What You Don’t Know About Me

What You Don’t Know About Me

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  1. The New Channel –  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk8Fs9fhRAZ1KAmbXcGkWjg Subscribe for more of our daily life videos.  Also, if we do it, should it be called Tokyo Zebra or de Guzmans fromTOKYO?  Btw, Tokyo Zebra is our website.  https://www.tokyozebra.com/

  2. Hi Paolo! I really like your videos, good thing youtube brought me here when i was starting to like japanese culture. your videos about day in life in japan really interest me. im glad you make this video on how you get there and im happy that i found out that youre a filipino too. hehehe.

    even though i cant be a member to support your channel financially due to my current state, i will support you by always watching and liking your videos.

    I wish you all the best and to your family. Maraming salamat! 🙂

  3. Wow,u r blessed 👍😇 great job. It's ok to get emotional even though u r a guy 💝 I also live in Washington state n luv it, wish u all the best

  4. マイコさんとの日常のチャンネルいいですね🥰

  5. Great life story Paolo! I did not know you also used to snowboard. I guess we had a similar experience in Japan anyway hahaha.
    Wish all the luck and success 🙂 Peace!

  6. Hi I am fan of you from Bangladesh. Your videos are always neat and clear So I can suggest if you want to make this kind of video.
    1. How to get job visa from Bangladesh or some Asian country(low skill or high category)
    2. About citizenship in Japan. How to get it (all procedure management)
    thats all 🙂

  7. Absolutely love your videos. Not a major fan of the extreme amount of editing cuts between every half sentence though. Just let it flow a bit and make it easier to watch you speak. Keep up the great work you two.

  8. Thank you for all your hard, dedicated work and for being such an honest, genuine person – so sorry to hear about your snowboard accident I would’ve never have guessed but it’s truly inspiring how far you’ve come from it!!

  9. More in the day of the life videos please!! I think another good way for you to make income is to help newcomers settle and adapt in Japan. With your Japanese language and knowledge, I think you would be great at it.

  10. You two are adorable & I've enjoyed watching your videos preparing for my Japan trip- & after the trip now that I miss Japan. (And your proposal video was also "emotional" : )
    Thank you for sharing your lives & perspectives!

  11. Great honest video this. I don't know how many subscribers you had a couple of years ago when I subscribed, but your videos helped me a lot in organizing my Japan trip. Keep up the good work Paolo and Maiko!

  12. @ Paolo .. I knew you weren't Japanese but …. you look Japanese. I also appreciate that you didn't edit your emotions out entirely. You're just like the rest of us. As far as the channel goes, I would say don't start up a 2nd channel. I think that waters down your efforts with this channel and distracts you. Just add more content to this channel. You need to understand that your viewers are YOUR biggest fans / advocate. The day in the life series is phenomenal. However, watching you and you're wife in a past video about the beauty electronics was also … incredible. You've already given yourself the answer to your question of, what should you do, and that is, you and you're Wife work very well together. Capture those moments and share it with us. I believe that's your answer. You're smile, your passion, the laughs between you and your Wife, you're going to have a million subs before you know it. Also, if you need some other REALLY good examples of how you can grow your channel, look @ Harold Balder and Mr Bald. They travel, they share history, they speak a 2nd language. You could do the same, travel Japan, get lost, explore. There is so much about Japan that Americans and the world over are dying to experience. Experience that for us. Try out new foods, visit historic areas and talk to us about the culture, the food, the people. Be that voice for us. How cool would it be for you to get on a bullet train and just jump off at some random stop and walk around that city, talk to people, try new foods, speak Japanese for us and show us that beautiful smile of yours. 🙂

  13. Just want to pop in to say a BIG thank you for all of your videos. We recently took a trip to Japan and we found your videos so insightful and the content was very informative and high quality. Thank you and good luck on 1M subscribers! I secretly wished you had a guided tour of Tokyo because it would have been fun to meet you in person.

  14. Paolo, this was an amazing video!!! Thank you for sharing more about yourself and Maiko, it wasn’t boring at all ☺️

  15. Keep up the great work you guys! We are in Shibuya and plan to check out the festival in a bit. Your Japan videos have definitely helped us out so far in our very first trip to Japan.

  16. I survived my Japan trip and had lots of fun and learning. All thanks to your videos and the TZ website. Thank you, Paolo and Maiko. Can't wait to go back to Japan and explore more.

  17. You have a wonderful channel, I appreciate all your content. You are on the road to 1M very soon. I love the diversity of your videos, but the street food ones are amazing.

  18. Paolo Love your videos. You have a very good smile that touches ones heart. You present the videos in awesome manner. Love your videos dude. All the best for future en devours

  19. My husband and I would like to thank you both very much for all the info we have got from your channel – our trip to Japan wouldn't have been the same without you two. We are definitely indicating your channel to friends that are planning to go to Japan next year & we will defo check it out again when organising our next trip to Japan.

  20. For me what really sets your channel apart from the rest are the "a life in…<insert professional> " series. It's unique and there's nothing like it on youtube. Please keep posting more of these!

  21. Kia ora (Hi) from New Zealand🙋🏽‍♀️Thank you to you and your wife for all your travel insights & tips about Japan. My wife & I will be travelling to Tokyo next month & there for 3months & alot of your videos have helped us with what to expect when we arrive. Since my wife is a chef we will definitely be checking out the amazing food places you visit too mmm😋 (I will be printing your wifes awesome looking maps😁) so thank you again for these vlogs & letting us know a lil bit about yourselves..Ka kite ano (See you again) ..Mareca🙋🏽‍♀️

  22. You may want to consider keeping only 1 YT channel, but have a separate segment, say "Out of Japan" series, within the same channel. I believed the viewers and channel followers will be able to tell the difference.

  23. Kind suggestion for a topics/content 😊
    A day in a life:
    1. Humans of Tokyo
    2. Migrants in Tokyo (Filipino, Korean, Iranian, and others)

  24. Great video…you’ve answered so many things I’ve been wondering about with you and Maiko. My wife and I cannot wait to watch each new video every Saturday. Keep up the great work you two! Ganbare!

  25. I like it where you never failed to smile and that really makes the viewers’ day!
    👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 I truly your videos and keep up the fab work.

  26. Man, I’ve been roaming the streets of Shibuya hoping to bump into you and thank you for helping me prep for my trip to Tokyo! I’m here now enjoying everything you’ve recommended. Congrats on your growing success!

  27. Hi Paolo! Thank you so much for this video. You answered my question to you on the other video about “how can you not gain weight after eating all those food?”. I immersed myself with your videos before we came to Japan this past March-April. Although we went on a tour, we felt more knowledgeable with the culture than our fellow tour members, having viewed all of your videos before the trip. As a fellow Filipino, although I live in Hawaii, I feel so proud of you. I also am married to a third generation Okinawan, although you may think that it’s not the same, I feel a connection. Keep up the amazing job you and Maiko are doing. I will definitely check out and subscribe to the other channel as well.

  28. Hi Pablo, thank you so much for your hard work in life. A person full of thankfulness to your surrounding people and humbleness like you with good positive attitude, really keeps you learning and learning and through all these it really mould you over time to a successful person you are now.
    I thank God for sustaining your life during your snowboard time. Really huge incident that turn your life around but yet you stand strong and I believe with many blessed angels that surrounds you to help you along the way too.

    Also happy that you have met a good and supportive partner aka Wife, Maiko. She has her funny side and I love watching her as well in your channel.

    YouTube, Good content as always and I always catch it every time you uploaded a video.

    Best YouTube channel that I won’t missed and I’ve learned a lot from your channel and about japan.

    Wish you luck and may the Lord richly bless both Maiko and you Everyday.

    Looking forward to your channel. Ganbatte!! 💪🏻

  29. Omg I’m so grateful for your channel! I started watching because I’m traveling to Japan for the first time soon. I find all of your videos the most useful but entertaining as well. It’s great to learn more about you! When you cried, I cried too 😭 If I ever bump into you, I hope I can have a drink with you & Maiko lol.

  30. LOVE your channel, which I found when I was going to visit Japan for the first time in a long time. Thanks for helping me re-connect with my mom’s country. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Thank you so much for this video Paolo. For opening up and sharing your life story. I was actually crying when watching your video. It is an eye opener and you deserve all the praise. I needed all the words and advice you just shared right now. It will be a hard road, but i will now start doing something towards the thing i want the most, because yes, life ends in a snap. THANK YOU AND MORE POWER TO YOU, MAIKO and your CHANNEL!

  32. really interesting video! in the short time you have been alive, you have done a hell of a lot! thankfully you quit snowboarding haha, wow…

  33. 23:45 24:00 This is probably the most personal video that you've made. Thank you for the videos that helped us viewers on how to go out and about in Japan.

  34. My girlfriend and I stumbled over your channel when we were loosely fantasised about doing a trip to Japan. We dug through the first few videos and really got super curious about every new one coming up. Your videos and especially all the things you presented in them really gave us that final push to actually travel to Japan.
    And it never disappointed us since. It's always a little adventure to find the places you had shown, find some of the snacks as well and then add our own discoveries to it.
    We're planning on going to Japan once a year and already made friends over there, which is absolutely mind blowing to me personally – making friends on the other end of the world.

    I can only recommend travelling to Japan and have the experience for yourselves. It is so different from all the cliches that pop up in your head and will leave a whole lot of impressions.
    Just try it out.

  35. I feel like I'm in a dream… I've been thinking of moving to Japan for a long time now, and naturally, I came across your channel and became very obsessed with your videos.

    As an entrepreneur myself, I'm always curious about career paths of big YouTubers like you, and the journey they've gone through to get to where they are now.

    And as SOON as I was about to ask you to make a video about your life, you uploaded this video… the timing is still freaking me out LOL

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your journey 🙂

  36. You have had an amazing life, which can only get better. You and mika are amazing together , live long and prosper 🖖.

  37. That was great! I wouldn’t have guessed that you have done all that! You still look like you’re in your mid-20s. I’m so glad there’s people like you on YouTube showing Tokyo and Japanese culture. You’re very genuine and hard-working. I wish you and Maiko the best! I’ll be sure to subscribe to that new channel! I personally love watching vlogs. Haha


  39. Why people dislike this video? I can't understand. Btw, congrats for the success with the Channel Paolo, keep doing that ^^.

  40. I really want to come to Japan but I don’t like places that are overcrowded, how can I avoid the crowds? maybe this is a stupid question!

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