What the Haworth College of Business Can Do For You

What the Haworth College of Business Can Do For You

From the day I started here, I felt like I was a person. I wasn’t just a number. Everything about this college has been amazing. Coming from a small private school, I I just didn’t think I would be able to fit in that well and they really made me me feel welcomed here. When you’re
searching for a college, you wanna find somewhere that you feel like you’re
going to succeed. You wanna find somewhere that feels like home to you. And instantly just stepping foot into the door, I felt both of those things. All of our professors have experience from their fields. It’s not a T.A. teaching your class, it’s the professor. There’s a lot of case study opportunities. Employers come in and give us assignments as opposed to professors doing it. And then you’re giving the employers ideas, and that’s how I ended up getting my first internship.We walked around with professionals in the degree I was thinking about going into and see how they actually execute business and therefore when I go back to that
classroom I’m able to correspond to different theories and practices into
what would actually be happening. so it definitely changes the way I think about classes, because I see so much more value out of that. Everything that you could possible need to succeed as a business student is housed right here in our business college. I found my niche. I found my passion and I really feel like Western has definitely helped me with it. It’s also a good confidence booster just knowing that having Haworth College of Business on your resume, employers know that and they realize how important that is. the College of Business here is all
about that next step: what are you gonna do after this knowledge that you’ve gained? How are you going to improve the world?

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