What To Expect in Business School

What To Expect in Business School

[ Music ]>>Dan: I really got some of the quantitative
skills in doing the statistical analysis and doing the database querying and kind of that
side of thing. The job that I had in Internet marketing, but I had never taken an accounting course. I’d never taken a course on finance, and those are concepts that are, you know,
central tenets of business, and I don’t know that I want to go into those areas, but I at least need to know how to speak the language.>>Renee: The way that we are able to bring
an effective change is being educated and knowledgeable about certain subjects so that
you’re able to effectively solve problems, and I think the MBA gives you the education
component through the classes and the theory. It also gives you the leadership component
with the interaction that you’re going to have with your classmates, with faculty, and
with staff and with any community interaction that you have. And then, finally, I think
it’s going to build a certain level of confidence and credibility within your future so that you’re able to go and bring about some change. [ Music ]

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