What is Microsoft 365 Business?

What is Microsoft 365 Business?

>>You’ve already done so
much with your business, and we’ve created
Microsoft 365 Business to help you take it even further. This complete integrated
solution helps you securely run and
grow your business by bringing together the best in class productivity of Office 365 and Sophisticated Security and Device Management Tools. You and your employees
can be more productive and work better
together with Office apps, email, cloud storage
and a hub for teamwork. You get apps designed to help
you build your business by engaging and attracting customers and
simplifying processes. It comes with building tools that let you manage
access to your data, keep sensitive data safe and keep your business compliant and
protected against threats. And it’s simple to set up and manage your devices and data. With Microsoft 365 Business, you have one subscription that powers teamwork, helps you grow, and gives you peace of mind, letting you focus on the most important work so you can achieve more every day.

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