What If You Spent A Week Underwater?

What If You Spent A Week Underwater?

what have you spent a week underwater
now it’s quite obvious if you spent a week underwater while you die
humans need air to breathe but still that didn’t stop Tim yarrow from testing
out what life is like underwater for ten days obviously he was well equipped with
an oxygen tank and a feeding tube but still you’d be surprised at what
happened to his skin and why we’re here to answer the incredible question of
what if you spent a week underwater hello friends and welcome back to
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I’m your host Jared Braunstein and I want to know if you had the option to
live underwater or on land which would you prefer and why you guys got to let
me know in the comments down below anyways I’ll also be responding to some
comments from my first video at the end of this one but for now let’s just dive
right in see what I did there while we still try
to figure out information about our incredible earth many questions about
life underwater have also come into focus in fact some scientists have
actually set up underwater labs to study life underwater to date it’s believed
there’s only one underwater lab remaining Aquarius reface as recent as
2014 Fabian Cousteau and his crew spent 31 days living and working in Aquarius
to study however they had a ton of equipment which allowed them to do so
but it still takes quite a toll on the human body even if you are well-equipped
for the mission more specifically it depends how far down you are in the case
of Aquarius the underwater lab is about 63 feet deep and nine miles from the
coast of Florida so what happens to the human body underwater even for a week
well let’s start with your skin notice how when you come out of a pool your
fingers are wrinkled according to ecologist Ellie Harrison
the reason that you get such wrinkly hands and feet is because the surface of
the skin is covered in dead Cureton cells and they absorb water faster than
any other cells because they’re attached to the live Cureton cells beneath they
just pop up and end up having to wrinkle there’s nowhere else for them to go
however over time it’s believed that your skin may eventually break down
blistering and leaving you susceptible to infection water pressure can also
make it much harder to breathe and of course if you didn’t die from
hypothermia your body would still have a tougher time functioning because the
colder temperatures would reduce the circulation to your extremities of
course in a controlled experiment it wouldn’t get to that point but even if
you were in an underwater lab with all the supplies necessary
it’s believed you could mess up your senses for a period of time do
to the higher density of air in the habitat it’s believed there are fewer
parts per million of food odors mixed with the air making it harder for your
nose and even mouth detect on top of this it’s believed the thicker air down
under pulls heat from those temporarily living down there which in turn causes
people’s metabolism to work harder to maintain body temperature which means
you’d probably eat a lot more than you’re used to sight itself doesn’t seem
to change all that much aside from lower amounts of light the I
seem to adjust quite well but the lack of Sun could lead to a deficiency of
vitamin D and will lead to your skin becoming much more pale than normal so
to wrap up living underwater for a week would most likely result in your skin
deteriorating and if you don’t die from hypothermia your body would eventually
regulate its temperature but it could lead to you having a much tougher time
moving your limbs in general and you’d see a big increase in appetite so there
you have it folks now with this information in mind given the
opportunity would you live and study life underwater for a month
you guys got let me know in the comments down below I don’t think I’d be able to
do it you know being in such a small space for so long I don’t know I just
don’t think I’d be happy down there and now I’ll be responding some questions
from the video we did titled can President Donald Trump go inside area 51
potato VA said plot twist Trump started a Facebook event
could you imagine that would make him something Logix r6 said someone watching
this video has made it their life goal to become president of the USA just to
see dem aliens well if you’re talking about me being that person then you are
right my friend Jim Vasquez said imagine Trump leading the charge on horseback
imagine if he’d led the charge on horseback with a bunch of Kyle’s behind
him and an energy drink in his hand red bull donut monster only cows drink
monster alright and that does it for this one
guys I’ve been your host Jerrod Bronstein if you guys enjoyed the video
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a video as always feel free to drop us some questions in the comments down
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