What is business insurance?

What is business insurance?

Hi, I’m Trevor from Zensurance and I’d
like to briefly explain business insurance for Canadian business owners.
We’ll quickly review what business insurance is, what it covers and how much
it could cost. Many business owners wonder: Why do I even need business
insurance? Well, running a business is hard work,
really hard work, it’s an investment of your time it’s an investment of your
money and your passion. It only makes sense to protect those investments with
business insurance. Think about it, your livelihood and the livelihood of
your employees could depend on being insured or not. When you think about it
from that angle, the premium you pay starts to feel very small when compared
to the stress of potentially having to start everything all over again on your
own. With that out of the way, let’s move on to what exactly is business insurance.
Well, business insurance is really just an umbrella term that refers to the
whole bundle of insurance policies that apply to a business. It can include
things like commercial property insurance, commercial general liability
insurance, errors and omissions insurance, and so on. When you insure your business
in Canada, you really start off with commercial general liability insurance
and you build coverages on top of that. Commercial general liability insurance
is the most basic type of insurance and it really covers your business against
claims of injury or property damage to third parties. People always ask: How much
am I gonna have to pay for business insurance? That’s a great question and
there’s a number of things that the insurance companies will look at when
determining your premium. Things like the size of your business,
the revenue from your prior year, what industry you’re working in and any years
of experience you’ve had running similar type businesses. There’s a number of
other things that they may use to determine premium as well. To find out
how much insurance would cost for your business, it’s very simple and you can
even do it online. Here’s what you’ll need to do: Visit us at www.zensurance.com Click on get a quote, and simply start to type out the name of the industry you work in. If you’re not able to find an industry,
simply type out “other”, click “Next” and you’ll be presented with few other
questions to fill out. Some of the other questions you’ll be asked to fill out
would include things like: How much you made last year,
what’s your projected revenue is for this year (don’t worry, an estimate is
fine), how many years of business you’ve been in operation, how many people you
employ and so on… and that’s it! Based on your industry we’re going to recommend
the best policy for you and you’ll get a great price estimate. In case additional
information is required, one of our talented insurance brokers will be in
touch with you to clarify any questions. It’s that easy and it’s that simple! If you have any more questions on business insurance in Canada we have several ways
to help you: Use the chat feature on our website, send us an email at [email protected] or call our customer care number at 1 888 654 6030

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