What Is Google Plus: Reasons Why You Need Google Plus For Business

What Is Google Plus: Reasons Why You Need Google Plus For Business

bjbj What Is Google Plus: Reasons Why You
Need Google Plus For Business What Is Google Plus Video by HYPERLINK “http://localpulsemarketing.com”
http://localpulsemarketing.com Very important video about Google+ and why your business
needs to have a Google+ business page. re over here at HYPERLINK “https://plus.google.com/”
https://plus.google.com/ . This is where you go to actually log in or sign up for a Google+
business page or a Google+ account. I m going to show you exactly how to log in and go through
it and what s so cool about it but first I want to talk a little bit about some statistics
and some facts about why Google+ is so important. Google+ is a social network powered by the
search engine giant Google. And we all know Google. Google kills it with search, right?
They ve been doing all the pay per click advertising and search engine optimization. It s where
everybody goes to find answers to their questions. Well, businesses now have the ability to create
company pages on Google+, also the Google platform, if you will. It s another free Google
website for your business. You get to develop relationships with prospects and customers
on multiple levels, which is very important in today s social world. There are some key
business features for Google+ and Google+ business pages. First of all, it s the fastest
growing social network out there. Let me preface this by saying, the reason why it s the fastest
growing social network out there is because Google already has a massive list of people.
Think about all the people that have Gmail accounts, Google Analytics accounts and so
on and so forth. Google accounts or YouTube accounts. These are all part of the Google
network. You can see the next point is that Google+ is integrated with the entire Google
system and this affects your website search results. It absolutely does because what this
does is when you sign up for a Google+ account, it starts logging your personal search queries
and you can start to get personalized results. Not that everybody else will see that but
just you, you ll be able to see those personalized results. Definitely go to Google Ad if you
don t understand what I m talking about. The next point here is to use Google +1 button
to increase website rankings. Very, very important. This is a secret weapon. I m going to jump
more into this in a minute. And the last thing is that business pages must be verified, providing
more credibility to the business. What Google+ has is this program called Direct Connect
and it allows for a verification process to just showcase that you re a real business,
that you have a real website and it proves to Google that you re a legit business and
they can start referring you, having you show up in the Google+ search engine. I want to
go through a little good example, bad example. The first one is a bad example of what not
to do on Google+. Really what we have is a very empty page. I m not willing to call this
person or this company to work on my car. This is an autobody shop. I don t see a phone
number. It doesn t look very personal. And by the way, they didn t even title their page
the same name as their company name. That s something that doesn t jive with me. So
that s a bad example right there. Then we have a good example right here. This is Mashable.
Mashable.com, they re a social media giant and they absolutely leverage Google+ and definitely
go check them out on Google+ and see exactly what they re doing because they re engaging,
they have images, they re interactive. It s really great stuff. They have a really great
example over there. So the SEO Secret Weapon. This is absolutely huge. This is the Google
+1 Button. The Google +1 Button has really taken off and it s really going to affect
your rankings in the future for your websites. You can put it on your website and every time
you put it on your website and someone clicks on that, it lets everybody know in their network
on Google+ that they liked your website. The more likes you have on your website, the better
and the higher rankings you re going to get. Then you also get, right here, to have the
Google +1 Button on the actual search results and I know you ve probably seen this if you
use Google as your primary search engine. This is basically like votes for your website.
You definitely want to work to get as many +1s as possible. So that s what we have for
Google+. I m going to go back to the actual platform and Sign in. So, sign in to my Google
account. So I ve signed in to my account and you can see right here, this is my Stream.
You have your Photos and your Profile and your Circles and some Games over here but
this is how you actually get to your pages. You can go Manage your pages. You can go click
on Local Pulse Marketing. This is our page. This is very powerful. We get to have our
Stream here and communicate with our followers on Google+. So that s why you want to get
on Google+. Go start leveraging it. It s very powerful and it s only going to grow because
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