What The Cast Of American Chopper Is Doing Now

What The Cast Of American Chopper Is Doing Now

For years, viewers have turned to this hit
reality series for their fix of sweet bikes and family fights. But if you lost track of the American Chopper
stars during their long hiatus, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with this look at everything
they’ve been up to. Just a day before the American Chopper reboot
premiered in March 2018, Paul Sr. filed for bankruptcy. According to paperwork obtained by Page Six,
Teutul admitted to owing nearly 50 creditors a total of more than $1 million, against a
net worth of around $1.8 million. Teutul also claimed a monthly income of $15,000
and expenditures of just over $12,600 not enough to pay off his crushing debts. “My goal was to build maybe 5, 10 bikes a
year. More for the hobby and passion than for making
money” But the story wasn’t over. In April 2019, the trustee in charge of Teutul’s
case asked the court to dismiss the bankruptcy petition. According to that filing, Teutul didn’t provide
the trustee with a copy of a federal income tax return or transcript for 2017 and 2018,
and more proof that his financial situation, quote, “indicates a negative cash flow.” Four months before he filed for bankruptcy
and the whole world suddenly knew about his daunting financial problems, Paul Sr. put
his enormous Montgomery, New York estate on the market for $2.9 million. Teutul then cut the price to $2.49 million. And by early 2019, it was down to just $1.65
million. The trustee in charge of his bankruptcy case
said Teutul seemed sure that selling his home would solve all his money woes, but it doesn’t
seem to have worked out that way. At least, not yet. All those fights between Senior and Junior
were apparently real. Tensions ran so high at Orange County Choppers
that in 2008, Paul Sr. fired Jr. from the shop, even though he co-owned it. Junior later told Fox News that his dad giving
him the axe was what he called “a big favor” because it set him on the path to starting
his own business. Paul Jr. Designs opened in 2010. “The beauty of it is, you can get a history
lesson, and you can see all these bikes you’ve watched us build on the show for all these
years” Paul Sr. then tried to legally force Jr. to
sell him his 20 percent share of their company. But it turned out that getting rid of Junior
represented a breach of contract with the Discovery Channel, and could have led to the
show’s cancellation. This all led the network to launch the spinoff,
American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior. After that series wrapped in 2012, Jr. went
back to Paul Jr. Designs, and in 2015 celebrated the birth
of his first child a son named Hudson. American Chopper fans came for the bikes but
stayed for the fights. But fabricator and mechanic Vinnie DiMartino
tried to keep his head down and get to work. In 2007, he left the Chopper franchise, and
founded his own shop, VForceCustoms. He wrote on the company’s now defunct site, “I had gone as far as I could there. I really didn’t have any chance for advancement,
and I had always wanted to have my own shop, so the natural progression was to leave and
start my own place.” “Everybody thinks I’m a die hard biker, I’m
really not” In 2013, DiMartino abandoned bikes for cars
and opened DiMartino Motorsports, a car and truck repair company in Walden, New York. Rick Petko seemed like an even-keeled guy
on American Chopper. Even when the two Teutuls split up to run
separate shops, Petko stayed on with Senior but stayed amiable with Junior. Both Teutuls attended his wedding in 2012. And by the end of 2015, Petko was a dad to
two girls. He was still working at Orange County Choppers
by then, but, tired of his 90-minute commute each way from his home in Pennsylvania to
the shop in New York, he took a job as the chief fabricator at the Pocono Mountain Harley-Davidson
complex in Pennsylvania, roughly a mile from his house. “To run these bikes that are a hundred years
old, even though you’re redoing them, you’re adding history to them…it’s something cool
about it” When he’s not working with metal, Petko…
still works with metal. He runs a small knife-forging company out
of his home called RPD & Co. Paul Sr. and Jr. frequently disagreed, but
fortunately, there was a third member of the Teutul family around to maintain the peace:
Mikey Teutul. But he walked away from the Chopper franchise
in 2012, saying, “[I want to] seek some peace of mind and work
on my relationship with my dad.” “Ready on set” He later came back to work, but Teutul used
part of his time off to open an art gallery in Montgomery, New York, which featured his
paintings. It closed in 2014, but Teutul pursued another
artistic project: a web series. “Folks, this is Bob the Bum again talking
to you right here on Bum Television” Launched in 2016, Bummin’ Around aims to shine
a light on New York City’s homeless problem. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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  1. Please god, you said 'hit series' at the beginning and not 'hip'. Because their bikes were fine to stand in the foyer of a corporate headquarters and that was about it.

  2. I miss those episodes .It seems like Vinny , Paul Jr. and Petco are doing well but they didn't show much .I remember Rick Petco driving every day from Pennsylvania to New York .I'm from Pennsylvania and that's stressful enough .

  3. So basically Paul jr. Was right about his dad running the company into the ground. And Paul Sr. Attitude and big mouth couldn't back up a dam thing. Not unexpected. Plus he ran all his quality workers away being a loud mouthed tyrant.

  4. Typical lying POS bullshit artist hiding their money and screwing all the small businesses that helped them ,,paul sr had a successful iron construction company,,where's that cash,,, the show sucked beyond compare,,,eddie trotta in florida did warranty work for the crap they put out,,, his shop foreman said they couldn't wait for contract to expire,, the bikes gave them tons of negative publicity

  5. its all about greed!!
    HD planned this well conniving the network to sabotage American Chopper as their top competitor.

  6. Anyone who watched the show could deduce pretty quickly that Paul Sr. was no businessman. Every episode featured impossible schedules and his idiotic bickering certainly didnt help. I'm amazed everyone didnt quit in the first year – who the hell wants to work under those circumstances?
    Clearly he blew the cash as fast (or faster) than it came in, so tough to feel sorry for him.

  7. I hate the term "homeless" show me a " homeless" person and I will show you a drug addicted, mentally ill, antisocial person. I am not saying I have no compassion for these people. I am saying homes aren't the problem or solution.

  8. They had it all and like the Hicks they are, they lost it all. Petko is really the only cool guy there, the rest are all Gas bags trying to win oscars.

  9. I remember learning so much about bikes and using that creativity in a special way. Drama wasn't my forte on the show I was more interested in the love the family had for each other's ideas. Tension got so bad the show had to end I will still remember the laughs it brought me and the knowledge to know more on fabrication techniques for metal work.

  10. Garbage bikes garbage show. Art gallery my ass.
    I live in a 6200 sq f9t house in Canada in the burbs and it's way more worth than the shit hole Sr trying to sell.

  11. $175000 unrideable bikes that you can get used now for 5 grand.
    Putting stickers on a pile of store bought parts doesn't make Paul Jr. a "builder and fabricator".
    RICK was the only real fabricator on that whole show.

  12. He's broke sold his house and property. Does not have all the muscle vehicles and bikes u seen in the garage. He was in serious debt with the bank. The bank told him to pay now. So they had a private auction at his house. And all the vehicles was sold. And SR didn't see no money it went to the bank. Richard Rawlings did appear brought 3 cars. Paul Junior brought his Grandmas Cadillac.

  13. Looks like he spent big bucks on those tattoo's, I think he must of had some of that toxic masculinity thats everywhere or maybe not…who knows…

  14. Mikey always had me cracking up Senior just could NOT stay mad at Mikey for more than 30 seconds cause he just knew how to make em laugh

  15. David Letterman guy , was it Biff ? Went to the shop and interviewed Jr. , said I'll give you 50 bucks if you piss off your Dad . Jr. said that's easy and shot a paintball gun at the office window . The old man went ballistic , LMAO .

  16. Junior made OCC what it was while senior was riding on his coat tales and got rich. I’ll admit I did like the original show until it became more of a soap opera than a fabrication show and the shop died when junior left.

  17. Rick Petko is cool. I follow him on facebook and he designs all kinds of cool knives and still builds some bikes here and there. He likes to do the old school style motorcycle races. Every once in a while, he'll have some things for sale and really, he isn't crazy on the prices.

  18. I loved the show, but the Big Paul being mad all the time and never giving his son any credit ( which it was his talent) that built the bikes, just ruined a good thing.

    Creative people think before working. Sr just didnt get it

  19. senior spent spent spent, I reckon so that jnr could get less , senior showed his true colours choosing the snakes in his office over his sons , and sneakily trying to buy jnr out, but his son had more upstairs than he was bargaining for,

  20. Debts of over $1 million and net worth of $1.8 million… these seem like relatively small numbers. Considering how long the show has been running I thought he would of amassed more, and going bankrupt over 'only' $1 million?

  21. Just here to say, I don't care. Never cared for the show, for me, this was the beginning of really bad TV and it only has gotten worse from therein, and it has. I'll show myself out, thanks…

  22. Sr isn't broke. It just looks that way on paper. He's worth around 15 million. Bankruptcy at times can be a very good business move. Lol

  23. Those were the days when the shows were really good today's TV shows it's just stupidity if it's not from my wife I would cancel the TV nothing but junk these days they should put all the old shows back

  24. i cant see Paul Sr or these guysd ebing bankrupt…..they own huge buildings and sell bikes that are probably 100 grand each 15k a month making how could you go bankrupt on that? i dont get it…not to mention the tv show and how much they got paid fromt hat….. i wouldnt say hes bankrupt….maybe after Paul Jr left he went bankrupt but even then idk about that one.

  25. i like watching the show but yeah Sr didnt really give Jr the credit he deserved for all the bikes he created…he was veyr good at it but it was probably to keep him humble but i understand why Jr left…..tehy worked very well together but Sr just didnt seem like he appreciated the work of Jrs' ah well its just the way it was…Maybe Jr wouldnt have been so good at his craft if it wasnt for his father you never know….good show made good bikes ..i used to watch it every week and i highly doubt any of them are broke.

  26. One things for sure, they're all super rich and will never have to work again. I'm sure this "i'm out of money" crap is just that, "crap". The whole world saw how much money they made. Lol, saying he's broke while he has a 2.5 million dollar home is just bull-crap. Again, they are all very wealthy.

  27. Serves that old prick right.
    I used to just tune in for the last 10 mins, I loved the bikes,
    but why would I want to listen to some old fuck yell at his kid?

  28. This is what happens when you try to ride the train too far too fast. Those type of bikes and that fad wasn’t going to last forever. Got too big, too fast and should have socked away money and not acted like it was going to last forever.

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