What Is The Most Important Skill In Business?

What Is The Most Important Skill In Business?

– So, you’re thinking
of starting a business, or you’re already in business. What is the number one skill that you need in order to be successful? Now, if you look at business, business is actually quite simple. It’s simply you’re offering
a product or service to the marketplace in exchange of money. That’s what commerce is all about. Now in order to do that, you need people to be buying from you. And in business, nothing
happens until a sale is made. So as an entrepreneur,
as a business person, the number one skill that you need is the ability to close sales because companies,
businesses, go out of business simply because of lack of
revenue, lack of customers. And how are you gonna get customers if you don’t know how to close, if you don’t know how to sell, if you don’t know how to sell your product or service, period? Most entrepreneurs fail
because they spend so much time focusing on the thing,
focusing on the product, making that perfect. That’s all good, but
unless and until you have the ability to go out there and sell something in exchange of money, you’re not gonna make money. And without money, how
are you gonna put money into research and development
to make your product better? So a lot of time, I can
see this, happens so much, that people think of, oh selling, it’s almost like they
look down on the word, like oh, these are salespeople. Well, guess what? If you are the janitor of the
company, you are in sales. The salesperson, you’re in sales. You’re in accounting, you’re in sales. You’re the CEO, you’re in sales. Everybody needs to focus on sales, how to bring in revenue. Do things that help bring in revenue, or do things to free up the time of the people who bring in the revenue. It is so, so critical. Product development needs to understand the product is not ego-based. It’s not about, “Hey,
let’s make something cool.” It’s about solving a problem for customers in the marketplace. When you understand this,
sales equals income. My question to you is how
much time are you spending on improving your ability to sell, improving your team’s ability to sell, particularly your ideas,
to communicate your value to the marketplace? Why should people buy from you? Why they should keep buying from you? Can you articulate that? Can you do your 30-second elevator pitch? Can you grab people’s attention? That’s the key, the number one skill, and you will see a direct relationship. The better you are at sales,
the more income you generate, the more successful your business becomes. It is actually that simple. If you wanna learn more about sales, not like the traditional sales
techniques and all of that. I’m talking about how
to sell, 21st century. How do you close? How to close those big deals? Click the link or swipe up.
Check out our introductory class on High Ticket Closing. I think you’ll be blown
away by some of the things that we’ve done and some of
the results we’ve been able to produce for brands and
companies just like yours.

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  1. Your knowledge has helped my business and my YouTube channel !! Thank You !!

  2. My number one skill is changing my mind to understand how people's mind works so I can talk in a way they understand and eventually close love the sale dan you are insane keep it up

  3. another dope video from the mastermind, man you must give them masterclass where all attendees must get a certificate for passing or attending that class/siminar, you are simply a genius , when it comes to business you what needs to be done , no complexity ,just simplicity, you deliver the info way easier than any professor in college lecture or class , I swear people who want to start their own businesses and become seccesfull they must not go to college,it's a waste of time money and effort,they will just need a high school diploma, and few courses to improve and polish personal skills like comminication and time management skills…etc, and at this stage they will just need to enroll in master classes of yours , once they do and understand what you are all about am pretty sure they will thrive in their businesses .

  4. You actually need to have a strategic mindset and also business literacy

    I understand sales is an important skill in business but it’s not the determining factor for success in any business.

  5. very true the part about salespeople many people, from my personal experience, look down on the selling but we are all selling something

    Also I'd say if you are starting your own business it appears that there are many skills one would need that most businesses could hardly operate without so metaphorically speaking what's more important having a heart, lungs, or brain? Either way without one of them you'd die.

  6. So we are all wasting our time watching prank channels and try not to laugh challenges on Youtube when we have this… Lets be at least thankful that Dan is showing all of this content for free! Dan = true gamer

  7. Hi Dan. I pay attention to content marketing more time in order to cover all stages of the sales funnel. It’s difficult today if you only pay attention to sales. Of course, sales is important. However, it’s not important when you start a business. It’s better to bring value at the beginning.

  8. Focus on your customer's need. If you solve a problem of your customer, your customer will solve your problem.

  9. Good presentation, good look, better than that,
    Focus on what Dan is saying gays. Closing is very important. In order to have successful family u must have to know how to close your wife, your children, your parents…
    Thanks u Dan for your mentoring

  10. when i see this video, and i make this question for me was easey sales if you cant sell you dont have a business thx from colombia

  11. DAN YOU'RE THE BEST MAN! Your advice has helped me take my sales game to the next level and helped me figured out how to diversify everything. I even launched a channel on here that documents how I do it all!

    Thanks for everything! Keep it up!

  12. Dan, where did you find all these mentors? I’m talking about the real deal ones, too. How do you get into masterminds as an apprentice?

  13. sir, can you pls make a videos for college students who want to become an entrepreneur and want to do business along with studies

  14. Hello sifu Dan. Can you teach us how not to fear small things in life.. I fear a lot and I fear of small things. I want to overcome it

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  16. You close your own self everyday. Like today I woke up I wanted coffee but made hot tea and sold that to myself by saying it's better for hydration to start the day with hot tea than coffee. I'm sold, at least today I am.

  17. Good video as always!πŸ’•I always thought in β€œmy” opinion. the most important skill to have in business. Is learning how to communicate in a respectful manor and knowing how to network. ❀️

  18. I cannot wait until the housing markets crash and all these high power real estate agents are selling security systems door to door again

  19. This guy always talks in riddles, these entrepreneurs never shows step by step how to make money. Just give philosophy advices

  20. As I started my own online business. I totally agree with you. You need to be very good in sales and close the deal. Thx so much for sharing and inspiring.

  21. People buy off people they like. If you have the knowledge and the skills to make someone confident in you, you will make sales easy.

  22. Money management, keeping expenses down until profits rise as most businesses look profitable but lose money. Even with millions in sales they lose money. Also sales but that’s pretty obvious, no income equals no business.

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