What sucks about being a girl in Japan: Japanese girls tell their stories

What sucks about being a girl in Japan: Japanese girls tell their stories

You can’t date the boy your friend likes. Why do we get judged by our lip color so much? I think girls should hang out with different people. Girls have to stay in girl groups? – Yes. Hey guys and girls it’s Cathy Cat. This time we’re gonna go hit the streets of Tokyo to ask Japanese girls what sucks about SUCKs about being a girl in Japan. Boys, what SUCKS about Japanese girls. Let’s go and Ask Japanese. And don’t forget to subscribe for more cool content here from Japan. Japanese girls have to move in groups. It’s the thing to do? – Probably. Also Japanese girls have to always watch their weight But foreigners seem to be accepted for different body types. We envy that. True, in the US there was a variety of body types. In Japan everyone is just slim. – True. I envy that freedom. Because I am fat. – You are NOT So your image is that… Japanese are naturally skinny? – No we all work on it If your friend likes a boy… you can’t try and date him. – Was a there a problem at school? There was. I didn’t get involved but I watched it from the shadows. What happened? Two girls one boy? Love triangle? – yes and The girls stopped talking to each other because of that. I watched it and thought how scary girls can be. Girl rivals. Japanese girls spend a lot of money on beauty. How much do you spend a month? – I used to… You went a lot. – To Spas yes… I did a lot… I think I spend $500 a month for beauty salons Wow that’s your sallary there. Yeah I was jobbing ever day in order to afford it. What did you spend those $500 on? $200 for hair removal and then $300 for the beauty salon and then $200 for the beauty salon for my face. Wait you’re over $500. – I am ain’t I? I spend a lot. I stopped because it was too expensive to keep it up How many month did you do that. – For one year. What?? – I couldn’t afford that In school we weren’t allowed to dye our hair Even colored lip balm was forbidden. Since it was school I coudn’t say anything but still… why do girls get judged so much by their lip color? Your teachers tell you off for tinted lip balm? – Japanese schools are stricter than abroad Teachers get angry You couldn’t dye your hair. Now you do. Why? My high school was strict and we all had to have black hair Now that I graduated and go to university I suddenly get so much freedom, for my hair too I always wanted to have colorful hair and admired it That’s why I did it. – What was your reason? My reason is, that I am allowed to do it now. I feel it changes a person’s aura too Certain makeup doesn’t work with black hair I can wear it now. I have more options now. There is makeup that looks bad with black hair? You look unrefined. – Mature I prefer dying my hair Girls are so shallow. Girls praise each other too much. They just do it. I think they don’t mean it When a girl changes her hair… they like praise right? I think so. But I think they praise each other too much “Wow so cute” – Yeah stuff like that. Too much I think that’s too much. My opinion I think they are taking it too far. Girls aim too much to be liked on instagram – How so? They go to cafes that taste bad but that look good on insta. Then they give the food away without eating it Will boys take pics and not eat it? – Never You eat it? – We do. – When a girl gets angry… Japanese girls drag it along for a long time. They are angry a long time. Boys forget the issue on the next day. Japanese girls fighting with girls drag their fights out for a long time. They won’t talk for a month? – They won’t talk again AT ALL I saw that. Girls create groups and stay in those for a whole year I think they should hang out with different people too. – Girls stay In groups cause they have to? – Yeah once you are friends you have to stay in that group. Sounds boring Thank you for answering Japanese girls have the pressure to always move in groups They don’t naturally look that skinny, they have to diet. Can’t date your friend’s crush also happens in… other countries. You have to spend a lot of money on beauty. That girl spend a lot of money on beauty. Lots of restrictions in schools, the way you have to look, praise each other so much and quite a lot of other things that suck about being a girl in Japan or boys on Jgirls. How is that in your country. Is there a common thing girls do and you’re like oh man why is it like that? Why does everyone have to do that. Let us know in the comments down below Also if you are new, we release a lot of videos and we put a lot of effort into making these videos so don’t forget please subscribe for more content for videos here from Japan coming out to you. It’s just the click of a button and if you have been with us don’t forget give us a big like, if you can and you don’t wanna miss our videos be sure to click on the notification bell. We actually release several videos a week, but google sends out notifications every so often, so it would be nice if you tick that notification bell so you don’t miss the stuff that we really put our effort into making. I hope you enjoyed this video and I catch you soon for more stuff here from Tokyo. Bye.

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