What is Direct Marketing

What is Direct Marketing

Hello and welcome to this week 30 minutes
marketing, this week I will go through what is direct marketing. To understand what is direct marketing think
about yourself in the morning opening your email inbox. You have an email from your boss asking when
you can finish that very important task, another from an old friend asking how you doing, and
one offering you a 10% discount if you join the next half marathon at your city. The last email is an example of direct marketing,
or in other words, it is a personalized email ad with a tailored message targeting you. You have received it, because most probably
you have participated in a previous half marathon and they had access to that race database,
or you have signed up with your email for a half marathon training program, or any other
reason that showed the event marketers that you may have interest in participating on
it. So let’s define direct marketing as a personalized
message from a marketer to one potential client, or in other words, the marketer will contact
its potential clients one by one. This form of personalized advertisement can
be done using a variety of different methods like: in person, direct mail, telemarketing,
mobile sms, email marketing, or any other form where the marketer communicates directly
with a potential customer and suggest him to take an action like buy a product, visit
their website, visit their store, etc… Direct marketing, as you can see by the previous
half marathon example, can be very cost effective as you just spend money on contacting directly
your niche market and not the entire world, like you do with newspaper, tv, or online
advertisement. Another benefit of direct marketing is that
can easily measure its results and get feedback on products from its customers. As you communicate with one customer at a
time, you have the opportunity to listen to them and know if your efforts resulted in
a sale or whatever was the action you wanted the potential customer to take. The key to direct marketing, and for most
businesses success in my opinion, is to have a good customer’s database. Only with a good
existing and potential customer’s database, you are able to drive results on your direct
mail, telemarketing, sms, or email marketing campaign. Thank you for watching, hope it helps, and
if you want me to keep creating educational marketing videos please support by liking,
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  1. Nice video explanation about direct marketing. I also happen to published "What is direct-response copywriting" – http://bit.ly/2kVFKiN

  2. thank you so much for the simple explanation its easy to understand what is direct marketing and i liked the way you explain it thanks for your help.

  3. I am working and a freelancer and doing DM for my clients. Now I want to offer this service separately. This video helps me a lot to understand the key terminology.

  4. Extracted from Philip Kotler & Gary Amstrong's book "Principles of Marketing". Yet, not clear for people who came from another background + I see very little explanation on Benefits and Forms of Direct Marketing. This video helps those people who already knew about Direct Marketing in depth. For your presentation I appreciate you pal……

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