What to expect from a Business course at University? | Business Degree at Exeter Uni | UK BA degree

What to expect from a Business course at University? | Business Degree at Exeter Uni | UK BA degree

Today is the first of January 2017 and it’s
10am guys I woke up an hour ago and this is how much Iove you. I am here in beautiful
Venice, shooting this highly requested video by you guys. So hi!My name is Francesca for
those who do not know me and welcome to the Ultimate Channel for students. Today I am
going to talk about Business and Management, that is my course that’s what I study and
I study in Exeter University so for anyone out there who is wondering how is the business
school in Exeter Uni, hopefully I will answer your questions. So I decided to do a 4 year
course, so a 4 year course is basically you do your first and second year in Uni and then
do a third year abroad, you can either study or work or do half and half, I decided to
work and then in your 4th year which is the year I am currently in right now, you basically
have to make sure you graduate with a really high mark.
So for those who do not know the marking system, this is how it’s divided: if you have more
than 70%, you have a first, which is something that everyone wants; if you have more than
60%, you have a 2.1, which is the mark that is acceptable to get into all the big companies;
if you have above 50%, that’s a 2.2 and unfortunately your degree is not worth that much if you
have a 2.2 unless you are in Oxford or Cambridge or one of those super big and intese course
but still its hard to find jobs when you have a 2.2. And then anything below that is a pass
and if you have under 40% then you’ve failed, so yea.
Now that I’ve explained the marks I am going to explain the credits ok? So every year you
have 120 credits and that 120 credits is divided between your modules, so your modules will
be worth either 15 credits which is the most common one, or 30 credits, what does that
mean? If your module is worth 15 credits, it means you are only going to study it over
a term. If it’s worth 30 credits, that means it’s going to be spread out on 2 terms. In
unis they say there are 3 terms there are actually 2, and the third one is just for
exams and then partying after exams. For the 4 years there will be a different
weight to your mark. So in first year, 0 the mark doesn’t count so wether you have a first
of a pass the marks do not count. In second term, it counts if you are, if you do 4 years,
it counts for 2/7th of your mark. If you are a third year, then on your third year abroad
it counts for 1/7th and then in your 4th year, it counts for 4/7th so this year for me is
kind of a big deal, so yea my parents are quite surprised that I am dong youtube on
aside of my really intense degree, but now I will tell you why this is possible for me
who does business. The more you progress the more you will be
able to choose your modules, so when you arrive as a fresher there are lodes of compulsory
modules there are a lot of modules that they impose on you and that is kind of normal because
they acknowledge the fact that most of us do not know what to do so they want to like
just decide for us and let us decide maybe 2 modules that we want to do and then in second
year its a bit more, like maybe you can decide 3 or 4, and in fourth year for instance I
had to choose all of my modules except for 2, 2 were compulsory and the rest was basically
me choosing what I wanted to do which is perfect because this year is by far the most interesting
when it comes to what I want to do in life. For second or third or fourth year, your modules
will be chosen in the april before hand, make sure that you are, on the day choosing the
modules you want, because unfortunately it happens to a lot of people, they want to be
in a module or something and then it just does not happen because there is just too
much competition for that module and its basically first there first served kind of thing. so
yea. However if you think you made a mistake back
in april ad you feel like by talking to other people or by doing something, you want to
change modules, that is totally fine, at least in exeter you can change your modules up to
beginning october, do it in september guys like dont wait until october because sometimes
they dont allow that. Always ask you know? you never know what can happen you can always
ask to change your modules. So after this introduction lets actually get
into my course, my course is quite interesting as it has not many hours a week, this year
is my fourth year and I have like between 10 and 12h a week, depending on the week.
It’s, it’s ridiculous when I compare it to back in the day when I was in highschool and
I had to do 8h a day of work, of lectures, now I come here and there is literally 10h
a week and I am just like What happened? Why do I feel this is great? for someone like
me who did not know what I wanted to do, having those hours, those spear hours for me, yes
its great for study, if you haven’t understood a lecture you can have ample time to go over
it. f you have discipline, you can do stuff like i am doing at the moment. I am highly
involved in my projects, youtube is one of them, so me connecting with you guys through
social media is like a big project of mine. This would not be possible if I did medicine,
if I did law. In law people have to read so much they have so much pressure, in medicine
lets not even talk about it. Business is the degree where it’s kind of recognised as a
degree which is prestigeous but its half of the work of the economics students. My brother
does economics in Bath and he hates me because he has so much more work than I have, and
same with economics people in Exeter, they have much more work and many more hours than
I have and my course is basically so flexible, business is so vague you can basically do
whatever you want and yes so by the way this is what my timetable looks like in my second
term. Yea I still cant believe that, its paradise that is literally what my timetable looks
like. Some people change from business to economics
because they dont find the course challenging enough so if you are one of those really hard
working people and you feel like you really want to be challenged then maybe business
is not for you. For people who come to Uni just to have a degree, then maybe business
is not challenging enough for you but for people who like me have no clue what they
want to do go in business but realize they want to do something a bit different, thats
perfect, because then you decide what you want to do with your time and the degree being
not that hard to do, it really is super beneficial for me and my projects.
If you really want to do economics things you can totally take economics lectures. If
you want to do economics just take all the modules of economics unless you want a degree
on paper where its written economics degree, if thats the reason why you want to upgrade
fair enough. But if you want to go in economics just because you want to learn more I either
just sign up to the modules or just go to the lectures of a friend of yours who doesnt
mind yes you wont have to do the exam but if you
are curious and want to learn, you can totally go in other people’s lectures like its not
frowned upon you know? So what are my lectures this year for those
who are asking maybe, I dont know what im putting in this video im putting everything
so sorry if its a bit long, but maybe this can help you guys.
When it comes to my modules this year, I am in my 4th year so they just allocated me 2
modules that I had to do: one of them is called strategic management
and the other one is called Finance for Managers. I personally love Strategic Management and
I don’t say that ever about modules. But strategic management is done in a very practical way
and there is a link between what we are learning and the real world so for me this is super
interesting because most of the things you learn at uni are just theories and when you
actually go in the real life yeah whatever I am not going to use this theory for my life
you know? The other one is finance for managers. Thats
15 credits and it’s going to be next term, however I have done the work in advance because
I knew that as soon as maths is involved I need to do the work in advance so this summer
I went through the course, I went through the lectures and I kind of got a taste I went
through the course, I went through the lectures and I kind of got a taste of what it was and
its really heavy, for me finance is quite heavy and I am so grateful I actually did
the work in advance. The rest of the modules I chose based on what
I liked which was kind of difficult for me to chose in first and second year because
I had no clue of what I wanted to do with my life. But now thank goodness it’s actually
much easier. So for one of the modules I chose was design management. Why did I chose it,
well it was a new module so it brings novelty to the business school and design management
marketing sounds like more creative than the usual boring stuff. So I wanted to try it
out and I wanted to be one of the first people who actually experimented that course. Also
when you go on a new course they tend to be easy on the marks so since I am in my fourth
year and it counts a lot you need to be smart about these kind of things.
The second module that I chose was Digital Marketing and oh my goodness that is my thing,
this is the module I really wanted to do, because I did the practice in my year abroad
because I was Social Media Manager for a medium size company so I kind of know the practice
of digital marketing so this for me should be easy, it should be my cup of tea, but I
am very interested to see how they are going to put all the theories in and you know, its
good to see once you know how to do stuff, to just like see how they teach it. To see
if its a good teaching or not, at least from one’s opinion, from one’s point of view but
I am very excited about that. My third module that I chose was Psychological
aspects of consumption. I actually have a exam in 2 weeks so wish me luck. Also I am
quite interested in psychological aspects of consumption. There is a lot of theories
that I feel are quite interesting about how how humans think how they react to certain
stimulus, stimulus… I don’t know how to say it in french, in italian, in english,
oh goodness. Guys its the first of January ok lets just be nice, it’s the morning I don’t
know how I am up. And then finally I chose a 30 credit module which is Spanish. So until
now I always had a 30 credits module in languages: in first year it was Chinese Beginners and
in second year it was Chinese Intermediate 1 and this year I should have gone in Chinese
Intermediate 2 but oh my goodness when I arrived in class literally everyone first of all looked
asian and looked like they knew Chinese already so I was just like why don’t you just be smart
and go and do Spanish you know i’m Italian, Spanish should be easy peasy. And not only
I got in, I got into the beginners level, so for me this is a huge opportunity to boost
my marks incredibly. My choices are debatable, some people think
“oh, why would you go learn something that you already know” what a waste of money and
what a waste of a degree. Well in my opinion, I’ve past the last 3 years
just learning new stuff and challenging myself with all of the modules that I chose and this
year I need to be extra, I need to be super smart in order to get a good degree because
yes paying a degree to learn is great but also having a degree that’s a 2.2 is kind
of the risk is there, and I don’t want to get a 2.2 otherwise it’s worthless because
I am in exeter and not in Oxford so having a 2.2 in anywhere else but Oxford or Cambridge
is kind of not, it’s not acceptable, you won’t get into the big companies ever, well unless
you do something extraordinary on aside but I don’t want to risk you know? So obviously
I am going to go for as easy marks as I can this year, ok so I had my 3 years of learning
now its time to be smart about my degree. That’s it that’s my argument, then if you
disagree with me fair enough but this is what I know is good for me.
All in all I love business because it gives me the time to actually do what I want to
do in life, it gives me the time to reflect on what Iove to do, it gives me opportunities
to try, practical things, like on my year abroad, I did a job I knew what grad life
would look like if I had that job and I was just like dayum I need to like step up my
game, I don’t want to do what I am doing right now and it kind of gave me that fire to understand
what I wanted to do, to really do introspection and ask myself what do you want to do Francesca
and work at it in order to be, to shine you know? It’s the most open course ever so if
you want to go on the more marketing ish kind of side, you can do that, you want to study
a language, you can do that, you want to go into more financy kind of things or more economics
kind of things, you can do that, so if you are going to do business, be excited because,
I think that this is the start of you discovering yourself. Hopefully this video was interesting.
Oh maybe you want me to talk about how people teach. So since it’s Exeter University the
teaching depending on the lectures can be really high quality, for instance my strategic
management module has this guy who is so on the ball, he’s successful in the real world
and when he comes speak to us he is eloquent and he makes you want to study, which is an
accomplishment. But there are some lectureers who really do it get it cuz: they are so monotonous
and they speak like this all the time and by the 10th minute you just want to die, like
it’s just they actually do talk like that and it’s very hard. You will find anything
and frankly I cant predict how your teaching will be because maybe you will chose different
modules that I did and maybe you will go through different things. So hope this helped, if
I didn’t answer question please leave it in the comments, follow me on instagram, subscribe
to my channel, like this video and I will see you in the next video.
Bye guys!

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