What is Bipolar Disorder?

What is Bipolar Disorder?

Hey, everyone! This week’s topic has come to me through popular demand. It’s Bipolar Disorder. What is it and what do we do if we have it? So stay tuned! So like I said, this week’s topic is Bipolar Disorder. I’ve heard from many of you that you’ve either gotten the diagnosis of this from your physician or your therapist or you know someone who has and you have a lot of questions about it. The first thing that I want to do is I want to explain the differences between Bipolar I Disorder, Bipolar II Disorder, Dysthymia, Cyclothymia. I know it sounds like I’m speaking another language, but I promise I’m not. But I think the best way to describe this is kind of like a teacher would do it, so I’m going to take it to my whiteboard and kind of let you see the differences between each and how you can meet criteria for one and not another, and how we as clinicians differentiate those. I think this will really make it clear and then we’ll talk a little bit about treatment options once we know. Okay? I think the easiest way for us to notice the differences with Bipolar Disorder is if I kind of draw it out. And this was easiest way for me to learn it when I was in school, so just bear with me and I hope this helps. And as always, leave comments below. Let me know if you kind of like this style. Give it a “thumbs up” and we’ll just take it from there. So the line I’m going to draw right now is kind of like a “normal”. And they always say this is like a baseline, kind of like if on an average day I feel pretty “normal”, I’m hanging in here. Right? Then up here we’re going to draw Mania. As many of you who’ve just watched my “Draw My Life” video, you know I’m not an artist, so bear with me. So Mania, which many of us have heard about, is kind of an elevated state. We will feel very good about ourselves. We’ll feel often, and this is just sidebar, often we won’t want to see anybody when we feel like this. ‘Cause we’ll feel so freaking good about ourselves, we don’t need to sleep. We’re getting stuff done. “I’m so amazing!” We’ll have like all these good feelings, right? And we also talk really fast and we really drive the people in our lives crazy because that’s really hard to live with if you can imagine being a person down here being around a person like this. It’s like… It’s just too much. Right? Does that make sense? And I don’t mean that in a mean way because when we feel like this we love it. But, so that’s kind of Mania. I know many of you have probably heard that term. Now down here we’re going to draw, it’s a Depressive Episode or Major Depressive Episode. It’s just really hard to write this way. Okay. “Major Depressive Episode”. So I know that I talked, I want to say it was like 3 weeks ago, about Depression. I have a video about Depression, so you might want to check that out. But I will also come back to that talking about Major Depressive Disorder in a way like this at a later video, so stay tuned. So make sure you subscribe to my channel, so you’ll know. Okay. So down here… We’ve all had those Major Depressive Episodes. It’s my belief that everybody’s had a Depressive Episode in their life. And that’s when we feel really low. We don’t enjoy things. We may be really tired. We may have trouble sleeping. We may be really hungry. We may not be hungry at all. It kind of depends on how it presents for you, but the main thing is kind of just feeling really down, no enjoyment and we’re very sad. Okay? So these are kind of our, not extremes, but these are like the top and the bottom of Bipolar Disorder. Okay? I’m going to change colors. So when we talk about Bipolar I, okay? So we start out here and we’re like: “Doo, dee, doo, doo, doo…” Right? We kind of go in between. It doesn’t matter we hit a Depressive Episode. All that matters is that we touch here (Mania) and we have at least 1 Manic Episode. Okay? So we at least experience Mania once. That is Bipolar I. So this (Red) is Bipolar I Disorder. I know that “O” looks like a blob, but you know what I’m talking about. Okay. So all that matters is that we hit Mania at least once. Now, Bipolar II Disorder, we’re going to go green for this one. It’s like Christmas on here. Okay. So we start out: “Doo, doo, doo//…” So Bipolar II, the difference between Bipolar I is we don’t hit Mania because if we hit Mania we would be Bipolar I. But we have to have at least 1 Major Depressive Episode, just 1. So this is Bipolar II. Now, I know for many of you when you hear you’re diagnosed they don’t really explain to you the difference. So that’s kind of how they differentiate. It’s all about the Mania. If you’ve had Mania, you’re Bipolar I. If you haven’t, here is kind of a Hypomania, they call it where you feel a little bit happy and excited, but not quite as good as a Mania experience. Okay? So that’s the difference. We have those 2. Now I’m going to throw you a curve ball. I’m going to give you this one. So this is blue. I know it’s kind of getting a little crazy, but I’ll start it in here. Okay. Now, you would say, you’d think: “Well, then they don’t have Bipolar Disorder because they don’t meet Mania and they don’t have a Depressive Episode”. And you are right. This is not Bipolar Disorder. They call this Cyclothymia. Now, I’m probably going to spell this wrong, but if I remembered it correctly… So Cyclothymia is when we cycle between Hypomania and kind of like Dysthymia. And now Dysthymia, which I’ll just write up here ’cause I’m not going to… It’s a low-grade Depression. So it’d kind of be like if we just kind of hung in here. That would be kind of what Dysthymia is. Are we following? So just to give you a little debrief of all the chaos. If we hit Mania, we’re Bipolar I. If we don’t hit Mania and we have a Depressive Episode, we’re Bipolar II. If we kind of cycle in between it’s called Cyclothymia. And then if we only have a low-grade depression that kind of goes on for like years of our lives, they call that Dysthymia. I know that people throw around those terms a lot and it can be really frustrating as a person getting the diagnosis. ‘Cause we’re like: “Well, what the heck does that mean?” And we don’t always get a lot of time with our psychiatrists or our psychologists. We may have to wait months to see them. I know in other countries, many of you tell me you don’t get to see people very often and it can be really confusing. So that kind of gives you a rough idea of what we’re looking at and how we differentiate between the different types of diagnoses or if we’re just depressed, if we have Major Depression. It kind of gives you… I think that’s why I like this; because it gives you a scale. Okay. So we have this diagnosis. Well, now what do we do? The best thing, if we have Bipolar Disorder, is honestly to see a psychiatrist or your GP or PCP, whoever your primary care doctor is or a psychiatrist and get on medication. And I know many of you are like: “Kati, I don’t want to be on medication. I want to do this holistically”. But in my experience, bipolar people can be very high-functioning. It doesn’t affect us. People have this “stigma” about it. And that’s what I’m here to do, right? We’re breaking through the stigma of mental health issues. Bipolar Disorder; a lot of people are great artists. They run companies. They’re very successful. We function at a really high level when we have Bipolar Disorder as long as we keep it under control. Yeah, we feel great! Ooh! We’re manic! Yay! No! Because it really is hard for the people around us and it can actually lead us to make really poor decisions. One of the symptoms of Mania is lacking clear decision-making skills. People will go out and spend thousands of dollars or we may quit our jobs because we believe we’re so much better. And yeah, we might be, but we want to be able to make clear decisions. The best thing to do to stop us from either being so depressed we can’t get out of bed and go to work or not going… You know? We want to keep us in this normal range and the best way to do that is to get on medication. That would be my first recommendation. Please see your doctor. Please get a proper diagnosis. Make sure they clearly figured out which you have, what you’re struggling with and that they will give you the medication that you need to get back to a normal baseline for you. The second thing is to find a therapist like me, someone who you can talk to and you can work through this as you try to figure out: “When do I feel like I’m kind of getting manic?” “Or when do I feel like I’m sinking into depression?” Right? We kind of need to have an awareness, so that we know to go to our doctor and say: “Hey, I’m having these breakthrough symptoms. I’m feeling a little bit more manic than I was or I’m feeling a little more depressed”. We need to have that awareness. Right? And I know it’s really hard to know all that and keep all this going, but it can really help to have someone on your side that you can talk to. You can figure it out and they can work with you, so that you, you know, have Bipolar Disorder, but it doesn’t define who you are. You’re doing a bunch of other things. Right? And we’re living our life. And I hope that this really helps explain Bipolar Disorder and differentiates it from the others because I know it can be really confusing. And leave your feedback below. If any of you suffer from Bipolar Disorder or know someone who does, let us know what’s helped. I mean, if you have something, a tool that’s really helped you or a way that you noticed when you’re going into a different episode let us know. Right? We learn from one another. That’s what makes our community so great. And stay tuned. I’ll be doing more videos like this. I know that a lot of you like these kind of DSM-driven, you know, differential diagnosis kind of videos. I’ll keep putting them out, so don’t forget to subscribe and give it a “thumbs up” if you like it. We’ll keep working together towards a Healthy Mind and a Healthy Body. Oh, my foot’s asleep! Oh. Ah. (Sean: Okay.) Okay. (Sean: That was really good.) It’s the best way to describe it, so… Otherwise it gets confusing. It’s just so much stuff, you know? It’s like: “Aaaagh”. Okay. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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  1. What I don't understand from diagnosing is, how it's possible to come to a conclusion with just 30 minutes discussion without any lab test.

  2. How can we distinguish between a post traumatic stress disorder and bipolar/dysthymia/cyclethymia??

  3. Thank you so much for this. I’m 28 and finally pushed myself to be diagnosed two months ago. I’ve been taking Prozac and never felt more normal and stable in my life! I’m high functioning and in management at my job. I do agree that it makes it hard on those around us not being treated, the ups and downs can be rough on both sides

  4. I had bi-P and then it changed to bi-P 2 . I used to take meds therapy worked out listened to classical music and went to the beach as often as I could. I also have a BA in psychology, and it has helped me. I an not on med and stopped seeing my therapist. Your videos are amazing like you.

  5. Thanks Katie. I have bipolar 1 and take meds. They help keep me in the middle(normal) it took years to get the right medicine for it but I now have meds that work!

  6. Well one of the best way is to be disciplined …do excercises regularly …eat healthy …read a lot ..jounal ur thoughts ….have someone to discuss with …someone should be ter to understand u ..try to talk urself out of it …its not a really big a problem as most ppl think it to be …keep urself under medication whenever necessary …have a good doctor to help u out …

  7. I just got diagnosed with Bipolar affective disorder. Need info on managing bipolar symptoms beyond medicine!!

  8. What would it mean if you feel like you hit all the criteria for bipolar 1, but it all happens over the course of a couple days maybe even a week as opposed to a day?

  9. I would basically agree with this except I wouldn’t say that my manic episodes are always a “good” feeling — it usually starts that way but then after a few weeks it turns into irritability and any other intense feeling. Depression everything is drained and full, mania everything is sharp and acute

  10. Thank so much I shared this on my Facebook so maybe my friends&family can hopefully understand me better,but could you maybe help me recognize when I'm having these EP. In my self&why I can recognize them in other people &not myself?

  11. Man now you got me thinking I'm bipolar! I have a quick temper only after being pushed for 20 mins. I am trying to be happy yet know there's a sad side to me because I'm lonely. But on an every day basis I am "normal", no emotion fluctuations unless I concentrate way too much about growing old alone. Well that's just life as I see it. Just my thoughts.

  12. Hey I hope this is seen I need your advice, I have both Bipolar Disorder and PTSD, as well as OCD, I've been diagnosed for a full year and I need help communicating to my family how having these together is far more than just I have ups and downs or I'm scared for a lot of things and I like things neat it is SO MUCH MORE than that and no matter how I tell them they just don't consider it at the moment like they don't treat me any different they don't help me cope they don't change how they speak to me its stressful I feel like I'm not being considered. Anyways again I hope you see this you've been a great help!


    Hi guys, I definitely have type 1 or 2, but not completely sure. I want to share with everyone that the Walsh Research Institute is doing really great things with bipolar/schizophrenia. The link to the presentation is here:


    Basically this doctor has discovered parallels between people with bipolar symptoms, and how they over/under-methylate, or have heavy metal reactions, or are deficient in some different nutrients like zinc and copper. I am about to start treatment with a local doctor in my area who uses this protocol, and I am eager to see how it goes because yes, bipolar can be hell.

    ALSO, I want to put in a plug for the Ketogenic diet. The keto diet is showing very promising results against depression, and even bipolar. I myself am on the keto diet and can say the improvement in my mood is remarkable. I would highly encourage the book Grain Brain by Dr. Perlmutter, and highly encourage we all put down the cupcakes and the carbs. Our brains and bodies thrive on fat and the science is there.

    Hope this helps everyone =]

  14. Thanks for that Kati . I'm BP-1and its been a real rollercoaster ride. Still trying to get my meds dialed, but have helped calm me i think. I remember the manic episode what a trip – delusions of grandeur, invincible, nut and bolt renovated a car, wrote a book of ramble in technicolour, I was feeling on top of the world – kinda miss that, but it was very destructive for my family. Currently in a depressive state but slowly comming out of that with help of meds. Thanks for your clip, was helpful

  15. I like some of these old videos of yours. But you mentioned there at the end that people seem to like the information base from the DSM. I can get all the information so many different places what I'm really needing are better examples and how to understand if I'm manic or depressed or the extent of Mania or depression. If you could give more I don't know case study type information an examples that would be great. Information is good to have but sometimes causes way more confusion.

  16. I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar 2 disorder, OCD, ADHD and ADD. My Doctor also explained to me that I have profound depression. For 21 days I was booked into a mental institution where my "real"treatment started. I have been booked off for 5 months, because of my anxiety to be around other people, and my job expects me to speak to over 600 people at a time, and much more. At the moment I can't even go to the mall for long periods of time. Yesterday my day started so well, better than a normal and then at about 2pm a depressive episode hit me right in the face. I saw no hope for myself and started thinking dark thoughts again… Feelings of hurting myself or just leaving my wife and kids, because they would be better off without me… My wife asked me this question, and I would not answer… "when will these meds start to work?" I don't know… I have been taking these meds now for almost 3 months and most of the time I have this guilt feeling throughout the whole day, and I feel irritable and good for nothing… I don't even know why I am telling you all of this, maybe just to get it off my chest… and perhaps you can point me in a right direction. Thank you for your time. Loved your explanation of type 1 and type to. I understand my diagnoses better now. Thank you

  17. Why is it a disorder to have different moods over time? Isn’t it normal for people to have different emotions depending on what is going on in your life?

  18. Hi Kati, I have bipolar 1 for 5 yrs now but I kind of hard to believe 1st b/c I was dx w/ dysthymia before with severe depression major depression disorder. I am taking medications & they really help and what is funny that my psych. Would give me diff meds to try and I am on like 5 different meds. One thing makes me feel like, I don’t like my bipolar dx but I have it. I know that des not defines me who I am and I am ok.

    Ps love your videos!!

  19. hi kati, i just discovered 2 days ago that i have a bipolar 1, i am 40 now and and i can related with my past 20 years, i am a musician , i would like to share my story symptoms and also i know what tigger my brain to get into the state of mania or euphoria. yes for sure i want to heal my self as other people who feel the same.

  20. Aye another southpaw! I am BP1…. I'd say it all started (the symptoms) when I was about 6… I struggled through my childhood with it all the way into my late 20's…. It wasn't until I started taking charge of my life by going to bed at specific hours (maybe not all the time) and waking up at the same time (crucial), eating less, exercising more (I love my bike!) and not allowing myself to brood on negativity and hate (keeping an open mind and being positive about anything)… Was diagnosed as a child with ADD and ADHD which we kind of believe to be misdiagnosis but could also be a condition I have…. I really hope anyone that's struggling doesn't feel embarrassed about it…. There's nothing to be embarrassed about, you're perfect… You just need some help to get going in the right direction 😉

  21. Hello there how are you? I was diagnosed with bipolar and manic depression 9 years ago or so. My problem is I can't relate to people in a so-called mainstream society and I refuse to change who I am for anybody. I don't really have any friends either at all. I see people as mean, cold, unloving and apathetic these days and it was totally different as I was growing up

  22. My dad has Bipolar. I believe 1. He was on medication but he became an alcoholic and the medication stopped working. My mom only told me today, which is why I’m here as you could guess. It explains a lot. I am technically aloud to see him right now. But I’m not and I feel so ashamed. He won’t go back to rehab and it makes me feel like it’s my fault because I’m not seeing him. But I’m scared of him because of what he has done to me in the past. He would drive so fast and don’t feel safe in cars anymore. He has crashed many times but thankfully I was never in the car.I will be 14 in a month. There is a chance I will have bipolar as it runs in my family. But I know I will be okay. Thank you for making this video it helped a lot ❤️

  23. How do u find your baseline?
    I have Dysthymia and being checked for Bipolar 2, but I keep marking my baseline mood as neutral then I go from there….. But I'm questioning if I'm really a dot under neutral from the way Dysthemic mood and hypomania is being shown here.
    Because I never feel suuuuper happy and the dot would then be up in mania territory.
    Idk I'm confused.

  24. I have a really simple way to tell if I'm going "up" or "down" and a friend of mine found it really creative: there's a hot chocolate machine downstairs in the lobby of my apartment building. Since a machine makes it with like powder and water, I know it should always taste the same, and it's normally kind of alright hot chocolate. But if I notice I'm going kind of hypomanic, I'll try it, and it will literally taste SO good, like real hot chocolate. That's when I know to watch my decision making and kind of reign myself in. If I notice my mood is kind of negative though, I'll go try it, and if I have trouble tasting the sweetness of it, I know I'm starting to get a little depressed, and I should take any negative thoughts I'm having with a grain of salt. I hope that strategy works for someone else! When I noticed my mood shifts actually affected the way I see and smell and taste things, like the brightness of colors or the taste/smell of my food, I started using that kind of litmus test, and it's helped a lot.

  25. I was diagnosed wit bipolar and depression I be depressed a lot , my girl said people be have to walk on eggshells around me cause I flip quick I tried to commit suicide multiple time I been Gavin meds but I don’t like how they make me feel and I can’t breathe when I take them I hate this I push everybody away who loves me

  26. Okay, I realize I'm a few years late, but I have so many questions. At 13 I started having severe depression episodes. They'd last 2wks…I wouldn't eat, sleep, talk or function. When I was "normal" I was very popular and out going. By the time I was 15 the depression episodes were so bad, I was put in a mental hospital. Since my mother already had bipolar, they also diagnosed me with it. I was put on lithium and the depression episodes stopped. I finished high school without any problems. By the time I was 19 and on my own, I rejected the idea I had bipolar. I'd never had mania like my mother. So I stopped taking lithium for 3wks. and went into the worst depression episode ever. I had to get back on lithium and be in the care of my parents for a while. Then at the age of 20, I decided I wanted a child. I was told by several doctors that would be a terrible idea. I'd have to get off lithium because it wasn't safe during pregnacy. I'd been married for 2yrs and wanted a baby so bad. It was very scary, but I stopped the lithium and got pregnant. I did amazing while pregnant. After the birth of my daughter, I started back on the lithium. I did good for 2yrs other than having mild depression,aniexty and panic attacks. So,at 23 the doctors changed all my meds up and stopped the lithium. That's when the mania showed its ugly face and I knew for a fact I had bipolar. I was hospitalized 3 times for mania. I was so out of control I had to be tied to a bed, given many shots and locked in seclusion with nothing but a matress on the floor. I thought I was Jesus' daughter and the world was coming to an end.😳They put me on tons of meds and I was basically sedated for a year. I counldn't care for myself must less a 2yr old toddler. That was the worst time of my life. With the help of my family and husband, we made it.❤ Life was good for 13yrs. Then someone recommended these herbal pills for my sinusitis. They were from walmart, I figured they were safe…WRONG! After a few days of taking them, I got depressed…then I wanted to kill myself…then I totally lost my mind. I don't remember much but it was the first time I saw things, heard voices and smelled horrible smells like a dead animal. I was changing into different personalities. I kept puking cause I thought spirits were coming out of me. My husband said I got violent and hit my mom, which I don't remember. Since they took me took a regular hospital, they put me to sleep and put me in ICU for several days. Crazy I know, but when I woke…I was fine. No more herbs for me. Then two years later the doctor gave me a medication for migraines,after about a week or so…I totally went insane. My husband said I was fine that night and then the next morning I was having the worst manic episode he'd ever seen. He was scared of me. I busted holes in the walls throughout our new home. Broke mirrows and furniture. I'm not even a strong person. I was hearing voices, seeing things and feeling things grab me. I was very violent…I pulled a gun and knife on my husband. He called the cops…like 5 showed up,with a fire truck and ambulance. Then after a 2hr drive to the hospital, I jump out of car into oncoming traffic. I thought my husband was trying to kill me. I run and have no clue where I am. Shortly I recall being surrounded by lots of cops and they took me to a mental hospital. Once I got out, I was fine and it was like it never happened. I don't remember most of it. That was 5 yrs ago and things have been normal. But, still to this day, my doctor claims I just have bipolar…I'm not buying it. My mom has had many manic episodes but nothing even close to mine. She's never once had delusions or hallutionations. When I'm "normal" I'm the nicest, kindest, friendliest, funniest, most loving person you could ever meet. Even my own mother doesn't believe half the things I've done while manic…🤷‍♀️

  27. I have bipolar disorder 2 yeah i take medication i have other mental illness. i get up and down. Depressed. One day then up the next. It gets bad

  28. I deal with a person that I think is 1 .this person goes up and down 3 to 4 times . Blizzare. The things this person will say is pure evil… Then normal then acts sleepy… How the hell do I deal with this?

  29. I had this diagnosed last year, and I had maybe 20 years, committed suicide once,
    God completely healed me and I am now free of medication

  30. New here what about being angry and irritated right when you wake up n stay that way all day till u go to bed n wake up the same….

  31. This was super helpful, I'm currently writing a paper where I have to distinguish which type of bipolar a client has and I was having SO much trouble grasping the difference between bipolar I and II. I guess I just needed to see a visual representation of it! Thanks Kati!

  32. keep it 100,"Bipolar 1" bad desion making has a lot more to do with Cheating than shopping…
    When a woman is manic the chance of her cheating is WAY higher than the chances of her over spending trust me…
    bipolar1 women dont like to be around people in that state but if you can get close thair usally MORE than nice…
    Manic bipolar makes you feel HIGH like a drug and men shes "talking to" have a VERY good chance of hooking up if they can get close to her in that state….

  33. I’ve heard that a common medication for bilpolar can make people gain a lot of weight, and I want to try meds but having an eating disorder background I’d be worried about that, is there other meds/ options?? Xx

  34. I am 30 now and struggled with bipolar1 in my early 20s. I can not speak for anyone other than myself but there are a few things I learned that help me to this day.

    1. Mania/hypomania has to be watched for and understood. My wife can tell I am about to go manic a few days before I can tell just by facial ticks and expressions.

    2. Mania/hypomania is VERY addictive and has to be treated as such.

    3. If I can stop the manic/hypomanic episodes at the beginning I can avoid the cycle.

    My most effective pharmaceutical treatment strategy involved a large dosage of quietapine at night when symptoms of mania manifest. Today I have not had to have any medication in a few years now but it has only been through keeping a close eye on my behaviour and mindset.

  35. I suspect my girlfriend may have bipolar, but she wont admit she has anything at all wrong with her despite that she sees a psychologist. I know seeing a psychologist doesn't mean someone is bipolar, but she does have mood swings and she gets angry for no reason often times. I don't really know if her mood swings are from bipolar, but it's a constant thing with her. Her mom is on my whatsapp friends list but i hardly talk to her too much because she doesn't speak English and i can't speak German. Would it be wrong for me to ask her mother if her daughter has bipolar. I feel like there is something my girlfriend is keeping from me, even my sister suspects she may have bipolar, but i don't know for sure and i don't feel like my girlfriend is being honest with me about this particular thing even though she is very brutally honest about most everything else. Her mood swings scare me.

  36. My doctor did explain but that goes into more detail than he did. I am Bi Polar 2, My oldest brother is Bi Polar 1 and schizoeffective, my sister has cyclothymia and my cousin is also Bi Polar 2. That’s just a small handful of my family members who have been diagnosed with Bi polar.

    I was only recently diagnosed so I’m still learning and this has explained a lot about how it is. I also now understand my brother a lot better now. He’s been in and out of jail most of his life.

  37. My first doctor said my brain is not developed completely and ask me to take IQ test 🤨really doc
    My second doctor. Only met for few seconds and gave me alot of fucking meds 😑

  38. I never understood the whole idea of mania being "enjoyable"… I mean, staying up all night typing drivel at 100wpm because thoughts and ideas and revelations are being pumped into your brain at 1000 miles an hour with absolutely zero ability to control it or make it stop… that's not fun.

  39. im the thirs one wtf ive been misdiagnosed im on meds had one bad mania due to cracking my skull but in general im up down day to day in middle sometimes get numb when low

  40. Do manic and depressed states have to last a specific amount of time or is it possible for them to be constantly bouncing back and forth and it still being considered bipolar disorder

  41. I have been healed since 15 years i made my research watch read 1 making a killing 2 psychiatry industry of death 3 masks of madness 4 dr abram hoffer 5 dr andrew saul 6 dr schulze 7 dr glidden 8 life regenerator

  42. I need, want to speak to someone anot my issues that's I can't understand. I see a Dr but do not have enough time with him to figure out what is wrong with me

  43. Why do some people feel so against medicine ???? Like someone please explain. Medication saved MY LIFE. if something can save your life then maybe consider it

  44. My friend has bipolar 1. When he’s on meds he is not able to function. He just sleeps and doesn’t want to do anything. It’s almost as if the meds put him into the depressive phase

  45. I was healed since 15 years thank God i made my researxh i cousel to watch 1 dr abram hoffer 2 dr glidden 3 making a kilking 4 masks of madness 5 life regenerstor and any juicing video

  46. How I would describe my bipolar experience would be much like this: When entering the manic episode imagine you spontaneously become a rocket about to launch and that anticipation and energy building. Then boom, you launch at 30,000 miles per hour and you're just flying. You feel elated, you don't care where you're going, you just know that you're going and you won't stop until your fuel tank runs out. When you run out of fuel there's a few moments of stabilization and then you try to deploy a chute to catch your fall. but the chute doesn't work so you crash right down, full speed; to the bottom. Now repeat that over and over with different time cycles.

    Also, sometimes that manic rocket is multistage. So just when that first thruster gives out and stabilises. Just as you think you're about to crash, the first stage detaches and another thruster kicks in to shoot you even higher.

  47. What might you have if you think every lady you date/live with is cheating on you, you scream alot, youre loud and argumentative, you express to your family your lady is showing her boobs to neighbors, the she having sex with everyone besides you… inviting ppl in house while youre asleep to bang them(she isn't). 75% of your days you're complaining over nearly every aspect of your life, talking crazy stuff like this… talk about how youre gonna sue everyone who has wronged you when actually no one has wronged you. You always think someone is out to get you in some way shape or form… always complaining you can't work because of injury you have, when you don't have a injury… but then you have days where youre perfectly normal and talk about normal everyday shit, then next day you show up complaining, upset, angry as hell and getting loud with even your parents because you think your partner has cheated, someone has scratched your car, someone has stole something from you, no one is listening to you… and most importantly your family nor no one will help you with these crazy seems to be made up problems to point youre screaming in anger.

    I know someone like this in my family who refuses professional help and its driving everyone crazy.

  48. I'm currently going through the diagnosis process for bipolar and will be seeing a psychiatrist the day after Christmas. How my moods work from what I've noticed is I will mostly reach the hypo-mania and then the major depressive episodes but I will occasionally reach full blown mania which can make me feel like a complete narcissist that's full of energy and I get a lot of work done. Sometimes I will even have the highs and lows at the same time which can be super frustrating.

  49. Hi Katy! Thank you for sharing useful information as usual. I was born and raised in Japan. In our culture, mental illness is seen as ‘shameful’ illness. People tend to hide it and avoid admitting that you are ill. Therefore, it takes years for many people to get help….some never gets help and commit suicide thinking ‘I’m not sick. I’m not normal. I’m just tired of living.’
    I was one of them. I was afraid of what others think including my own family and my best friends. But finally when I pushed myself and started seeing a psychiatrist, I felt a little better, though I couldn’t tell anyone and I was avoiding people around me. I changed psychiatrists several times because I didn’t like some of them and because of my moving to other city. I like the psychiatrist I’m seeing at the moment, but I keep taking medications and never get better. I honestly don’t know my real diagnosis because whenever I change psychiatrists they give me different diagnosis and that’s confusing and frustrating.
    I don’t know how I should ask my current psychiatrist how he determined I have bipolar disorder II. He just prescribes me the same medication although I tell him I feel no improvement and asked him if there are any other medications we could try.
    I’m sorry for my long comment. I just needed to let it out. (and I’m sorry for my poor English.)

    Thank you again for your work.


  50. I would really like this question answered. I have a repressed memory that has bothered me for years. During a period of mania I didn’t sleep for several days and threw myself headlong into an art project. I was smoking a lot of weed during this time but I always smoke. The art project I was working on I realized a little ways into it that it was a metaphor for the traumatic night that I repressed. Then suddenly I put together a million disjointed memories from over the years of slights from friends or perceived slights etc and came to the conclusion that they orchestrated the traumatic night and then I imagined that they had stayed in contact with me all this time to keep tabs on me because I reasoned that they had taken naked pictures of me and were now sending them to my gym and other places. I was morbidly obese when I was younger and had suicidal ideation from self-loathing. I got drunk one night at a party and was coerced into going streaking which resulted in a group of girls laughing at and mocking my naked body. There was a minor there too and I think pictures were taken but I only remember fragments. I don’t think I was blackout drunk, but that I repressed the memory or blacked out a small part of it because I remember putting my clothes on that night people taunting me about it and my brain kind of compartmentalizing like I knew thAt it happened and I pretended it didn’t happen. My family is telling me that these thoughts are crazy but it makes perfect sense in my head. I have been suffering 24/7 for several months now and if this is a delusion do they go away? I feel perfectly rational in every way except this, I have never been known to lie or make up stories and that traumatic night has always been with me but before I thought I just got drunk and made an ass of myself. I dwelled on that night for a long time and might have made up memories? I believe that my friends might be malignant narcissists who preyed on me and knew that getting and spreading naked pictures of me could drive me to suicide so I don’t know if I should trust my instincts or believe my family. Are my friends gaslighting me? When I confronted them about the night they pretended they didn’t know what I was talking about, then they contacted my parents and told them I was acting strange and they were worried about me. I have looked up a bunch of stuff about narcissistic personality disorder and one of them had some of the characteristics of it. When my family asks me how I came to this conclusion I try to explain but it sounds crazy and I know how crazy it sounds but ever since I think I figured out that they were behind it I have been on autopilot in life. I have withdrawn from everyone and struggle to focus on anything. I spend all my free time trying to sleep because my waking life is full of these paranoid thoughts. I swear the people at my gym never talked to me or noticed me for several years and then when I made this art piece that was a metaphor for what I thought happened to me that night I sent it to one of the guys who I thought might have been responsible for my trauma and right after that everyone in my gym was staring at me and I thought I heard them talking about me but my family says it doesn’t make sense/why would they do that ehh. The gym really helped me and now I’m scared to go there or to even leave the house. I don’t think I can keep going like this. Does this sound like persecutory delusions? Do they never go away??? I feel like I need to have my memory erased because I am getting to the point I can barely function my brain is just replaying that night on a loop and I worry that everyone in my town has seen these pictures (Idk if there even was pictures taken??) Had anyone here ever had such a delusion that lasted for a long long time and then they realized they embellished it in their head? I feel like I can’t get closure on this thing and I NEED to stop thinking about it.

  51. Watching a child have a mania episode as a teen where they can do things that put themselves in very dangerous situations and things you KNOW they would normally NEVER EVER do, is frankly terrifying beyond belief for a parent.

  52. I think I have bipolar 2 or one of the other ones but I get a second kind of depressive episode where I am completely numb to everything, but also get regular depressive episodes too

  53. Bipolar 1 and Bipolar 2 seems to be such a small category. I don't think I can't accept that as my own since both feel depressive. At first I never had any signs of hallucinations but it came out as coincidences. I don't think I can ever feel the same again.

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