What is “Loss of Consortium” in a Personal Injury Claim?

What is “Loss of Consortium” in a Personal Injury Claim?

Hi I’m Mike Hancock with Hancock Injury Attorneys
and today I am going to answer a question that frequently arises during the representation
of my clients. That is, “What is a loss of consortium claim?” Loss of consortium claim is recognized in
Florida and what a loss of consortium claim really means is that when one spouse has been
injured, let’s say they have received injuries from an accident, the law recognizes that
the other spouse is likely going to be impacted by their other spouses injuries. On one extreme example, would be if a husband
was involved in some type of accident where he was rendered a quadriplegic. Everybody can understand how that would effect
the marital relation of the couple and how the wife would be, the wife’s life, in the
marriage, would be affected by the husband’s significant injury. The wife would have to change the way she
runs the household. She would be the caregiver of the husband,
and she would be impacted in many different ways. So the loss of consortium usually takes 2
different aspects and that is what the one spouse now has to do in the household in addition
to what they did before and the other aspect is how it affects the marital relations and
that really is your sexual relations, and the intimacy that you once had in your marriage
that might be affected by one spouse’s injury. The value, or evaluation of a loss of consortium
claim takes into account many different factors, generally speaking the more severely injured
the one spouse is, the higher evaluation of the other spouse’s loss of consortium claim
would be. This is Mike Hancock if you have any additional
questions please feel free to give me a call at the office.

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