What is Technology Transfer (T2)?

What is Technology Transfer (T2)?

GPS navigation is everywhere these days
our cars our phones and even our watches. But did you know that GPS was
originally developed by our nation’s top defense laboratories for use in military
operations? Thanks to a process called technology transfer, GPS has been made
accessible for businesses for the last 20 years. Every day our federal
laboratories conduct exciting research, create new materials and devices, invent
technologies that lead to life-saving medicines and produce the latest and
greatest in science and technology. Savvy entrepreneurs and business people, like you, have benefited from federal resources by commercializing these
technologies which helped grow their business and our economy. The federal
laboratories are eager to make their ideas and inventions–even their
facilities–available to all American businesses from start-ups to large
corporations. Imagine being able to license and sell the latest technologies
from NASA, the Department of Energy or the National Institutes of Health. Or
gain access to state of the art federal labs for your own projects. For example,
you can access Brookhaven National Laboratory to conduct testing on
everything from hydrogen storage materials and metallurgical reactions.
You could even partner with government scientists already conducting advanced
work in your field as a launching point for your totally new concepts. Some of the most groundbreaking technologies have come out of lab partnerships and lead to
more spinoffs than a technology may have originally been developed for. Memory
foam, originally developed by NASA to absorb shock impact during space shuttle
launches, has been commercialized into products ranging from mattresses to
sports equipment and even prosthetics. A program instituted by the Department
of Defense to help military commanders manage information overload has now
become part of the Apple iOS we all know as Siri. Ok, I set up your meeting for today at 4pm. Start by reaching out to a federal laboratory or agency representative to see what
resources they may have available and this is where we, the Federal Laboratory
Consortium for Technology Transfer, the FLC, come in Visit our website at www.federallabs.org to find out how technology transfer can help your business succeed and ensure
our continued competitiveness in the global economy.

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