)

  5. Great video. Food for thought, a $20 ad of Facebook brings me $20k work time and again, whilst my YouTube channel is struggling for traction the same as the lady in the video, so your 'focus on what is working' is extremely relevant. But it is still very early and I sense that YouTube leveraged properly can be just as effective. Keep the fabulous videos coming.

  6. SEAN IS THE MAN!!! Seriously though, I'm watching all of your videos and every single one is choked full of knowledge. It's great that you are sharing your expertise as not many people are willing to do this. Simple stuff like not emulating bigger channels which is something I was trying to do, only to realize that I wasn't going to get traction since they already filled that need. Keep it up man, your work is awesome.
    PS. I have a small channel dedicated to Monster Hunter, I'd appreciate if you checked it out!
    and subscribe 🙂

  7. This is absolute gold.

    And I will travel anywhere off the continent. Love America but really loving the world travel….Paris is next.

  8. Good stuff, I liked that you pushed what makes most sense for the business, not just YT. And I was nodding through the whole platform authority part. For those just starting off, stay consistent. Stay focused and keep learning! The lag time is frustrating but the fruit is delicious ?

  9. Would anyone like to help a small channel grow, a sub for a sub?
    It’s been frustrating being a small channel and not getting any publicity
    It would be amazing if anyone could help☺️

  10. I love how kind you seem. I finally started my channel after watching one of your videos talking about just take the dive. Learn as you go and have fun 🙂 I love we can track these memories that our grandparents didnt have the technology to do as well. Take advantage! I appreciate any support on my channel and will be glad to return it!

  11. Ahhhhhhmazing! Yup that was me talking about my video on how to make flower earrings. Such a good speech and so happy I was able to attend.

  12. My fb is where most of my business is and I’m learning fb is not friendly with sharing YouTube links ☹️ I’m sticking with my fb business but wanted this to be a bonus. Just wish fb was friendlier about it

  13. Yes!! San Diego is where we live, born and raised ?? Wish I could have attended this conference! Thank you for sharing the tips! Where can I find the rest of the conference video?

  14. Oh my gosh Sean.. long time follower here.. I get to give you advice for 1 second, and you MUST listen… You are FORBIDDEN to say PEACE as an exit phrase ever again 🙂

  15. Sean you have helped me so much over the last 4 years. I'm not where I should be but I feel I'm growing the right way, and learning a little at a time. I know you hear this a lot, but THANK YOU for you valued information and ability to share with the needy

  16. Great video Sean! I think your best videos are three hours long where you are sleep deprived and your eyes are bugging out LOL!

  17. Yep….YOUTUBE GET BETTER with age….thanks a lot…❤…now spread the WORDs..google..TRAVFOODLOCA..
    ..I need 1000 SUBSCRIBERS & 4000 HOURS VIEWS……ANYONE here comments…please HELP OUT…?? I APPRECIATE GUYS…?❤

  18. Hey @ThinkMedia I want to start a vlogging YouTube channel with my family.. we are a dancing family .. so there will be alot of music, I'm sure will be heard in our videos. So how do we not get in trouble with YouTube but are able to post our dancing video s??

  19. Yes, I've been to San Diego and my favorite place now to visit is Spain! I spent a month there in May and it was a beautiful place.

  20. You had me at fine wine! LOL
    60k video wow! So many YT would kill for that!
    Yes, Valve, Valve, Valve! As always you killed it….
    An best place, Ocean Beach sitting at the ocean eat an ice cream with my best friend!!!!
    Thx Chuck

  21. Thanks – been watching your stuff for about a year now helped me a lot with content creation ??

  22. Just got back from San Diego , San Diego Comic-con. If you've never been to sdcc, definitely worth considering…❤️ the weather.

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