What the Hong Kong airport chaos could mean for Trump and trade

What the Hong Kong airport chaos could mean for Trump and trade

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  1. So finally the truth comes out. US causing chaos thru Hong Kong opposition (funded by the US) to force China to concede on trading and regional influence.

  2. Trump postponed the tariffs after all the fuss about Chinese economic exploitation. Wall St.Diplomacy Trumps Trump.

  3. In any case, any airport in the world should be free from disorder and chaos; the days when even the slightest suspicion of disorderly intent in the airport (if not simply one's joking remark of any sort of threat) is enough to have one detained seemed so distant. This scene is beyond crazy.

  4. Now, these are the kind of Chinese the American people should be supporting, the only kind!… You use to know their kind… people that fought for liberty and against tyranny. Now 'Big Bird' just wants to make 'friends'. Republicans and communists a match made in…hell

  5. Trump should stand up for these HK protesters !! They are our Christian brothers and sisters ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  6. Hong Kong citizens are fighting for freedom waving American flag, American citizens are fighting against freedom burning the American flag.

    Let that sink in…

  7. they need to fight fire with fire, mow them down with fire truck hoses, clean the airport at the same time, put those fire hoses at their feet and it will take them off their feet

  8. Obviously General Jack want to start a War with China using HK as an Excuse….please, each country got there own problems and will fix it with there own capabilities. USA needs to fix drug and homeless problems first before stepping on others toes.

  9. dont go to HK ! If you wear any shirts or paints that can identify your political position or your love to China ! Those protestors will beat you up !

  10. Everyone knows when the president pulled out of the agreement, they weren't abiding by it. Yet all of you should be scared as hell. What they are talking about is a modified scram jet, 1960 tech. Moscow to DC, seven minutes, doesn't even need a warhead. The kinetic energy alone would be on an atomic event. Now add a series of dial a load, nuclear device, and you have yourself a continent killer.

  11. two things you can learn from China, they don't have crook organization like the CIA and their police treat violent protesters with more restraint than our cops here at home

  12. You and your poor judgment…….takes care of your own country and people’s actions within first before involved with someone else problems…….America is in a lots of personal problems with America government systems…..

  13. I wonder what would happen if riots break out in an US airport? and imagine China steps in and try to solve the problem for US…..

  14. To be honest, the mainlanders do not want the central government to end the riots. We hope that the mob will continue to make Hong Kong worse, and the idea of the central government is not known. However, at present, the central government has not shot and has no intention of shooting. If the central government decides to take the shot, then there is no need for an army stationed in Hong Kong. The police in Shenzhen can end the riots in Hong Kong.

  15. hes stupid we cannot stand up for the protesters …ww3!!!!.. yes it's not cool but unless you want World War 3 we cannot get involved

  16. russian is forget when you be friend with 4rd country you be come one , my option is russian economy is broken for many years they just hide behind they tanks and military its very scary it can break every second

  17. So Russia is not allowed to build and test new advanced technology? Well maybe we should lead by example. What we are allowed to do whatever we want but Russia isn't?

  18. Communist China murdered 70 million adults. Dems in US murdered 70 million premature babies… Socialism is evil.

  19. Nuclear-propelled missile/rocket technology has been in development since the 1960's.
    The United States abandoned development due to costs and political priorities elsewhere.

    Now Russia is getting serious about it.

  20. We see the REAL face of communist! USA has to be united to stop thuggish regime which allied with the poor countries to not keeping promise in G20 buying USA goods, surrounding USA with their economic influence. The danger is very real, this should be a WAKE UP call for USA. Stop petty internal differences and United as a Nation protect before it is too late. Enabling thuggish regime will not buy in their mercy on us!

  21. So weird. For the past two days after, NO MENTION of the dow falling 800 points in the stock market, which is a universal sign of recession. Why is fox pretending that this isn't happening? Everywhere else around the world and every other network, independent or otherwise, is reporting on it. This is irresponsible. People are going to be losing jobs and out on the street with no warning from their local news networks!

  22. Russia developed "hypersonic missles " that can hit the USA in only a few short moments and that can dodge anything used to bring them down.Russia has won.& its Biblical.Magog (Russia) will bring down the USA in an hour (using EMP).No Bible doesnt say EMP!!! Its obviously EMP

  23. Protest will go nowhere.  In China, gun ownership is subject to strict regulation.  Generally, private citizens are not allowed to possess firearms.

  24. The Communist government has had its foot on the Neck of China's people for too Long!

    The China rising,communist declining!!

  25. Flying a US flag? ridiculousNext:.California should try flying China flag for 'freedom' & have Chinese weapons shipped in. C'mon this was timed to disrupt Trump's China/US trade deal.Pathetic use of peaceful protesters for strategic nwo leverage.

  26. I agreed with the general up until he said we needed to spend more on defense. Our budget is like 30 times Russia's and I don't think my tax payments can handle it.

  27. America will be a slave to their country if Democrats win, they will leave you defenseless just like those in Hong Kong!!! I am surprised to see Fox is not disabling all the comments here!

  28. We need to resolve our national problems first (migrants, progressive agenda, LGTB agenda, hispanic invasion, poverty, the wall, others) and then resolve these international problems (russia, china, islam)

  29. Many of the mass shootings are being done by democrap political hacks to force gun control. It will get worse between now and election time. We need massive pro second amendment marches in every state and we MUST get in the medias anti gun commie faces with it. It's time to put up or shut up.

  30. America is proof that democracy is worth fighting for. Protesters in Hong Kong are fighting for that same reason. Even in the face of China’s aggression & police brutality, they're standing by their worthy cause. We hear their demands for freedom & support them in their mission. China needs to sign a binding agreement that is measurable and enforceable. No more “talks” as we have been “talking” since January of 2018. No more deals the Chinese call ‘historical relics’…we have stopped caring about humiliating thieves, liars, and cheats in the CCP.

  31. China talking India is violating human rights in Kashmir.

    Joke of highest order–What is happening in Hong Kong is a trade fair..??.Uighur and Xinjiang Muslim population abuse is biggest ethnic cleansing of Muslim…

  32. What a bull analysis . Hong Kong is China . Get all your war Munger tail away from Asia . We have done more than enough . You ain't no general . Just a Deep States Dog of War . And this fake News woman .

  33. Dear protesters in Hong Kong: Your love for Freedom is astounding. I wish the average American had one-tenth the awareness and love for Freedom as you and the protesters in Hong Kong have. We in America have gotten very apathetic and ignorant about Civics and our American Founding Fathers and Heroes who built our country in which we still have a little bit of Freedom left. I live in California, or should I say the Peoples' Republic of California. Nonetheless, I sent President Trump a message to ask him to help your fight for Freedom. As you know, China Mainland Communist government sucks, Big Time. Gavin Newsom, our governor, and stinking crooked Democratic Party is trying to bring Communism to California and the USA. The real American People respect your fight against tyranny. Our hearts go out to you.

  34. I do not agree, Trump should stay back. This arrangement was at too high a cost. HK is a former UK region, therefor if any are to address it, the UK should take the lead.

  35. I have the best recessions. Big, beautiful, tremendous recessions. The best in the history of our country. It's going to be Yuuuge!!😳

  36. standing up for the protestors/terrorists? Isn't that a crime in United States to support terrorists? Talk the talk but dont walk the walk when it comes to China? so jealous of them that you would support hongkong protestors/rioters/terrorists who are not peaceful protestors they are armed with weapons, helmet, fire bombs, – wonder who is supporting and supplying these weapons of destruction

  37. Socialist/Communist ‘Pride’ and arrogance is their greatest weakness. Keep exposing such evil to the world, and shaming their incessant desire for the enslavement/shameless control of the people.

  38. The Hong Kong government has put her finger down on all the Hong Kong people,
    i think Hong Kong people got every right to fight and vote for there
    rights and freedom is the right way to go and enjoy there own city.

  39. The Hong Kong government has put her finger down on all the Hong Kong people,
    i think Hong Kong people got every right to fight and vote for there
    rights and freedom is the right way to go and enjoy there own city.

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