What You Must Know About The Consulting Business – Successful Coaching & Consulting Secrets Ep. 6

What You Must Know About The Consulting Business – Successful Coaching & Consulting Secrets Ep. 6

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  1. Very insightful and helps me change the way I will do business. The transformation relationship not only does better for business but can be productive in more ways

  2. Thank you! I do Barbering in a small shop in Alaska. There are salons on almost every corner but my clients tell me they enjoy our shop and keep coming back for the quality hair cut and the peaceful welcoming feeling of the shop and my the coworkers I work with. I truly agree that you need to build a relationship with your clients and in our case their whole family which in turn creates long term clients, referrals and new business generated from word of mouth. Again thank you for your videos,

  3. Sifu Dan, thank you. Growing up I was tought to do everything from my heart. Over the years, I've since become more transactional and a bit apathetic to the services I offerred. I appreciate your reminder and have re-adopted this principle into my daily life. Thank you.

  4. Great lesson, or reminder… This should be the heart of any bussines relationship, not only that the clients would feel it, but the person who is runing the bussines would feel a lot better about it, because he brings more value to someone, he apriciates his work more. Thank You, mister Dan, I think the best starting point for everyone would be this one, or at least, it is for me. This is where I will get on board, thank You for that. Greetings from Serbia.

  5. Hey guys, I have friends who term this concept of — it is about how you view what you do — as "sensationalism" as well as "hoax". They think that we should just be "honest", price lower and focus on the transactional aspect. They think the transformative thing is fluff. What do you guys think about this?

  6. Phenomenal video – More and more I realize it's less about the TRANSACTION and more about not only "their perception" but how we can make someone feel..

  7. That is why you are loved look at your picture Black man teaching and consulting his team …..positive role model only you can do that Dan….big up Dan nuff respect….you are captivating and capturing everyone…on a global and universal scale…

  8. adding value to customers really helps get you referrals.. not just buyer-seller relationship (transactional). i have applied to my practice of dentistry. now, i have so mamy patients that my schedule is always full and getting referrals here and there. i love your videos! i always watch/listen to your videos whenever im driving (2hours drive everyday) instead of just listening to some music. you really inspire people like us in many ways. thanks dan!

  9. People stay with you because of who you are, its about relationship, maintain your relationship…transactional…very good points……
    Articulation….low level transactional….this is deep….l agree….you care but your not attached…l worked in the Spa you cannot wham bam….if you want to say a top performer…with HNW clientele base….valid.

  10. This is a Wonderful important aspect you presented and I totally agree. I have Customers that I build a special bond during a short time that each time they see me their eyes light up with a big smile.

  11. You have actually made me realise, even though I sell a product (bespoke industrial furniture) that actually my business needs to be not just transaction focused. It needs to be about creating that client customers experience, that goes beyond just making things for money.
    Thanks Dan!

  12. I love this playlist! Mindset is definitely important. It's like your staring point, why start at the bottom of the mountain when you can start half way up.

  13. People buy not what you sell but who you are. Forge a good relationship and your business will grow exponentially.

  14. Difference form Transactional for Transformational is how you manage the details, you don't do it the same way unless you hav e DEEP PASSION ABOUT WHAT YOU DO

  15. I feel that you're talking about the intention of how a person carries out their business and the"buyer" can feel and experience that. And if so then that is absolutely true in business, and unfortunately something business people often forget. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. .. it's something we need to either learn (if we don't do it) or be reminded of. 👍

  16. Thank you for this insight Mr. Lok. I find it reassuring to hear you talking about developing meaningful relationships and viewing the services we provide as more then just transactions. It really confirmed for me that I am approaching this business correctly in that aspect.

  17. So if I get it right it is about making it your mission to help them and transform them with your service. Really care about them but don't be attached to their success because there are many things that have to be taken into account for success. It that correct? Thank you Sifu!

  18. Hi Dan ! I am from Pakistan, I want to thank you as your videos made a great impact on me.
    Given me confidence to charge the money I deserve for my work.
    I share your videos with my friend she is a makeup artist. She also applied your methodology in her business. We both are becoming successful because of YOU.
    God bless you.

  19. I so thankful to have you in Youtube.
    You sharing details of your experience short and simple without any bu….
    My name is Stephan and I am doing network marketing.
    ? Question: How you telling the people the true, straight the head without losing it.

  20. This upload was timely. I'm writing content for my website. We fuss over keywords and metrics but forget what inspired us to work. That shows verbally and visually.

  21. Thanks Dan. This will changed my life. I will find the money to get the service. I'm in moving and storage. So I make people want my service because I always applied this in everything I do . plus they trust me with their most PRICELESS things and know that I'm there to make sure everything is good.

  22. Hey 👋 danlok sir i am a startup consultant i am not studied a management study for consulting but i create a plan for a corporate of higher leval for not only consulting and execution to but they rejected me on my 1st presentation i want to ask is their any study for me to recommend i mean i set a goal for it i can not give up give me advice please

  23. Dear Dan, because of your well-explained talk I know exactly that I am gonna be like you. I also can't wait for all wonderful things are happening on my way to success. People need my service because all what I have is love inside and I love to take care of people because I always go BEYOND and not because of it's money only. It's because it's important for me to give what I have and that's why I love it to be a Consultant as being a Coach. Thank you for sharing your warm-hearted message! Love, Vida

  24. You are called to transformational project opportunities by your emotions (I know I have). We only mentally listen for money because that is our experience from others. This video explains the difference, but it takes a little more: transformational projects are emotional. You get excited to work on a project irregardless of the money involved. That is what people say when they love there job, as long as you can pay the bills to provide and survive.

  25. I learned that this can go for business and life it’s all about the mindset. Our mindset can determine our habits

  26. My number 1 take away: Create a FEELING and story when explaining what I do. My action – as I'm developing a new program is to continue working on creating greater clarity and value of the transformation I will offer and create a stronger story that ignites more powerful feeling.

  27. I always thought business must be more than just 'wham-bam-thank you-ma'am'. It simply cannot be just a transaction because people aren't objects. Thank you for confirming my beliefs, Dan

  28. Interesting explanation of the difference between Transactional and Transformational transactions To offer a Transformational service all starts with your initial mindset before you even work with someone. I will be adopting this into my mindset as a HTC.

  29. I love the thought of "care but don't be attached" i am having a hard time to separate that too but this one gave me a clear mind on how to deal with it. Thanks Sifu

  30. This is the first video i watched after discovering your channel. I must say you have re-confirmed my desire to be a consultant. My new years resolution for 2019 is to begin my own consulting services. Thank you Dan Lok.

  31. I enjoyed your video. I am just now taking steps to begin my consulting business. You really put things in perspective. After 40 years as an insurance agent/broker I have decided to provide individuals and small businesses with the information they should have to make an educated decision about their insurance needs to avoid over payment and over insured. I feel very passionate about this.

  32. Idk why YouTube recommended this but it’s amazing. I haven’t listened to it really but it’s such a great lesson on how to pitch yourself wrong. It’s important to do things well and respect yourself and also where you are.
    As long as you work hard, focus on delivering value, as trite as that sounds, but you know, life is like Darksouls. Git Good is easy advice to give, it’s the truest and, well… I never even got to Deacons. Consulting is one of those art forms where, well, data is very limited, you create actionable advice in an imperfect world, and you can never really be right anywhere near all the time. But I feel like a lot of people going into this space think it’s about confidence and presentation and personality and anything but substance. You can be modest and still be useful, and I’d say it even helps.
    This dude’s advice isn’t entirely bad. He doesn’t need a ridiculous montage of rented helicopters. But then again, maybe he does… there’s not really that much substance.

  33. I loved tge realness and rawness of your message but also the simplicity of viewing what you do enthusiastically and not just treating everything as transactional.

  34. I am a doctor. And I personally recommend that it's a wonderful message for all service-providers to build best relationship with there clients by attachment with there feelings and emotions. Because humen-being are emotional.

  35. treat them like family ( make them feel like family ) but dont get attached to their failures ( dont take their potential failures personal ) , and when / if they fail reassure them that they can fix them ( with your help of course ) , its kind of like having a girlfriend that pays you money for you to reassure her about her looks …

  36. This guy seems a bit cheesy. I wouldn't be surprised if his lifestyle is all a front.

  37. This is not about creative word play or positioning, it’s about belief and mindset and expressing your beliefs publicly to match that of your ideal audience. Love it.

  38. hi Dan,

    somehow Youtube decided i needed to listen to this. I did. And listening to what steve asked really hits home hard. thank you for this.

  39. Oh my!!! Here is a key and here is some condo… can’t stop laughing. Too much… so fun to watch and what an awesome message

  40. Big time shift in approach; from Transaction to Transformation…how do I make my clients feel so we are in this relationship long term? Powerful, eye opening question Sifu! Thank you!

  41. how do you keep up with the energy required to transform people which have no motivation or focus to be transformed ?

  42. Thank you for verbalizing what I've always believed about providing a service that will separate you from others that do what you do.

  43. Hi Sifu Dan, after going through the HTC program week 3 and watching this, it really resonates well on how we get into their pain point without being so salesy or just to close the deal, and not being attached.

  44. Hi Dan,

    I really ,

    I am into consultancy & Training and I too really believe in relationship need to be Transformational & not Transactional.. I experience the same
    Caring and not being attached is what being emotionally intelligent.

    Admirer of yours

  45. just few minutes of listening already hits home.. thanks .. but not just in consulting but in everything.. its what DEEPAK CHOPRA is saying.. DETACHED INVOLVEMENT.. or Paulo Coelhos.. just do our best and let the Universe handle the details

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