What NJBIA Members Are Saying: NJ Community College Consortium

What NJBIA Members Are Saying: NJ Community College Consortium

My name is Sivaraman Anbarasan,
executive director and CEO of New Jersey Community College Consortium for
Workforce and Economic Development. The Consortium was began in 2003 by the
19 New Jersey community colleges with the sole mission of improving the
workforce and creating new pipeline for the employers of New Jersey. Since our
inception, the Consortium has trained nearly 190,000 workers at over 7,900
companies in New Jersey, all through the 19 community colleges. Ten
years ago NJBIA identified a major roadblock
facing small companies in the state of New Jersey. They were unable to
participate in the state of New Jersey’s grant-funded training program for their
employees. The Consortium worked with NJBIA to
solve that problem by offering training programs at more than 70 community
college locations across 21 counties to all the employers. Now, the small business
employers can send their employees at the community college location closest
to their office and get them trained in basic skills. This program has become the
most successful, largest training programs for the Department of Labor in
New Jersey. Access to industry experts and valuable research information is one
of the key benefits that we derive from NJBIA. With that access, we are able to do
our jobs better analyzing the labor market and the job demand and design
training curriculum that serves the employers demands and needs. From auto
insurance to shaping public policies, NJBIA offers something for business of
every shape and size.

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