What is Business Transformation?

What is Business Transformation?

In a digital economy agility matters. The
ever-increasing speed of technological innovation has spawned the disruption of
entire industries leaving once powerful companies in the wake of their more
agile competitors. To make matters more complicated the magnitude and speed of
disruption makes it possible to tackle the problems involved on a
case-by-case basis. What is needed is a blueprint that would enable you to know
the outcome before you even took the first step. A competitive edge that would
empower you to alter ongoing operations while delivering big outcomes in a
dynamic high-risk environment. What if you could actually identify which of
your ongoing projects no longer aligned with your business strategy. Which of
your projects would deliver quick wins to help your transformation gain
momentum. What if you could identify the impact of a required change in your
organization before you invested valuable resources in it. Mavim has
Fortune Global 500 clients that face these types of challenges on a daily
basis. Here is one of their stories: A leading global engineering and design
firm with 450 offices in over 45 countries is facing significant growing
pains. They struggled to establish one uniform way of working with 80 separate IT
infrastructures and 80 different ERP systems in place. With clear room for
improvement they began down the path towards transformation by recognizing
that such a multitude of legacy systems was holding them back from working
efficiently. But where to begin? Is it better to eliminate all existing
systems and start anew or should some be eliminated but not all? What effect will
that have on the other systems and people working with those systems? That
is where Mavim came in. By importing all their existing company information from
a multitude of Word, Excel and Visio files into the Mavim software they were
able to generate a 360-degree view of their organization. With Mavim all
information about people processes and systems are documented and connected so
you can clearly observe the impact of any change. With newfound insights they were able to
make decisions about which systems to keep and which to eliminate which helps
to reduce wasteful spending and create more room for innovation. Establishing
one way of working made it possible to deliver exceptional outcomes for the
customers ultimately giving them an edge over the competition.
Luckily Mavim not only provides insight into the impact of change but also
facilitates collaboration and end user adoption on a worldwide scale. Not only
can all your processes be documented and maintained centrally but the resulting
business blueprint can then be published to all employees using your intranet,
SharePoint or office 365 portal. At the click of a button you can get your
workforce up to speed which helps establish workflow uniformity across
time zones and countries with a wide variety of functionalities. Our easy to
use software satisfies every kind of end user from enterprise architects to
project managers to the c-suite. Our software creates value for everyone in
your organization. Are you facing growth opportunities, market disruption,
structural reorganization? Contact us to see how we can help.

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